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PetSafe Pawz Away Extra Receiver

Add as many pet as you like to Pawz Away Indoor & Outdoor Pet Barriers. This lightweight, waterproof Receiver Collar works with Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier and Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier. Add an unlimited number of pets to either system with this collar. Keeps pets away from areas that you declare off-limits.

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Proviable-KP Dog & Cat Supplement Kit, 15mL kit (for cats & small dogs)

Nutramax Proviable-KP Dog & Cat Supplement Kit, 15mL kit (for cats & small dogs); Proviable contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms along with multiple species and billions of beneficial microorganisms per daily administration. The Proviable-KP paste contains ingredients to help firm stool while the Proviable-DC capsules continue to reestablish healthy intestinal balance. Added prebiotics, found in both formulations, encourage growth of the Proviable beneficial microorganisms within the intestinal tract. Proviable also helps to reestablish healthy intestinal microflora after imbalances have occurred due to: antibiotic use, dietary indiscretion, food sensitivities, stresses due to travel and kenneling, weaning of puppies and kittens, metabolic disturbances, immune system related gastrointestinal conditions. Key Benefits Available in two tube sizes: Cats & Small Dogs (15mL kit) and Medium & Large Dogs (30mL kit) Paste contains microorganisms, prebiotics, and additional ingredients to help firm stool Helps normalize intestinal function and firm stools Palatable paste is easily administered in a graduated tube packaged with Proviable-DC capsules in convenient kits

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Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier - PWF00-13665

Pawz Away&reg Mini Pet Barrier Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Pawz Away&reg Mini Pet Barrier-Transmitter, For Dogs & Cats 5 Pounds & Up, Range Up To 5 Feet, For Indoor Or Outdoor Use, Fits Neck Sizes 6-28 Inches For Dogs & Up To 12 Inches For Cats, Progressive Static Correction, Lightweight & Waterproof Receiver Collar, Waterproof & Battery Operated Barriers

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Pawz Away Pet Mat - 24" x 48" PDT00-11319

Keep your pet off furniture, away from a room or train them to not climb on your car. The PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Mat is a valuable aid in training your dogs or cats to avoid areas you want to protect. The Pawz Away Pet Mat is an invaluable addition to a pet training program, providing immediate training to help correct your pets behavior. The Pawz Away Pet Mat provides a harmless static correction helping your pet quickly learn to avoid the areas you choose to protect. The Pawz Away Pet Mat will train your pet to stop unwanted behaviors & rather than your pet associating the training with you. After a few corrections with the Pawz Away Pet Mat, your pet will quickly learn to avoid the area. Simply place the PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Mat in a location you would like your pets to avoid. When he touches the PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Mat, he receives a mild static correction and will quickly learn to stay away from that area. PetSafe PDT00-11319

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Ssscat® Spray Deterrent

The motion-activated spray safely and automatically keeps pets away from rooms, furniture, and areas in your home. Set it on the counter to keep your cat from jumping up, or place it in the doorway to the living room to keep your dog out of the room and off the couch. It's easy to train your dog or cat to stay out of certain areas. When your pet comes near the Ssscat, he'll feel a quick burst of harmless but startling spray. The spray reminds your pet to stay away. The adjustable spray nozzle can detect and deter pets from up to 3 feet away.

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Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier System - Frontgate

Barrier range protects areas from 2' to 12' dia.. Compact size barrier fits easily in small spaces. Lightweight and waterproof receiver collar. Simple to set up. Additional barriers available (sold separately). Our Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier gently but effectively "reminds" your pet where he is not permitted to go in your home. Designed to startle, not to punish, the Pawz Away sends a series of harmless beeps that teach him to avoid that area. . . . . . Barrier operates with 3 AA batteries; receiver collar uses two 3V batteries (not included). Learn more about how the Pawz Away works . Includes barrier transmitter, receiver collar, operating and training guide, and test light tool.

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Gray Polo for Cats, Cat

The Best Solution for Cat Anxiety! The solution that has already helped hundreds of thousands of dogs is now working its magic with cats. How it

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Dr. Tuder's Pet Care Soothe-A-Way Spray For Cats and Dogs

Dr. Tuder's Pet Care Soothe-A-Way Spray For Cats & DogsGive your pet a loving skin conditioning treatment with this soothing spray. Your cat or dog won’t know why this is good for him, but you’ll know. It’s the colloidal oatmeal, among the ingredients, that helps soothe the skin while the pramoxine hydrochloride temporarily helps relief of itching, inflammation and irritation of the skin. This spray helps turn grumpy gloomies into happy hounds and frisky felines. What You Get 8 oz. soothing spray solution bottle Good to Know Shake well before use. Ruffle or part the hair to allow optimum contact with the skin. Spray directly onto the affected skin area. Rub in well. May be used daily or as directed by a veterinarian.   Precautions:  For topical use on animals only. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with the eyes; if contact with the eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with water and contact a veterinarian. If irritation persists or increases, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian.

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LiverAid by PetAlive - Prevents Liver Problems in Dogs and Cats

LiverAid is a natural remedy that helps to prevent liver disease in dogs and cats. Its ingredients work to eliminate toxins in the blood and to promote proper functioning of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

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Holistic Pet Info
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Cat Masterpieces Address Labels - Cats

Cat Masterpieces Address Labels make quick work of addressing mail and offer a great way to personalize your items. No matter how you use them, you'll love these conveniently bound address labels. Actual label size: 1-3/4 x 1-1/8 inches with up to three lines of personalization. Melinda Copper. Licensed by Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing.

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Styles Checks
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Spray Away

Chase or harrass birds and other pests with a quick blast of water. Protect ponds, gardens and other challenging settings. 9 different sensing distances Covers up to 1,900 sq. ft. Adjustable custom sight settings Covers any size animal and variations in terrain Adjust UP to target large animals/birds and/or high terrain Adjust DOWN for small animals and/or low terrain Using an infrared sensor to detect motion, Spray Away releases a sudden burst of water combined with unexpected noise and motion to create a safe and effective deterrent to chase away unwanted animals and birds. With its exclusive adjustable sensor eye, Spray Away adapts to any size animal and any terrain. Spray away motion-activated water repellent can be used anywhere in your yard and protects up to 1,900 square feet of gardens, yards, and ponds 24/7. Using only 2-3 cups of water per spray, Spray Away provides

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ePest Solutions
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PAWZ Dog Boots, Medium, Black

Pawz Dog Boots are the best choice for protecting your dog s paws and keep them clean. Pack of 12 boots.

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ScareCrow Sprinkler Motion Activated Animal Deterrent Animal Repellents

ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler animal deterrent keeps common animal intruders like cats, dogs, deer, heron, raccoons, and more out of your lawn and garden. The ScareCrow motion sensor sprinkler is a very effective option that does not use chemicals or ugly netting. Using just 2-3 cups of water per burst the ScareCrow motion detector sprinkler animal deterrent startles animals and scares them away. Working for as long as six months on just one, nine-volt battery the ScareCrow motion activated sprinkller protects up to 1,200 sq. ft. day and night. If you need to cover a larger area you can link several scarecrows together.

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Do My Own Pest Control
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Swamp Cooler Vest for Dogs - Clearance, Dog Toys & Accessories

On a warm sunny day, dogs will trot for the shade, lie down, and pant the heat away. They need an air-conditioner, or a Ruffwear Swamp Cooler to stay cool, happy and active. Dogs can beat the heat, staying cool while hiking and biking in the desert, playing on the beach, boating on open water under full sun, and waiting for their turn during outdoor agility trials in the heat. Outfit your dog in the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler and let the cooling begin! The Swamp Cooler Vest uses evaporative cooling to keep dogs cool in the heat. By soaking the vest in cold water the natural process of evaporation dissipates the stored heat, chilling the Swamp Cooler and your furry friend.

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Austin Kayak
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Pawz Dog Boots

These boots were made for walkin&rsquoand protecting precious paws from mud, salt, fire ants, pesticides, chemicals or snow. They&rsquore also great protection over bandages for dogs with injuries. Dogs who refuse to wear other boots feel comfortable wearing these natural rubber boots because they allow your pet to feel the ground and so provide him a sense of security. Easy to put on no zippers or straps. Includes twelve waterproof boots that can be used multiple times. For the perfect fit, measure paw from front to back, including nails. Assorted colors. Sizes: Tiny (Apple), XXS (Yellow), XS (Orange), S (Red), M (Blue), L (Purple), XL (Green)

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In the Company of Dogs
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for Cats Dogs 100 Chewable Tablets

Flea Away for Cats Dogs is a vitamin complex that causes your pet to develop a natural repellent for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. This keeps fleas off your dog or cat before they bite and find chemicals, like other flea repellents. With Flea Away your pet produces an odor (undetectable by humans) that keeps fleas away. It even remains effective after bathing or swimming. This chewable tablet is liver flavored so your pet will love it. 100 Chewable Tablets Liver flavored Repels for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Repels before they bite

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Entirely Pets
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Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier - 12 inch x 60 inch

A training mat that teaches your pets to avoid certain areas indoors. Three easy to use training options including tone and static correction. Lightweight and portable. The PetSafe Pawz Away Mat provides an immediate correction when your pet steps onto the surface. Small wires embedded in the mat detect the pet step and send a quick burst of energy. The correction is harmless, yet startling and most pets flee immediately. System includes: Translucent Pawz Away mat, control unit for the mat, operating training guide. Lifetime limited warranty. Battery (9 volt) not included.

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KV Supply
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Animal Deterrent Spray

Safely Walk Your Pet& and Deter Other Animals. This citronella-based spray distracts and deters menacing or attacking animals, but won't harm them. Just as effective as 10% pepper spray, but safer to use. Clip it on your belt, pocket or purse and walk with confidence. Approx. 250 sprays per 3-oz. can. Sorry, no Express Delivery. 2 or more $16.99 each

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Whatever Works
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DGP Dog Gone Pain for Dogs, 60 Chewable Tabs

Aches and pains reduce your dog's enjoyment of life and our enjoyment of their company. Running, walking, getting into the car or just rising to greet you become painful ordeals. Let DGP (Dog Gone Pain) help your dog become the same carefree and playful member of the family he or she used to be and wants to be again. DGP was developed by leading Australian veterinarians; herbalists. It's a complete, all-natural formula that revitalizes older dogs physically and mentally. *Supports joint function *Enhances mobility and demeanor *Brings out the 'puppy' in your dog. Noticeable results in just one week! New & Improved DGP is now even better... * Now rich in mucopolysaccharides... to further sustain pet mobility & flexibility. * New beefy flavor and scent ... pets gobble it right down! * Not just for dogs... cats benefit from DGP, too!

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NexStep Nutrition
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Dental Rinse for Dogs & Cats: 4 oz

Petrodex Petrodex Dental Rinse for Dogs & Cats: 4 oz #51260 Petrodex Dental Spray for dogs and cats freshens breath and helps clean teeth and gums, while also aiding in the reduction of plaque and tartar accumulation. Just spray and walk away! Freshens breath Helps clean teeth & gums Helps reduce accumulation of plaque & tartar Active Ingredient:0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate.Other Ingredients:Glycerin, Purified Water, Sorbitol, Flavor, Methyl Paraben, Zinc Gluconate, FD&C Blue #1. - Dog Dental Care petrodex, pet row dex, petrowdex, pet rodex, pet ro dex, pet-rodex

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