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Illuminated Mini Microscope

A powerful 60-100x magnification microscope with an extremely lightweight and portable design. Features a built-in light that provides a bright clear image and a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing. Fits easily in your pocket to bring with you anywhere. Powerful 60-100X magnification Compact design provides easy portability Easy-to-use controls allow for adjustable focus and zoom Built-in light with on/off switch

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Trinocular Microscope AS3001

HEAD: Precise Binocular Trinocular and Monocular anti-glare coated prism optical system with dual diopter adjustments and interpupillary distance settings * Inclined 45and rotates 360* STAND: Sturdy and stable features coaxial low positioned coarse and fine focusing with adjustable tension control for maximum comfort and convenience for personal user preference * Automatic focus stop for rapid image focusing * NOSEPIECE: Ball-bearing dustproof quadruple revolving nosepiece with positive click-stops for parcentration * STAGE: Double plate ball bearing adjustable dovetail built-in graduated mechanical stage (150 x 138 mm) * Low coaxial controls accommodating slides 75 x 50 mm (3 x 2 ) with easily removable slide holder * SUBSTAGE: Precentered two lens Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder adjustable by rack and pinion control * BASE ILLUMINATOR: The die-cast alloy base provides the ruggedness and stability necessary for years of heavy use * The improved built-in solid state illuminator circuit with 3-wire line cord is completely variable with an on-off switch and contains a double aspheric field lens system with filter to provide the proper brightness required for all contrast techniques * Trap door makes bulb replacement fast and easy * OPTICS: All optical surfaces are coated for maximum glare-free resolution and contrast * EYEPIECES: High eyepoint widefield 10x (18 mm field of view) * OBJECTIVES: DIN standard flatfield achromats parfocal parcenter and color-coded * 4x (N.A. 0.10) * 10x (N.A. 0.25) * 40x (N.A. 0.65) *100x (N.A. 1.25) Oil Immersion *

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All Time Medical
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Micro360 Microscope

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Find magnification devices at Target.com! Celestron micro360 microscope

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402x60 Refractor Telescope with 1200x Microscope Multicolor - 30060402CM -38%

Shop for Telescopes from Telescopes.com! Let your kids familiarize themselves with the too-often-unseen world around you! This refractor telescope and 1200x microscope set will open their eyes to the very large and distant objects in the heavens, as

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26700209PLR Digital Microscope wth Polarizer,LED,USB G7594142

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Digital Microscope with Polarizer, Magnification 10x to 200x, Illumination LED, Optical Tube Monocular,Adjustable Diopter, Focusing Height Maximum Infinite, Interface USB, Display LCD, Features Updated 5 Megapixel Sensor, Easy to Use 6-Led Compact and Handy Digital Microscope with A USB Interface...

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MicroFi Wi-Fi Handheld Microscope

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Wi-Fi enabled handheld digital microscope works with your smart devices to stream live video and record movies and still images,free Micro Fi app lets you wirelessly view and photograph the microscopic world right on your smartphone or tablet,stream to up to 3 devices at once with a signal range up to 30 feet

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1500X Professional Biological Microscope -60%

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A premium biological microscope featuring PLAN optics! This optical design insures the finest optical imaging plus the flattest field of view available. The large objective nosepiece is reversed allowing extra work area. Features The Ultimate Qua

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Digital Microscope for iPad

Explore the natural world inside or in the great outdoors with Hamilton's Digital Microscope for your iPad. This wireless high-resolution digital microscope works with your iPhone or iPad via WiFi and a free app, available from the Apple App Store. Images and videos are sent to your mobile device where you can view and save them. Also compatible with Mac and Windows computers through USB. The maximum magnification is 500x on 20" screen, 300x at four centimeters from the object. WiFi transmission range is 98 feet. The digital microscope features four white LEDs with adjustable level. Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery with a life of two to three hours. Hamilton's Digital Microscope comes backed by a one-year warranty. Key Features Works with iPhone or iPad via WiFi and a free app from the Apple App Store Compatible with Mac and Windows computers through USB Magnify objects up to 500x Wireless transmission up to 98 feet Includes a rechargeable lithium battery Backed by a one-year warranty Specifications Camera Type: (1600x1200) 1/5" CMOS Focusing: Manual Magnification: 500x (maximum) Picture Format: JPG Width: 8 1/2" Depth: 2 1/2" Height: 6 1/2"

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Microscope Slides - Frosted Microscope Slides, 75mm x 25mm, 72/bx, 20 bx/cs
Claflin Medical Equipment & Supplies
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3l Ng Microscope

The Levenhuk 3L NG series provides excellent qualities for teaching biological sciences as well as performing individual researches.

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Olivia Series Binocular Microscope

Olivia Series Binocular Microscope features a sturdy aluminum die-cast stand for durability and balance. Features binocular head with coaxial focus equipped with rack and pinion mechanisms and positive stops at both ends. DIN objectives 4X, 10X, 40XR, 100XR (oil immersion) are parfocaled and parcentered. Built-in LED illumination with on/off switch and three-wire grounded power cord. Limited lifetime warranty.

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Revival Animal Health
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The 500X Handheld Digital Microscope.

This is the handheld microscope that provides up to 500X magnification for small objects, displaying them on its built-in, flip-out screen. Ideal for viewing stamps, coins, or serial numbers, its optics provide 20X - 200X optical magnification with up to 500X digital magnification. Eight built-in LEDs illuminate subjects while its manual focus sharpens images, which are captured by its 5 megapixel CMOS and displayed on a 3" TFT color LCD screen that provides 960 x 240 pixel resolution. Images can be stored as JPEGs at 2592 x 1944 resolution (AVI video stored at 640 x 480 resolution) and are saved onto up to a 32 GB microSD card (not included). It connects to a computer running Windows 8/7/Vista/XP with the included microUSB cable for downloading images and recharging; a three-hour charge provides up to four hours of operation. 5" L x 4 1/2" W x 1" D. (8 oz.)

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Hammacher Schlemmer
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M2250 Series Compound Microscope w/ LED Illumination (corded)

Looking for an easy-to-use classroom microscope that won't break your budget? The M2250 Series Compound Microscope from Swift Optical features a slip-clutch focusing system that prevents over focusing and a monocular head, which younger students find easier to use. The durable design and limited lifetime warranty mean you can feel comfortable purchasing this microscope for your classroom. This LED illuminated model provides efficient, cool, white light that lasts up to 50 times longer than traditional bulbs.

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School Outfitters
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Laboratory Microscope

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Find magnification devices at Target.com! Celestron laboratory microscope

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Handheld Digital Pro Microscope

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Find magnification devices at Target.com! Celestron handheld digital pro microscope

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Amoeba Digital Microscope - Blue

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Find magnification devices at Target.com! Celestron amoeba digital microscope - blue

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Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope

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Find magnification devices at Target.com! Celestron deluxe handheld digital microscope

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Digital Microscope Kit

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Find magnification devices at Target.com! Delve into the microscopic world with this digital microscope kit from celestron. The microscope magnifies up to 600x and includes an eye dropper, needle probe, light diffuser, blank slides, tweezers and

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COSMOS Biological Microscope Kit -8%

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Find magnification devices at Target.com! Reveal a hidden world with this biological microscope. This complete kit, created by celestron and inspired by cosmos: a spacetime odyssey, will have you and your budding scientists experimenting in no time.

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LCD Handheld Digital Microscope

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Find magnification devices at Target.com! Celestron lcd handheld digital microscope

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