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For Wrinkles LED Light Device for Full Face Wrinkles

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What is it: LightStim for Wrinkles is a handheld, non-invasive medical device that's FDA cleared for the treatment of full facial wrinkles. It delivers warm, gentle LED light that penetrates the top epidermal layer of skin and can enhance collagen an

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K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo (300ml)

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo-For colour preservation and reconstruction.-Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo is a colour-preserving, reconstructing shampoo that gently cleanses hair while improving its elasticity and shine and preventing colour loss.-Breakthrough QuadraBond Peptide Complex- restores and protects hair-s natural B-layer, resulting in more vibrant, longer lasting hair colour.-Directions for use: -Apply Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo to wet hair and lather. Rinse.

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BlueMax 70 Watt Full Spectrum 10,000 Lux Light Therapy/SAD Desk Lamp, White

Full Spectrum, 10,000 Lux, light therapy and task and reading lamp. Patented 6 color blend. Highest CRI of 96+. Fully dimmable from 100% to 20%. Patented dimmable flex arm lamp for ideal comfort. Produces 4,300 lumens, equal to a 300w halogen but provides natural daylight, full spectrum, quality lighting that is comparable to the color and clarity of sunlight with out any UV. Bring the color and clarity of sun light inside with full spectrum lighting and BlueMax. High quality metal construction. Bulbs last up to 10,000 hours. Ideal size and light quality for reading, sewing, or crafts but also provides 10,000 lux at 18" for light therapy. Flicker-free electronic ballast system. 10,000 lux at 18", 5,000 lux at 28". Perfect 18" height for desk use. Base is 8.75"l x 7"w x 1.875"h Lamp head dimension 12"l x 6.5"w x 2.125"h Lifetime warranty on the lamp 1 year on the bulb

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Full Spectrum Solutions
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Smoothing Therapy Keratin Color Care Shampoo 13.5 oz

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Keratin Color Care Shampoo for After Keratin treatment sodium chloride and sulfate free formula without stripping hair or its color.

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Brighton Beauty Supply
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Deep Penetrating Red Light Therapy Device, Therapies

First researched by NASA for use in the Space Program, deep penetrating red light therapy can help reverse and control the visible signs of aging ? while also effectively treating minor muscle and joint aches. All-natural RED light and infrared light penetrates and absorbs deep into tissue, activating the production of endorphins, blocking pain-transmitting chemicals and stimulating cellular regeneration for both wrinkle reduction and pain relief. Just nine minutes a day can bring relief from a long list of health issues with no known negative side effects. Simple to use; comes with a Velcro strap for attaching to affected areas or mount to its stand for facial use. 20-page information booklet included. FDA approved/cleared (510(k) is K081570) USA.

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K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner - 10.1 oz

What it is: Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner is for color-treated, structurally weak or damaged hair. What it does: Hair is nourished and hydrated, leaving it instantly smoother, shinier and more vibrant. With continued use, hair?s strength, elasticity and resiliency are restored. Haircolor is protected from fading that can be caused by environmental stresses and structural damage. What else you need to know: Doubles the life of haircolor?s vibrancy Repairs and strengthens damaged hair Reduces breakage by 65% after just one use Instantly increases shine by nearly 50%

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New Theradome, Hair Beam Low Level Laser Therapy Massage White Helmet: Hair Loss Prevention, Hair Regrowth Device FDA

Hair loss affects 80,000,000 people in the US alone, and over 1,500,000,000 people globally. Forty percent of them are women who find the condition emotionally distressing and tougher to cure than male pattern baldness. Yet we found that almost every treatment on the market was aimed at males, specialist clinics were prohibitively expensive, and many women simply didn't have any viable options. The TheradomeTM is the first and only FDA OTC cleared, wearable clinical strength laser treatment that has a proven triple action: Grows new, healthy hair. Doubles the follicle size of existing hair. Slows down and stops hair loss. The key to treating hair loss is lasers, but all lasers are not created equal. We use specially developed, high efficiency lasers that allow us to deliver the maximum amount of light and cover 582 cm2 of the 720 cm2 total scalp area in the average human head. We don't want to bore you with numbers, but with over 440 Joules per treatment and an optimised wavelength of 678 +/-8nm, each of the 80 lasers is precisely tailored for maximum hair growth. Scientifically speaking, TheradomeTM lasers reverse the miniaturization of follicles. Follicles return to their normal healthy state after being exposed to our special lasers. Reversing miniaturization is the first step to getting your hair back, by stopping any further loss after the first 18-26 treatments. The next stage is re-growing your hair. TheradomeTM also grows hair after around 52 treatments. TheradomeTM tackles the three critical areas needed to beat hair loss: Increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. Stimulates microcirculation, improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis. Reduces the effects of protein blocking enzymes, promoting thickness and density.

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Yoga Ball Body Therapy System With Rodney Yee -9%

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Have a true yoga expert guide you through your workouts using this Yoga Ball Body Therapy System from Gaiam.DescriptionEases tension, deep-massages muscles, and stimulates circulation.Combines the mind body health benefits of yoga.Stress-relieving balls pinpoint areas where you hold stress.Back care has series of stretches and postures to develop stronger and healthier back.Includes:- Two DVDs with a total of 66 minutes of programming.- Stretches and hip-opening postures to warm up the body.- Active workout guide to build cores back and abdominal muscles.- Guided relaxation to release tension and calm your mind and body.- Yoga ball DVD.- One 6" yoga ball.- two 3" yoga massage balls.DetailsDesigned for: back care, stress relief Level: all levels DVD Length: 90 minutesTeacher: Rodney YeeKeywords: back care, toning, stress relief, ball, massage balls, DVD, Rodney Yee

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Products (125XBRZR24DB) 125 Class XBR LED Beacon - Steady-On/Lightburst

The Edwards Signaling 125 Class XBR XTRA-BRITE LED beacons are UL and cUL Listed dual mode signaling devices, available in two versions, Steady-On/Flashing (125XBRM) and Steady-On/Lightburst (125XBRZ). Both versions feature a corrosion resistant Type 4X enclosure and can be panel or conduit mounted. The base is manufactured from a 33% glass filled nylon, providing high resistance to heat and high chemical resistivity. The lens is made of shatter resistance polycarbonate. Both the Steady-On/Flashing LED and Steady-On/Lightburst LED beacons are available with either a black or gray base, and amber, blue, green, red or white lens.Both the 125XBRM and 125XBRZ beacons are dual mode devices, maximizing application flexibility while reducing inventory costs. The 125XBRM beacons ship from the factory in Steady-On mode, with the built-in option of switching to flashing mode (65 fpm) through an additional wire connection. The 125XBRZ beacon ships in Steady-On mode, and when ultra visibility is critical to the application, can be easily switched to Lightburst mode. The 125 Class XBR LED beacon is supplied with a double threaded - 1/2" internal and 3/4" external - conduit hub which can be mounted into an approved conduit box. It can also be panel-mounted using the mounting gasket provided with the unit. When panel mounting the 125 Class Strobe, the surface and construction details of the panel must be taken into consideration to insure the integrity of the outdoor, NEMA 4X rating is fully maintained.Edwards Signaling 125 Class XBR LED Beacons features and benefits:Available in 24V DC or 120V ACAvailable with gray or black basePanel or conduit mountAvailable in dual mode Steady-on/65 fpm Flashing or Steady-on/Lightburst versionsAvailable with amber, blue, green, red or white lensImmune to shock and vibration-31F to 150F (-35C to 66C) operating temperatureProtective wire guard available .

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Walker EMD
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LED Gel Polish - Fake Bake

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Find manicure and pedicure at Target.com! Available in an array of colors, applies like polish, with twist cap and applicator, but cures in a led light in 45 seconds or in 3 minutes in traditional uv lamps, just like gels. weeks of lasting color and

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Del Ray Salon Therma-Top Table W/Free Gallon Oil

Master Home Equipment Del Ray Salon Portable Therma-Top LX Table 30" MHP's Patented EMR Safe "Therma-Top" Heated Massage Table provides , soothing warmth to your Massage Therapy Sessions.This Table saves you the money you would spend for a separate Warming Pad and eliminates the set up time and frequent cleaning needed with separate Warming Pads!The electronics in our Heated Massage Table are Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Safe. Some research suggests a relationship between EMR and Cancer so if this is a concern of yours, our EMR Safe "Therma-Top" Heated Massage Table is a must!Our Del Ray Salon "Therma-Top" Pro Portable Massage Table is the very popular 30" width and comes with a wonderful 3" Thick Cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam. Package includes : Matching Leg Comfort Bolster, Handy Neck Bolster, Contoured Arm Rest Shelf, Face Form Sculptured Ergonomic Dream Face Cradle with Pillow 4-Pocket Carrying Case Features: Patented Built-In EMR SAFE "Therma-Top" HEATED Massage Table provides adaptable warmth (fully adjustable) over the entire surface of your table The frame and bed plywood are CARB Compliant for your safety (No Formaldehyde or Carcinogens used) Auto-Lock leg system sets up strong in seconds 3" thick cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam (Higher Density than other massage tables) The Sand Colored Upholstery is strong yet soft to the touch, oil & waterproof, emits no toxic odors and has strong denim-like reinforcement backing for extra durability Elevating Back Lift for client comfort Walnut Hardwood Legs with rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal finish NUMBERED leg adjusting holes for accurate and easy height adjustment Non-skid, non-marking foot pads keep the table in place (not hard plastic like other tables) Duo-Plane center hinges assure fantastic strength at the table center Nylon leg buffers keep the wood legs squeak and wobble free Leg-brace stabilizer bar adds strength and aids table opening and closing Unbreakable Clevis block leg attachments guarantee rigidity Dual Soft-Touch leg-lock knobs for easy grip, safety and stability Double luggage-style table closure clasps Table Specification : Weight: 45lbs UL/CE: No Width: 30" Rounded Corners: No Length: 84" Reiki Endplates: No Height: 24 "-34" Shiatsu Cables: No WorkingWeight: 1500lbs Warranty: Limited Lifetime Foam : 3"

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Pro-Med Products
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Airwalker® Therapy Swing

Autism-Products.com proudly introduces the Airwalker Swing!Includes Rotational Device a $140 value!Airwalker offers a totally different bodily experience of suspension and weightlessness akin to womb-like safety and comfort. Your children and children's friends will spend hours bouncing, spinning, hanging, sailing through the air, or just resting inside Airwalker.Suspended from a properly installed ceiling bolt , Airwalker's unique design of heavy, 9-ounce, stretch fabric provides the feeling of being airborn and deeply held at the same time. The cocoon-like design provides a total body pressure that not only feels good, but builds muscular strength, coordination and balance. Being suspended creates a heightened relationship to gravity, which stimulates the vestibular system responsible for balance and coordination.After moving or resting in an Airwalker a child or adult can feel more alert, relaxed, and energized. Because of Airwalker’s versatility, positive body experiences abound that increase self confidence, risk taking, and motivation. And... it’s just plain fun! {standing} Children may be totally enwrapped, laid out flat, sitting, standing, or with another adult or child inside.Airwalker is lightweight, takes up minimal space, and measures 60“ wide x 43“ long. Height will change depending on weight of child. Weight limit - 150lbs**** Colors will vary ****

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LED Gel Polish - What a Surprise

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Find manicure and pedicure at Target.com! Available in an array of colors, applies like polish, with twist cap and applicator, but cures in a led light in 45 seconds or in 3 minutes in traditional uv lamps, just like gels. weeks of lasting color and

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K Pak Color Therapy Shampoo 10.1 oz

A gentle color-protecting shampoo for weak or multi-processed hair. Provides a dense, cushiony lather that rinses away easily, helping to prevent tangles and protect hair fibers.

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Brighton Beauty Supply
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Golight Portable Radio Ray With Magnetic Shoe


Armed with Cr5 pentabeat technology, this spotlight can overcome any enviroment, land or water. This has LED technology and includes a programmable wireless remote, suction cup and permanent mount shoe among other features.

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65H6400 65" 1080p Smart LED TV

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3D TV (includes 2 pairs of Samsung active 3D glasses),Internet-ready Smart TV with quad-core processor for improved web browsing and app multitasking,2-way screen mirroring - send content wirelessly from device-to-TV or TV-to-device with compatible smartphones and tablets

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Cr-le-40l-40k-s Led Light Engine ,4000k,4000l,44w

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LED Light Engine, Color Temp. 4000K, CRI 90, Length 48 In., Width 12 In.4000 Lumens, Voltage 120-277, 44 Watts, Lumens Per Watt 90, Temp. Range 0 to 35 Degrees C, Dimmable / Non-Dimmable Dimmable, Rated Life 50,000 hr., Replaces 3 Lamp T8, Standards

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Products (270SW12240ADB) Incandescent/LED Bulb Module, White with Black,

The Edwards Signaling 200 Class 70mm Stacklight is a versatile signaling device that may contain up to five light modules, or four light modules and one sounder module in a single, integrated stack. The lens modules are available with LED, Incandescent or Xenon strobe light sources, and in red, amber, blue, green, yellow and white. Options for Steady Burn, Flash or Multi-Mode are available. The lenses are made from a self-extinguishing polycarbonate material and are scratch and impact resistant. Optional piezoelectric and magnetodynamic sounder modules complement the visual signals of the Stacklight, offering several audible tones depending on the model chosen.The sound module has been designed so that it is always in the top position of the Stacklight. The 200 Class 70mm Stacklight features an interlocking system for quick assembly without any tools. It is available in industrial gray or basic black and offers multiple voltage ranges to provide solutions for most industrial applications, while also meeting machine builder and OEM requirements.

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Walker EMD
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200mA Waterproof Device GoFree WIFI-1 Wireless Module

Lowrance GoFree WIFI-1 Wireless Module Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, Product # 000-11068-001, Wireless Module, Single SSID Connection To All Networked Displays, 802.11 b g Wireless Connectivity, Low-Profile, Rugged & Waterproof Device, Optimized For Use w/ HDS Gen2 & Gen2 Touch Displays, Draws Only 200mA Of Power

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Heat Therapy Support-Ladies' Ankle

Revolutionary Bamboo Charcoal Technology. Unique supports made with bamboo charcoal fiber emits far-infrared rays and negative oxygen ions that can help improve circulation, ease stiffness, pain & discomfort. Machine washable poly/cotton import provides the perfect amount of compression without restricting movement. Ankle supports sold as pairs. Knee support sold as singles. One size fits most.

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Dream Products
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