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Clam Rake

Clamming is great fun, easy to do and has delicious results. The rake has a 33 removable steel tube handle. 10 steel basket is 6 deep. 234 steel teeth. Handle and teeth are coated with a corrosion-resistant finish. Type: Accessories. 10" Basket.

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Collapsible Base Runner Infield Rake, 24"

The collapsible base runner rake is the perfect tool for grooming infields, long jump pits, beach volleyball courts and more! This rake knocks down for easy storage and has a telescopic handle for those hard to reach areas. The high-grade aluminum alloy head was designed specifically for the sports turf industry, but can also be used on lawns and gardens. The high straight edge of this rake is excellent for grading, while the rounded teeth are non-gouging. 24 wideEasily breaks down for storage 3'-6' double-lock telescoping fiberglass handle Aluminum head w/ leveling blade 6 non-slip grip36 wide model available, see belowSHIPS UPS OVERSIZED

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Anthem Sports
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Baseball Double Play Monster Drag Broom & Rake 7' SCARIFYING EDGE RAKE

Jaypro Baseball Double Play Monster Drag Broom & Rake Item#MDB-84 (Monster Drag Broom - Smooth) Item#DPMDB-84 (Double Play Monster Drag Broom & Rake) Monster Drag Broom Description: A heavy duty aluminum construction with a massive 7' head will help you create a smooth field Monster Drag Broom Features: - 2 rows of removable bristles - Foam covered handle Double Play Monster Drag Broom & Rake Description: Same as MDB-84 while adding a scarifying edge. Use this drag broom and rake to keep up with your field maintenance >Double Play Monster Drag Broom & Rake Features: - Aggressive scarifying edge on the flip side - 7' head size

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Epic Sports
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Roof Joe Rake

Snow Joe Roof Joe Rake

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The Pond Guy® Pond & Beach Rake

Remove Leaves & Debris Skim Algae & Vegetation Reduce Timely Maintenance The Pond Guy® Pond & Beach Rake is perfect for mechanical control of weeds, algae, muck and debris. This 36" wide aluminum rake comes with an 11' two-piece rust-proof powder-coated aluminum handle, detachable polyethylene float and a 20' length of polypropylene rope. Use it to skim floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the water. The Pond & Beach Rake can be thrown and retrieved using the attached rope. By shortening the handle and removing the float, you have a professional-grade landscaping rake, excellent for dressing beach sand and removing bottom debris. Mix & Match - Buy 2 & Save 10% Weed Cutter Pond & Beach Rake Weed Raker™ Weed Razer™ Weed Razer™ Pro

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The Pond Guy
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Aluminum Premium Deep Leaf Bag Rake

#8033 Heavy duty light and strong aluminum frame and deep bag with plastic safety bumper Light and strong aluminum frame Deep-bag with plastic safety bumper included Leaf Skimmers fit all Telescopic Poles we carry.A pool Leaf Rake is like a Leaf Skimmer but has a deep bag-like net instead of a flat net. This allows it to hold many more leaves with each scoop. A Leaf Rake allows the water to pass through much easier when it has leaves in it than a Leaf Skimmer does, thereby preventing the water wave you can get in front of a Leaf Skimmer pushing the leaves away from it. The Leaf Rake is also much easier to use when scooping leaves from the bottom. We export our pool Leaf Rake, Leaf Skimmers and many other swimming pool products worldwide.  Professional quality leaf rake have a strong and lightweight aluminum frame that will not bend or break and a finish that protects your pool walls. The extra-large leaf grabbing bag is made of a durable, sun and chemical-resistant mesh that removes large volumes of leaves.

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State Fair Seasons
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Trigon Field/Aggregate Rake 

Trigon Field/Aggregate Rake All aluminum construction designed for institutional use. Durable Lightweight with oversized teeth for easy field grooming. Use one side to rake the other side to level. Handle is 66" long. Sizes: 36,48,24 In.

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Baseball Express
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Service Grade Deep Leaf Rake

Service Grade Deep Leaf Rake

Backyard Pool Superstore
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Heavy Duty Rake Replacement Blade

Replacement blades for the Heavy Duty Rake Comb product number 83025. This is a package of 10 blades.

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KV Supply
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BRB50AHD Ultra Force Break and Rake Tool

$50+ Orders Ship Free

Break and Rake Tool, Handle Length 50 In., Head Size 6 In., Head Material Steel

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Good Boy Moulting Rake

About this product range: rake comb for mangaging knotted hair on dogs

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Dog Waste Shovel Rake & Bin Poop Scoop Set

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Find pet waste containment supplies at Target.com! Easily clean up after your furry friend with this dog waste scoop and bin set. This set includes 1 scoop and a handled waste bin. Both have handles that extend more than 32 inches, making it easier

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/ Rainbow #122 Leaf Rake Skimmer R121106

This is a commercial grade, heavy duty leaf rake with a raised front tip from Pentair / Rainbow.

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The Pool and Spa Center
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Shedzilla Dog Grooming Rake

Oster ShedZilla Dog Grooming Rake A professional de-shedding tool that won't irritate the pet's skin. Great for all shedding breeds. Features: Stainless steel curved teeth penetrate deep into the coat without scratching the skin Removes dead unwanted hair that would otherwise accumulate all over the house Pulls out dead hair, not healthy hair Carves through mats and tangles with ease Smooth round edges provide a massaging action Non-slip, ergonomic handle provides less stress on the hands Recommended for all coat types; de-sheds, de-mats, de-tangles

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02003 20 Rake Rack 02003 -14%

Rake Rack by Monkey Bars allows you to store all your rakes in one location. The Rake Rack is not limited to one type of rake so you can store all sizes and shapes. Leaf rakes can be one of the trickiest to store because of their size. The Rake Rack by Monkey Bars allows you to store your leaf...

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Carpet Rake

For ultimate vacuuming results with wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs, use Carpet Rake. Unique design Carpet Groomer works just like a rake ? it lifts carpet pile, loosens ground-in dirt, brings pet hair to the carpet surface, preparing it for the vacuum cleaner. Wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs will look better than ever after vacuuming! Use Carpet Rake by itself too, for a quick freshening of carpet nap, instead of dragging out the vacuum cleaner.Need to revive and spruce-up older flat looking carpets and rugs? Use Carpet Rake! Carpet Rake revives older, matted carpet beautifully; fibers will look fresh and new. Carpet Rake head is made of sturdy, flexible nylon teeth, and measures 12" wide; Carpet Rake handle measures 54"long. Carpet Rake Tip: Help speed drying time after carpet cleaning and carpet shampooing. Carpet fibers will spring back to life with Carpet Rake.

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Stall Butler Scoop With Rake

Suggested Retail - $39.99 50% off - $19.

Chicks Discount Saddlery
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Petco Park Stadium Tapestry Throw

Show your pride and excitement with this great Petco Park Stadium Tapestry Throw from Northwest! These heirloom quality throws are a tribute to American craftsmanship. Throughout history, tapestries have commemorated special events. Use it as a room accent, bed covering, throw blanket or wall-hanging. Tapestries are approx. 48" x 60" with fringes on all sides.

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Undercoat Shedding Rake

Millers Forge Undercoat/Shedding Rake gently removes your pet's undercoat and greatly reduces shedding. Features a double row of nickel-plated pins appropriately spaced to get deep into your pet's coat to remove loose hair. Has a 3.625“W x 1.375“H brush surface with a 5“L handle easy-grip T-shaped handle to give you less strain. Ideal for medium and long-haired breeds.

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Revival Animal Health
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Buff Rake Eastwood 13120

Loaded buff wheels will work much more effectively after you rake them with this Buff Rake Get more bang from your buffs Use this buff rake to remove residual compound and metal from buffing wheels...make them work like new Create a smooth and uniform buffing surface4-1/2-long rake section15-long wooden handle Remove residual compound andmetal from loaded buffing wheels Use the Buff Rake to remove residual compound and metal from the buff wheel to assure a smooth cut. Excessive build up of compound and metal on the wheel can scratch the surface. Especially appropriate when buffing softer metals like brass and aluminum. Can also be used to true an out-of-balance buff. Tightly hold the buff rake and apply light pressure to the spinning wheel.Excessive build-up of compound and metal on the wheel can scratch the surface you're trying to buff. Use this Buff Rake to remove that residual compound and metal from the buff wheel to assure a smooth cut. It's especially necessary when buffing softer metals like brass and aluminum. Tightly hold the buff rake and apply light pressure to the spinning wheel. Can also be used to true an out-of-balance buff. Click here for product instructions Catalog Search

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