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49V7543M953 Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil

This 3.2 ounce original equipment oil is specially formulated for use with all TroyBilt , Remington MTD, YardMan, Huskee, Bolens, Yard Machines, McCulloch and Gold Series yard machinesIt mixes with 1 gallon of gasoline for recommended

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Engine Carburetor Shellac and Varnish Buster: Shellac-Buster -48%


Shellac Buster Never Dies! When you need to remove hard buildups of varnish, shellac, rust, oil, paint, grease, dirt and grime in half the time of other formulas, SharperTek’s Shellac Buster ultrasonic cleaning solution fits the bill! Shellac-Buster is a concentrated semi-aqueous, micro-emulsion solution that can be used as a pre-wash and is an excellent choice for removing heavy oil and water-based paints, ink, and adhesives. And as an added benefit, Shellac Buster never dies: Just add more Shellac Buster or water to your tank to prolong it’s life Clean dirty Shellac Buster by straining it through cheese cloth Shellac Buster Keeps on going! If you’re one of the many Small engine shops, vintage car repair facilities or motor cycle mechanics who are constantly running into tough to clean carburetor parts, then SharperTek’s Shellac Buster formula in your system will get you spending your time doing what really matters to your customers: fixing, rather than cleaning. Brian Sims, chief mechanic and owner of Manx Motors in Auburn hills Michigan, let us know how SharperTek’s Shellac Buster really helps him with tough to clean carburetors. According to Brian, since the addition of ethanol to the nations fuel supply, fuel system problems in engines have been on the rise. “Nearly eighty percent of the machines we are servicing today are being serviced because of fuel system issues.” Says Brain. “Ethanol can really make a mess out of a carburetion system.” Brian added. Ethanol, often made from corn sugars, is a colorless alcohol fuel that makes up 10 percent of the product dispensed at gasoline pumps. Ethanol tends to attract moisture over time, and this messes with small engine fuel systems like snow blowers and lawn mowers as well as the fuel systems in the engines of motorcycles and vintage cars. If gas is left in the machine too long, the carburetors get clogged with a crusty film that must be cleaned out, and in some cases the carburetor must be replaced entirely. ”The fuel goes bad quickly. It turns into varnish and shellac in the carburetor and the Shellac-Buster does a great job in cleaning it.” Brian said. “If left over a long period, gasoline, oil and ethanol will start separating from one another in the gas tank and the whole carburetor body of a smaller motor will start corroding. With oil sinking to the bottom, the engine may not get proper lubrication.” Brian added. The Sharpertek’s Shellac-Buster has proven itself in hundreds of applications. Shellac Buster excels at removing powder coatings, e-coatings, epoxy systems, oil & water based paints, adhesives, inks and petroleum based products. Turpentine products will not harm alloys such as steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, brass, and most plastic substrates and rubber. Applications: ENGINE AND CARBURETOR SHELLAC REMOVAL ENGINE AND CARBURETOR VARNISH REMOVAL ENGINE AND CARBURETOR CARBON REMOVAL AUTO RESTORATION CYLINDER STRIPPING ADHESIVE REMOVAL TANK CLEANING DEGR

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BioTherm Fluids Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant

Glycerin Based Nitrited Engine Coolant / Heat Transfer Fluid / Antifreeze. Meets ASTM D7714 & D7715

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Personalised Eat Sleep Civil Engineering Car Air Freshener

HOW TO ORDER After placing your order, Please email help@fruugo.com with your ORDER NUMBER and the NAME & FRAGRANCE you would like on your air freshener up to a maximum of 12 characters. Choose from one of the following scents available (Listed in order of popularity): Vanilla, Ice Water, Ice Noir, Cotton Fresh, Beach Breeze, Bouquet, Cee Kay, Pine, Bubblegum, Cherry, New Leather, Rose, Citrus, Lemon, Cinnamon, Lavender, Peach, Apple. Please limit the text to no more than 12 characters including spaces or the text will be inappropriate for the size of the air freshener. Please do not forget to specify the FRAGRANCE required otherwise you will receive VANILLA If your printing instructions are missing or unclear we may need to contact you so please leave an up to date email address and telephone number when ordering to minimise any possible delays with processing your order.]]>

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Vehicle Oils 2.6 oz. Pre-Measured 2-Stroke Premium Engine Oil 110001

Free Shipping on Over 500K Items!

Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. Made in the USA. The 110001 is 2.6 oz. pre-measured bottle 2-stroke premium oil. Oil is to be used with all Hitachi 2-stroke engines. This product stabilizes fuel and prevents fuel form oxidizing or going stale

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Home Depot
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Oil Deep Sump Kit, - 2 Quart Deep Sump - A6135453788LNE

2 Quart Deep Sump Kit: Includes a Sump Plate Spacer, Pickup Tube Spacer, Windage Tray, Spacer Gasket, 997 Oil Return Tubes, Mod X51-Style Baffle, Oil Baffle Spacer, Pan Sealant, Loctite, and Fasteners. Lowers Sump Plate by 1 Inch Which Provides for an Additional 2 Quarts of Motor Oil.This reduces the chances of oil starvation due to prolonged cornering, acceleration, and high speed operation. The kit lowers the sump as well as the pickup tube while increasing oil capacity to accomplish this. Available for M96 and M97 engines (not for GT2, GT3, or Turbo engines).Kit includes sump spacer, oil baffle spacers, EBS Racing X51 oil baffle, windage tray (to prevent sloshing of oil), 997/Cayman oil returns (2 qt sump not compatible with 996 swirl pots) and oil pickup tube extension, O-ring for pickup tube extension, sealant, as well as all required hardware needed for installation.Recommended for track use only due to reduced ground clearance. Fabrication and use of a skid plate to protect sump recommended as well. A good alternative to an Accusump for those wanting a simpler installation to prevent oil starvation when paired with our tandem oil scavenge pump kit.The order of operations for installation of the 2 QT deep sump (after installing the pickup tube and extension) requires the steel baffle plate to be installed first (using the provided Loctite 5900), then the provided gasket (using no sealant), then the 1" pan spacer, then the oil pan itself (using the Loctite 5900).Experienced drivers with R-compound or race tires should consider a more proactive approach to preventing oil starvation with the installation of an Accusump system, or Dual Tandem Oil pumps as outlined on the Oil Starvation Prevention page.LN Engineering, a leader in the Porsche aftermarket for high performance products and services, is producer of the trademarked Nickies cylinders for air-cooled Porsches. LN Engineering has established itself as the only premium brand in the industry with a well-respected name and customer base.2 Quart Deep Sump Kit: Includes a Sump Plate Spacer, Pickup Tube Spacer, Windage Tray, Spacer Gasket, 997 Oil Return Tubes, Mod X51-Style Baffle, Oil Baffle Spacer, Pan Sealant, Loctite, and Fasteners. Lowers Sump Plate by 1 Inch Which Provides for an Additional 2 Quarts of Motor Oil. Particularly Suitable for Use in Performance or Track Use Applications Stock Skid Plate is NOT Compatible With This Deep Sump Kit.

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Advance Auto Parts
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Engine Paint Kit 13473 ZP

Everything you need to paint your motor with Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Engine paint is included in this kit. These super durable engine paints are fortified with nano-ceramic particles that will withstand temperatures of up to 650F. Each color was painstakingly researched to match the original factory color. And the urethane based paints can be brushed on or applied with a spray gun. And the urethane based paints can be brushed on or applied with a spray gun. cups lids, 3 foam brushes and 15 absorbent Pig Mats so you keep the surrounding area and floor clean.2K ceramic engine paint, cups,lids, foam brushes, absorbent mats Everything you need to paint your motor with Eastwood's 2K Ceramic Engine paint is included in this kit. These super durable engine paints are fortified with nano-ceramic particles that will withstand temperatures of up to 650F.Each color was painstakingly researched to match the original factory color.And the urethane based paints can be brushed on or applied with a spray gun.And the urethane based paints can be brushed on or applied with a spray gun.cups lids, 3 foam brushes and 15 absorbent Pig Mats so you keep the surrounding area and floor clean. Not for sale or use in California. Eastwood Paints are formulated to meet National Rule VOC regulations check with your local and state guidelines as some areas may have stricter regulations than others. 1 Quart of Ceramic Engine Paint4 Ounces of urethane activator (21854z)5 One Pint Mixing cups lids (51201)3 Foam Brushes (34152)15 Sheets of Pig Mat Absorbent mats (12461) 51686 Concours Detail Spray Gun10041z PRE Painting Prep12196z Chassis Kleen20473 2 stage desiccant dryer Ensure surface are is clean, dry and free of grease, oils and contaminants.For best results and a consistent finish paint all components at the same time. Mix 41, 4 parts paint and 1 part activator. Pot life is about 90 min.Apply in two medium wet coats, allowing 20 minutes between each coat.Allow to fully cure in 24 hours. Safe remaining paint for touch ups or other underhood components. Can be brushed on or applied with an HVLP Paint Gun. Reduction is not necessary, but if desired use a urethane reducer. Catalog Search

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006109-12PK Engine Clean Protect and Clean Engine Cleaner - 300 ml, (Case Pack of 12)

This additive is to be added to the engine oil before drain. IT is designed to be used in all types of diesel and gasoline engines with injection or carburettors, with or without catalytic converter, using all kind of fuel. Motul engine clean effectively cleans the dirtying and clogging which happen in the engine. The removed micro-particles are then evacuated at the time of the oil drain. Motul engine clean provides a perfect lubrication during cleaning process. When added to engine oil before draining, it allows to lower the wear, decrease oil and fuel consumption and increases compressions on the same way on all the cylinders. It also decreases exhaust pollutants emissions, evacuates deposits, varnishes and other combustion residues from problem areas such as hydraulics lifters or piston grooves and rings, takes advantage of fresh oil which will fill engine after draining and increases the catalytic converter’s lifetime. The content of one can is sufficient for an oil capacity up to 5 litres. For higher capacities, 60 milliliters of engine clean is to be added per supplementary litre of engine oil over 5 litres.

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2014 Ford Mustang Royal Purple 1520 5w20 Motor Oil

Protect Your Investment. The most effective way of ensuring long engine life in either a heavily modded racecar or daily driven 'Stang is regular oil changes. And there is no better oil available for your Pony than Royal Purple. Royal Purple is a full synthetic oil that contains a patented additive to reduce engine wear and protect your rings, cylinders, and bearings more than any other. It also sticks to your engine's internals after shutdown to protect your engine upon startup. Superior Performance. Unlike other oils, Royal Purple continues protecting your engine even at high temperatures, making it a great choice for every Mustang. It lubricates better regardless of temperature, ensuring your Mustang will run right whether you're stuck in a traffic jam or going for FTD (fastest time of the day). Many Mustang owners even report better throttle response or even horsepower gains with Royal Purple. Resists Breakdown. Royal Purple is more resistant to breakdown than other oils, meaning y

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Woodlandpro Two-Cycle Engine Oil (5 Gallon Pail) - 17097

If you are tired of paying big bucks for premium two cycle mix, here is the answer to your prayers. We get this stuff from the same factory as the European saw manufacturers and it is mixed to our specifications. In fact, the only difference is the label and the price. Buy a bottle of our WoodlandPRO and buy a bottle of the competitors and compare for yourself. Contains a fuel stabilizer. We recommend mixing this with high-quality 89 octane or higher unleaded gasoline. One 5 gallon pail mixes 250 gallons of fuel at 50 to 1 ratio.

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A374-20 20 Oz Aerosol Engine Degreaser

Engine degreaser is made up of a unique water-based formula that combines the cleaning and degreasing strength of solvents, detergents and water into one powerful product that is low in VOC content. It does not contain chlorinated solvents or ozone depleting chemicals. This powerful degreaser is ideal for auto, truck, tractor, marine and lawnmower engines. (Amrep Misty A374-20)

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Motorcycle Twin Power Synthetic Engine Oil 20W50 Gallon

Specially formulated to protect American V-Twin motorcycle engines Fully synthetic-based oils provide higher film strength, better low temperature performance, superior wear protection and exceptional performance over a wider range of temperatures

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J&P Cycles
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Max Cycle Engine and Multi-Purpose Oil 20W50 - 01316 01316

Max-Cycle is specifically formulated to significantly improve motorcycle engine (and transmission) performance Its recommended for use in both air-cooled and liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines and its compatible with wet-clutch transmissions

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Dennis Kirk
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Engineered Stone White Resin Polishing Pads

Wet polishing pads for engineered stones

Applied Diamond Tools
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Emzone Car/Truck/Boat/Tractor/Industrial Engine Wash Shampoo Cleaner Spray!

Engine Shampooemzone Engine Shampoo heavy duty degreaser cleans heavy grease, dirt and oil deposits on engines. Ideal for use on automobiles, trucks, power mowers, boats, tractors and industrial machinery.ITEM NUMBER:45001PRODUCT SIZE:446 g / 15.7 ozUPC NUMBER:060480 450017DIRECTIONS:? Start cold engine and allow it to idle for a maximum of 2 minutes or until valve cover is warm to the touch.? TURN ENGINE OFF. Remove the air filter and cover the carburetor opening and distributor.? Spray dry engine generously. Rinse any overspray from exterior body surface immediately to avoid damaging the paint finish.? Allow engine shampoo to penetrate for 10-15 minutes. Use a brush on heavy grease deposits.? Hose off thoroughly with strong stream of water. When rinsing is complete, remove covers off carburetor and distributor and replace air filter. Start engine immediately. Let idle for 15 minutes to ensure complete drying.How to Prevent your Car from RustingWith time, a car's body gradually corrod

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Leather Cre Supply
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4-cycle Engine Oil / SAE30-SJ Wt, Twelve 20 Oz. Btl -25%

On sale: 25% off

Stens Replacement Stens 4-cycle Engine Oil / SAE30-SJ Wt, Twelve 20 Oz. Btl

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248945 Engine Enamels Blue

This rust-oleum engine enamel creates a smooth finishIt is formulated for use on automotive engines and other automotive surfaces which reach intermittent temperatures up to 500 deg F (260 deg C)Product features: Resists heat

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Old Engine Oil (120) 12oz bottles
Ultimate Wine Shop
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2011 BMW 335d Sedan (E90) Liqui Moly Diesel Engine Cleaning Kit

Clean your engine on the inside! Over time, your engine develops residue on the piston rings and gunk on the tips of the fuel injectors. (We've seen lots of "dealer maintained" engines that were loaded with nasty build-up.) The result of all this is a gradual reduction in power, response and economy. Our engine renewal kit removes the build-up and allows your engine to perform at its best. The kit includes one container of Lubro Moly Engine Flush, one container of Lubro Moly Cera Tec friction reducer, one can of Diesel Purge and a can of Lubro Moly Super Diesel Additive. Using it doesn't involve anything more complicated than an oil change. Just add the Engine Flush to your engine oil, run the engine for 10 minutes then drain the oil (and the sludge!). Mix the Cera Tec with the fresh engine oil to reduce wear, improve fuel economy and lower exhaust pollutants. Then add one can of Diesel Purge to your fuel tank the next time you fill up. The following fill-up, add a can of Super Diesel additive. We recommend this as a regular program for any engine with 60,000 or more miles on it. Plus it's a great way to bring that just-purchased BMW or MINI back to baseline. If purchased separately, the items in this kit would cost $50.PLEASE NOTE: This item must be shipped via ground carrier, so it is available only in the 48 contiguous United States and Canada.

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Yellow Jacket Vacuum Pump Oil (1 Gal.) 39 Grade, [PK/6]. Model: 93096

Vacuum Pump Oil,size 1 Gal.,container Type Bottle,sae Grade Not Specified,iso Viscosity Grade 39,viscosity Index 103,color Light Amber,flash Point 200 Degrees C,dropping Point Not Specified,four-ball Wear Not Specified,timken Ok Load Not Specified,viscosity @ 40c 42 Cst,viscosity @ 100c 6.4 Cst,application Vacuum Pumps, For Use With Vacuum Pumps,package Quantity 6

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