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1998-2002 Honda Accord - COMBO: Chrome Halo LED Projector Headlights + LED Strip Fog Lights - L12-2LHPACD98TM

Product: COMBO: 1998-2002 Honda Accord Chrome Dual Halo LED Projector Headlights + LED Fog Lights. Descriptions: Projector headlights provide an intensely concentrated light beam with an innovative design that gives your 98-02 Honda Accord a unique look. For only a fraction of the cost of OEM Headlights, you can replace your old faded or damaged headlights with eye catching projector headlights. Not only do the new lights refresh the look of your car they are also brighter, making driving in the night and unlit streets a lot safer. The Headlights are securely mounted using the original screws & nuts of the OEM parts. If you are unsure about installing automotive accessories by yourself we recommend consulting a body shop.

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K2 Motor
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2010-2013 Mazda 3 - Black LED DRL Projector Headlights - 2LHP-MZ310JM-TM

Product: 2010-2013 Mazda 3 LED DRL Strip Black Projector Headlights. Descriptions: These projector headlights for the Mazda 3 provide an intensely concentrated light beam with a innovative & unique design that customize your vehicle for only a fraction of the cost of OEM Headlights. A brand new LED design will give your car that exotic look without the exotic price. The headlights are securely mounted using the original screws & nuts of the OEM parts. If you are unsure about installing automotive accessories by yourself we recommend consulting a body shop. Pick yours up today and separate yourself from the pack.

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K2 Motor
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2006-2009 Honda Civic - Black Halo LED Projector Headlights - 2LHP-CV062JM-RS

Product: 2006-2009 Honda Civic Coupe LED Halo Strip Projector Headlights. Description: Come with complete set of both Left and Right side. These projector headlights are make for plug and play ready, giving you an upgrade for your vehicle with minimal cost. With the new halo design, these projector headlights display a more intense and luminous beams that will brighten the road at night. These 2006-2009 Honda Civic halo feature an all new ultra bright halo strips, these strips are the highest quality in the market today.

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K2 Motor
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Volt 300 USB Headlight Bike Headlights

CatEye Volt 300 USB Headlight. Get a load of the road or trail with 300 lumens of fully rechargeable LED action. The Cateye Volt 300 USB cycling headlight is so slim and light it's barely noticeable. That is, until you flip the switch and every motorist for 400 yards, no matter how important the text they're writing is, will spot you. The Volt also has 5 modes to suit your ride, and the Lithium Ion battery is ultra long lasting, and can hold 100s if not 1000s of charges.

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Bike Nashbar
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2003-2005 Nissan 350Z - COMBO: Halo LED Black Projector Headlights + LED Fog Lights - L12-2LHP350Z03JMTM

Product: COMBO: 2003-2005 Nissan 350Z Dual Halo LED Black Projector Headlights + LED Fog Lights. Descriptions: The Projector Headlights Kits Provide For Intense Light Beam Concentration, The Latest In Styling And Design, Use With Stock Replacement Bulbs And Ease Of Installation. The Projector Headlight Kits Provide An Upgrade For Your Vehicle And Provides The Satisfaction Of Having The Latest Euro Look On Your Car Or Truck !! You May Change These Buls To 4200K Or Use Higher Opti-Blue Or Hyper-White Bulbs Or Just Change The Real Xenon Gas Within The Bulbs. Only fits 03-05 Nissan 350Z base model (not equipped with factory HID). Universal ultra bright white slim LED day time driving light make your vehicle more noticeable and safer during day time. Ultrabright white LED in total is adopted, and the power saving has been achieved. All wiring and installation hardware is included with this kit. This is a universal day time driving light kit that will fit your truck, suv, sedan, or sport compact car.

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6 LED Headlight

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Find flashlights and portable lighting at Target.com! Shed light on the things you need to see while leaving both hands free with this headlight by energizer. The battery-operated led light is attached to an adjustable head strap for your comfort

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1400 XT LED Headlight

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Cool-View’s Model 1400 is one of the first surgical and medical exam lights offered worldwide that features energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as opposed to halogen or xenon lamps. The new lights do not require bulb or fiber-optic cable replacement and produce bright, white light with a color temperature of 6,500°K, matching natural daylight. Cool-View’s patented technology provides caregivers with a superior light that offers industry-leading lumen performance at 140,000 lux at 14” with an estimated 50,000 hours of life, and no heat generation.Operating costs are reduced by up to 93%, maintenance costs by almost 100% due to a remarkable warranty and no parts that can break or suffer from wear and tear.Caregivers enjoy enhanced visualization of the exam area using brighter, whiter light, and the energy efficiency of the LED technology provides a lower cost of ownership.The LEDs used in Cool-View products provide true tissue color rendition and a uniform spot—focusable from a 50 mm – 120 mm area—no dark or hot spots—and no heat dissipation for greater patient comfort and safety without tissue degradation.Cool-View surgical headlamps operate on rechargeable batteries which attach comfortably to the surgeon’s belt. Physicians and their assistants can move freely throughout the operating theater or exam room because they are no longer tethered to a stationary light source. The technology has been rigorously tested in the field by dedicated surgeons providing emergency medical relief in Haiti following the devastating earthquake.Our products contain no Mercury, PVC or Latex, and we are members of Practice Greenhealth, the nation’s leading membership and networking organization for institutions in the healthcare community that have made a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly practices.Model 1400 XL also offers users unlimited use with our battery “Hot Swap” capability. With two batteries combined with the 60-90 minute recharge time, users have unlimited usage.Package:One LED Battery Operated Surgical HeadlightOne 1400 Adjustable HeadsetOne Clip-On Battery PackTwo Rechargeable Li-Ion BatteriesOne Single Slot ChargerInstruction Manual and Cleaning Kit

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Claflin Medical Equipment
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Energizer High Performance Led Headlight


The Energizer High Performance LED Headlight provides bright white light with four brightness modes to meet the needs of many tasks. Two easy to operate electronic switches control light to the pivoting headlight, which has a removable head strap.

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Overstock Main
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Photon Freedom Fusion LED Headlamp / Utility Light, White beam w/ Red secondary

Easily converts to a Hand-Held Flashlight, Free-Standing Table Light,Clip-on Safety Light or Versatile Headlight! The most versatile, easy-to-use flashlight you will ever own! This handy utility light can easily convert to a flashlight, headlamp, table light, or even a clip-on safety light. Dual beam colors with full range adjustable brightness plus 5 safety beacons. Choose from 3 different LED beam colors. Full Range Brightness Control Plus 5 Safety Features.The Photon Freedom Fusion utility light is the new and improved multifunctional light from the Photon Freedom series of LED flashlights. Pulse Width Modulation and DC-DC voltage regulation make the Freedom Fusion the ultimate in energy efficient lighting, precisely managing power output to provide a constant level of light all the way to the end of battery life. The light output from the 8-LED dual beam array is fully adjustable, while the pivoting indexed head reliably aims the light and guaranties it will stay where you direct it. The water resistant Freedom Fusion can also be used as handheld flashlight, easily disconnecting from the head strap. This design allows convenient hand or table top use. An optional bike mount is available to convert your Fusion into a bike headlight or taillight as well. The red-beam version of the Fusion is incredibly intense and makes for one of the brightest bike taillights available. Runs on Carbon, Alkaline, NiCad, NiMH rechargeable, or Lithium AA cells. All contacts are gold-plated. The Photon Fusion utility light is designed for long life and rugged use by the serious user. Smart Circuit: Instant on/off - full range, up & down brightness control Easy to use - single button operation 4 Safety Beacons including SOS Morse Code Smash Protection 8 Unbreakable LEDs Professional quality stainless steel index plates with ball bearings for stable directional lighting Durable Xenoy(R) by GE, body - incredibly tough and completely chemical resistant. Easy Battery Change Water Resistant Long Life Replaceable Energizer AA Batteries included (Ultra-high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries and chargers also available) Water resistant Nylon carrying bag with closure lock Available in 3 beam colors: (Primary / Secondary)

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LED KTV Drive Headlight

The road can be a dangerous place, especially for cyclists whose schedules see them on the road before sunrise or after dark. If this describes you, then you know that the importance of ensuring that motorists also see you on the road is impossible to overstate. With its combination of features, the Lezyne LED KTV Drive Headlight offers illumination suitable for partially lit streets and will catch the attention of nighttime drivers. The 15 lumen LED light extends beyond the plane of the body, allowing for 180 degrees of visibility to further protect you in the conditions where you'll be using it. This additional side lighting may not be visible from space, but it's definitely hard to miss in low-light situations like early commutes. Of course, any light is useless without power, and the Intelligent Power Indicator ensures that the light will never unexpectedly die on the road, because red, green, and blue LEDs inside the power button tell you precisely the light's level of charge during use and while charging. An integrated USB stick means that the KTV Drive is USB rechargeable, so you can top it off at work or on campus between trips. The KTV's body features durable aluminum construction and parts that are precisely CNC machined, is water-resistant so you can use it in the rain with relative impunity, and it includes a clip to mount it on straps, clothing, or the provided handlebar mount. The Lezyne LED KTV Drive Headlight is available in Black, Blue, Polish, and Red.

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Competitive Cyclist
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Lights Apollo 8.2 LED Bike Headlight 220431

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Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. The M-Wave Apollo 8.2 Headlight puts out a blistering 700 Candlepower from 8 super bright LED's. Includes a voltage indicator. The M-Wave collection of lights offer great visibility for you and others on the road.

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Home Depot
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Glide & Glow™ LED Walker Lights

Like Headlights For Your Walker! Find your way safely in the dark. Glow-in-the-dark Glide & Glow(TM) LED Walker Lights slip onto standard walker front feet to light the way through the dark with maximum speed & efficiency. Embedded ultrabright LED lights with handy On/Off switch can be turned off or on with hands or feet. Set of 2 with batteries included.

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Dream Products
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HD5HP32E High Performance LED Headlight -10%

Energizer High Performance LED Headlight

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CAT Headlite LED Mossy Oak Black Logo Cap Safety Equipment

The CAT Headlite LED Mossy Oak Black Logo Cap has a durable six panel construction with an adjustable hook and loop closure. The main feature of this cap is the ultra-bright LED hands-free flashlight in the middle and just above the CAT logo. The white LED is easy to use for quality hands free lighting. It also has a secondary optical lens for the maximum clarity and brightness. The Mossy Oak camo design is another main attraction for all of the outdoor adventurers in combination with Caterpillar and a headlight work cap. Another feature of the CAT Headlite cap is that it is easy to operate with the Quick Switch, just push directly on the LED light to turn it on and off. Also included are 2 replacement lithium cell CR 2032 batteries for hours of continuous use. There is also an emergency medical ID tag sewn inside to include important medical contact information for added safety. Also available is the CAT Headlite LED Black Cap and Yellow Logo .

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Do My Own Pest Control
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Nano Shot Plus (HL-EL625RC) Cycling Headlight

For those cyclists constantly on-the-go, the CatEye® Nano Shot Plus Cycling Headlight provides the visibility you need anytime, anywhere. Customizable visibility with 3 modes: High mode (1.5-hour battery life). Low mode (4-hour battery life). Hyper constant mode (2-hour battery life). Lightweight construction. Rechargeable via USB (8 hours for full charge). Headlight powered by two 5mm, high-power LED. FlexTight™ handlebar bracket included. Dimensions: 96.4mm X 58.6mm X 35.6mm. Weight: 160g. Low-battery indicator.

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Black Bicycle Headlight for Night Rides, White LED - SKU NO: 11948-BK

Black Bicycle Headlight for Night Rides, White LED are the best in LED Bike Safety, perfect for night biking through town or wherever you go. Just strap it to the front of your bicycle, no matter what kind (Red and White Beach Cruisers with Streamers and a Tiger Head on front preferred). To activate your LED Bicycle Headlight, just press the button located on top for THREE functions: Scrolling Flash, Fast Flash, Steady Light. Then press the button a fourth time to shut it off. LED Colors: White, Red. Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.25" x 2.38" x 1.75" Black Bicycle Headlight for Night Rides, White LED comes ready to use with 3 replaceable AAA Batteries

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Flashing Blinky Lights
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Aqua 50 Lumens Headlight Torch

The AQUATEC Aqua 50 Lumens Headlight is a Powerful Mini-Light that Easily Attaches to your Mask-Strap for Hands-Free Illumination while Diving. The Headlight uses a Bright 50 Lumens Japanese Nichia LED Lamp with a Maximum Nominal Rated Output of 6,0000 Mcd. This Small, Compact Light measures 3.9" (10cm) in length and weighs only 1.37oz (39g) including the Battery and included SUS Clip. The Light is powered by a single AAA Battery (included) and will provide 100% to 70% Brightness for a Burn Time of 1 to3 Hours and 70% to 10% for 3 to 8 Hours with a Standard Power Consumption of 4.5 V DC. The Light Case is made from Durable and Corrosion Resistant Aluminum with a Anodized Sandblasted Black Finish and is Depth Rated to 400' (120 meters). The Light Beam provides 9.8" (25cm) Angle at 3' (1 meter) Distance, 19.7" (50cm) at 6' (2 meters) and 29.5" (75cm) at 10' (3 meters) Distance. Included with the Light is a Lanyard.

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Leisure Pro
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Sherlock LED 26.25" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade 5140-01 / 5140-22 Finish: Satin Steel

Adesso 5140-01 / 5140-22 The modern Sherlock LED desk lamp will make the perfect modern task lamp for your home office while saving you money on energy costs. This 5 watt LED desk lamp has a cool vented headlight-shaped shade. The frosted glass diffuser at the wide end is anchored within a metal trim clip. Coil springs adjust the lamp at base and center joint. The shade angle can also be adjusted. The on and off toggle switch on base controls the LED. The LED has a CRI: 85; color temperature: 3000K and 400 lumens. Features: -Shape: Cool vented headlight.-Light output: 85 CRI.-400 Lumens.-On and off toggle switch on base.-Comes with frosted glass diffuser.-Can be adjusted 360° horizontally and 180° vertically.-Eco friendly.-Base diameter: 7.25.-Color temperature: 3000K.-Sherlock collection.-Product Type: Desk.-Collection: Sherlock.-Style: Modern.-Fixture Finish: 1: Nickel.-Fixture Finish: 2: Steel.-Fixture Finish: 3: Black.-Distressed: No.-Fixture Material: Metal -Fixture Material Details: ..-Bulb Type: LED.-Switch Type: On/Off Switch.-Lifestage: Adult.-Gender: Boy.-Eco-Friendly: Yes.Specifications: -Bulb type: 5W LED bulb.Dimensions: -Adjustable height: 16.75 - 26.25.-Shade dimensions: 3.75 H x 4.75 W x 4.75 D.-Overall dimensions: 26.25 H x 7.25 W x 25 D, 7 lbs.-Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 26.25.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 7.25.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 25.-Overall Product Weight: 7. Finish: Satin Steel

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Wayfair Supply
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HD5HP32E High Performance LED Headlight

Energizer High Performance LED Headlight

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412091 LED Headlight Beige

This LED headlight features an adjustable elastic head strap for hands-free useIt comes with a top mounted push button switch for convenienceIt produces 80 lumens of light with a white LED and a red LEDIt gives 55 be

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Essential Hardware
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