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TV Stands With Round Base & Metal Tray

These TV stands have a round base made from MDF. The floor-standing television racks measure 73 inches tall and hold a flat-screen monitor between 42 and 60 inches. These silver TV stands include an 18-inch metal literature pocket and hollow column.You can use our How-To page for further information on how to find a mounting bracket to fit your monitor.These plasma stands, TV stands are normally used in offices, schools, municipal buildings, trade shows, and retail stores. TV stands include the necessary hardware to mount most televisions to your stand, though some may require specific screws you can find at any local hardware store. A VESA LG bracket is included as well that has been designed alongside manufacturers to fit most makes and models of televisions. LCD stands, TV stands can hold a 42" to 60" plasma or LCD television that weighs up to 80 lbs.These monitor mounts are sturdy tradeshow displays being able to promote your company visually as well as written by placing brochures or pamphlets of the company on the provided rack. This LCD bracket is VESA LG compatible which includes hardware that will mount most televisions including but not limited to Panasonic televisions. Mounting a 52" LED Panasonic to these TV stand manage to provide a balanced look to the mount as well as optimal viewing by passersby. This LCD mount will go with any television between 42" and 60" as long as the weight is below 80 lbs.Plasma stands, LCD stands, and other TV stands have a metal pocket included that mounts onto the frame using an acrylic bracket. This pocket can hold standard sized brochures or magazine sized items that contain additional information about what is being advertised. These LCD stands, TV stands have a large rounded MDF base that is satin silver. Easily blending in with any surrounding, this base helps to provide a durable stand that will be useful for years to come, even in heavily trafficked areas.

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