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Newman-O's Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies Hint-O-Mint - 8 oz.

Newman's Own Organics Newman-0's Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies Hint-O-Mint - 8 oz. (226g)Newman's Own Organics Newman-0's Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies Hint-O-Mint are a delicious addition to Newman's Own Organics' cookie line. The cream filled chocolate delight is easily recognized by the distinctive package featuring "Pa" and Nell Newman in American Gothic dress. Newman-O's are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Organic Kosher Good FoodThat's what they kept in mind when they created their products. they focus on the kinds of products they loved as kids, but take them one step further by using the highest quality of available organic ingredients. They find that people really want to know how the ingredients are grown and processed on the way to their grocer's shelf. When people see how much organic foods have improved since the early days of packaged 'health' foods, they hope they'll try other organic food products.What's Organic?The materials below were developed by the USDA National Organic Program in 1994 and serve as a general outline of the definition of Organic as it will be used in the United States. DefinitionOrganic agriculture is a holistic system with the primary goal of optimizing the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil life, plants, animals, and people. Management practices are carefully selected with an intent to restore and then maintain ecological harmony on the farm, its surrounding environment and ultimately the whole planetary ecosystem. IntroductionThe Organic Farm Plan is central to demonstrating progressive improvement of practices and measuring evolution of the management system as a whole towards greater sustainability. In this context, record- keeping is a key management tool for identifying problems and successful adaptations. PrinciplesProtect the environment, minimize pollution, promote health and optimize biological productivity.

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