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K3DGB Jig K3/K4 Drill Guide

Drill Guide for Kreg Jig (K4) and Kreg Jig Master System (K3MS). Take one on the road, leave the other in your jig. Features hardened steel drill guides which carry a lifetime warranty.The Kreg K3DGB Features: * Time-saving pocket hole guide * Patented drill guide with fixed spacing puts pocket holes exactly where you need them * Hardened steel drill guides support the drill bit * Designed to work with both the K3 benchtop base and the K3 portable base * Limited lifetime warrantySpecifications: * Part Number: K3DGB * Item Package Quantity:1 * Weight:9.12 Ounces * Length:7 inches * Width:4.90 inches * Height:2.10 inches The Kreg K3DGB Features: Hardened steel drill guides support the drill bit

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1 Hr Fireproof Media Vault MV1000

FireKing MV1000 Your sensitive electronic records need special protection from heat, humidity and fire that could damage irreplaceable data. The MediaVault is the stand-alone storage that gives your CDs, tapes, diskettes, microfiche and data cartridges the treatment they need. It's total peace of mind at an affordable price. Features: -Meets UL Class 125 1-hour specification for insulated record protection.-Media Vault Capacity Guide: Mini DVC 60: 50.-Media Vault Capacity Guide: 4mm DAT: 60.-Media Vault Capacity Guide: 8mm DAT: 30.-Media Vault Capacity Guide: Travan: 23.-Media Vault Capacity Guide: CDR/DVDR: 40.-Media Vault Capacity Guide: DLT: 12* (without plastic shelves).-Media Vault Capacity Guide: 3480/3590: 9.-Media Vault Capacity Guide: ZIP Disk 100: 31.-Media Vault Capacity Guide: DV CAM Cassettes: 22.-3.5 Diskettes: 130.-Cream - colored plastic coating.-Product Type: Security safe.-Exterior Finish: Cream.-Interior Finish: Cream.-Distressed: No.-Powder Coated Finish: No.-Material: Plastic -Material Details: ..-Number of Items Included: 1.-Pieces Included: .-Water Resistant: No -Water Resistant Details: ..-Pry Resistant: No.-Drill Resistant: No.-Impact Resistant: No.-Lock Type: Key.-Lock Included: Yes.-Key Required: Yes -Number of Keys Included: 2..-Keypad Lock Included: No -Minimum PIN Length Requirement: .-Maximum PIN Length: .-Number of PINs Stored: .-Lockout Mode: .-Maximum Attempts Before Lockout: .-Display Screen: .-Privacy Display: .-Secondary Access Key for Keypad Failure: ..-Finger Scan Lock Included: No -Number of Fingerprints Stored: .-Scan Time: .-Secondary Access Key for Scanner Failure: ..-Gun Safe: No -Gun Capacity: .-Duo-Plus Handgun (DPH) Storage System: .-Duo-Plus Extra (PDX) Storage System: .-Ammo Storage: .-Barrel Rest: ..-Shelves Included: No -Number of Shelves: .-Adjustable Shelves: .-Removable Shelves: ..-Drawers Included: No -Number of Drawers: .-Locking Drawer: ..-Tray Included: No -Number of Tray Compartments: .-Pull Out Tray: .-Removable Tray: .-Multi-Position Tray: ..-Bolt Down: No -Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes: .-Bolts Included: ..-Batteries Required: No -Number of Batteries Required: .-Battery Type: .-Batteries Included: .-Low Battery Warning: .-Rechargeable Batteries: ..-Interior Light: No.-Humidity Control: Yes.-Drop Box Included: No.-Safe Within the Safe: No.-Mountable: No.-Portable: Yes.-Wheels: No.-Commercial Use: Yes.-Country of Manufacture: Sweden.Specifications: -ETL Certified: No.-UL Listed: Yes.-GSA Approved: Yes.-cUL Listed: Yes.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 10.5.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 11.625.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 17.5.-Interior Height - Top to Bottom: 5.375.-Interior Width - Side to Side: 6.25.-Interior Depth - Front to Back: 8.875.-Shelf: No -Shelf Height - Safe Floor to Shelf: .-Shelf Width - Side to Side: .-Shelf Depth - Front to Back: ..-Tray: No -Tray Width - Side to Side: .-Tray Depth - Front to Back: ..-Drop Box: No -Drop Box Opening Height - Top to Bottom: .-Dro

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CS Unitec Magnetic Drill 5" Reversible Variable Speed MAB1300

CS Unitec Strongest magnetic drill press in its class Variable-speed and 4 gears (40-140 and 120-480 RPM) Multiple speeds match cutter diameter to correct RPM 3-1/3" stroke with special triple arbor bearing guide Powerful high-torque 16 Amp motor with...

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Ohio Power Tool
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Standard V-Drill Guide

The Standard V Drill Guide is like a drill press that fits in your pocket. With drill guides from 1/8" to 3/8" it's the easy way to drill dead center.

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Duluth Trading Co.
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Fein Slugger Magnetic Drill Press - 1 1/2 Inch Diameter Drill Capacity, Model USA 101

The Fein Slugger USA 101 Magnetic Drill Press is a mag base drilling unit for diameters of 7/16in. to 1 1/2in. and has been the staple in the industry for many years. It has plenty of power for your work day in and day out. A special spindle guide...

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Northern Tool
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9447 25-Piece Screw Extractor/Drill and Guide Set - APT-9447

Astro Pneumatic 9447 Screw Extractor/Drill & Guide Set 25pc. Astro Pneumatic 9447 25-Piece Screw Extractor/Drill and Guide Set

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Max Tool
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KJMICRODGB Jig Micro Pocket Drill Guide System

The new Kreg micro pocket drill guide allows wood workers to drill a pocket-hole which is 25-Percent smaller than our standard pocket-holes and is perfect for use with 1/2-Inch material. The smaller pocket-hole and shorter 3/4-Inch pan head screws work to secure thinner materials and still keep the head of the screw below your finished surface,while at the same time easing the drill stroke and creating smaller more low-profile pocket-holes for every day use.The KJMICRODGB Features: * Smaller pocket-hole is less noticeable on exposed joints * Features full compatibility with spacer blocks * Drill guide works in the Kreg Jig or Kreg Jig master system * Removable design is perfect for repairs and job-site joinery * Black color makes it easy to differentiate from the standard drill guideIncludes: * Includes the Micro Pocket Drill Guide * Micro Pocket Drill Bit * Micro Pocket Depth Collar * Starter Screw Set Features: Smaller pocket-hole is

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496939 32 mm 55" (1400mm) Stripe Guided Hole Drilling Guide Rail - FTL-496939

Festool 496939 32 mm 55" (1400mm) Stripe Guided Hole Drilling Guide Rail Festool 496939 32 mm 55" (1400mm) Stripe Guided Hole Drilling Guide Rail

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Max Tool
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494340 LR 32 Guide Plate LR 32 Drilling System OF 1010 EQ or OF 1400 EQ - FTL-4943

Festool 494340 LR 32 Guide Plate LR 32 Drilling System OF 1010 EQ or OF 1400 EQ Festool 494340 LR 32 Guide Plate LR 32 Drilling System OF 1010 EQ or OF 1400 EQ

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Max Tool
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491622 Guide Rail for 32mm Hole Drilling System 95 Inches (2424mm) - FTL-491622

Festool 491622 Guide Rail for 32mm Hole Drilling System 95 Inches (2424mm) Festool 491622 Guide Rail for 32mm Hole Drilling System 95 Inches (2424mm)

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Max Tool
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35MM Carbide Tipped Hinge Cutter Wood Positioning Drill Bit Reamer

Description: 35MM Carbide Tipped Hinge Cutter Wood Positioning Drill Bit Reamer With Guide Specification: Material:Cemented Carbide Diameter:  35mm Weight: 117g Length: 8cm Could be used for most handheld drill/wireless drill/table drill for wood products hole drilling with smooth hole. Features: Blade is made of exceeding quality alloy, perfect sintering technology, sharp and long life expectancy The positioning is made of powder alloy die-casting,  make use of curve design, good for chip removal and drill Special removeable strongback design makes drill easier Package Included: 1 x 35mm Wood Drill Bit

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DW2518 Rapid Load 30-Piece Drilling and Driving Set w/ tough Case

The DW2518 Features: * Rapid Load holder fits all brands of corded/cordless 3/8" or 1/2" drills * Quick and easy accessory changes allows users to finish jobs faster * Hex shank locking system prevents bits from slipping * Rapid Load holder has stainless steel interior parts for long lifeIncludes: * (1) Rapid Load Holder - carded * (1) Compact Magnetic Drive Guide * (1) 1/4" x 1-7/8" Magnetic Nut Driver * (1) 5/16" x 1-7/8" Magnetic Nut Driver * (1) 1/4" Socket Adapter * (1) 3/8" Socket Adapter * (1) 1/16" Hex Shank Drill Bit * (1) 3/32" Hex Shank Drill Bit * (1) 1/8" Hex Shank Drill Bit * (1) 5/32" Hex Shank Drill Bit * (1) 3/16" Hex Shank Drill Bit * (1) #1 Phillips 2" Power Bit * (1) #2 Phillips 2" Power Bit * (1) #8 Slotted 2" Power Bit * (1) #10 Slotted 2" Power Bit * (1) #1 Phillips 1" Insert Bit Tips * (9) #2 Phillips 1" Insert Bit Tips * (1) #2 Square Recess 1" Bit Tips * (1) #1 Square Recess 1" Bit Tips * (1) #2 Square Recess 2

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Warm-Up and Shooting Drills from Around the World

with Terry Layton, Nike Scout and International Consultant for Latin America; 300+ Wins at the High School, Junior College and College level in the U.S., 300+ wins at the International level See how international influences can improve your players' skills. Terry Layton, International Nike Scout for Latin America, offers a set of DVDs that will guide you through the ins and outs of warm-ups, shooting strategies, full-court drills, and explosive training techniques used with international elite athletes. From dynamic warm-up drills using a basketball to half-court shooting drills used by some of the best international shooters, you'll learn how to get more from practice and how to enhance the athleticism of your players. Warm-up Drills Coach Layton adds what he calls "the magic of the ball" to his warm-up routines. He believes it increases the efficiency of practice time: Increasing the amount of time players have the ball in their hands makes practice more fun and adds to the skills they can learn. He describes how to build a progressive warm-up routinewith or without a basketballthat improves basketball skills and communication among players. Coach Layton uses reaction drills to develop a "thinking on their feet" mentality. He demonstrates how to increase the complexity and degree of difficulty of ball-handling drills to add challenge to basic skills development. Coach Layton also covers the rhythm of play and how changing speed makes players harder to guard. An "All in One" drill that improves the likelihood of getting game shots is demonstrated step-by-step with each skill building on the previous one. Coach Layton also shows you how to maximize two baskets to develop lay-up skills, post player shots, perimeter shots, dribble penetration and relocation, and passing skills. Shooting Drills Drawing on his extensive experience at the national and international levels, Coach Layton shares 15 of the best shooting drills gathered from the world's top coaches. Each drill requires the use of only two baskets, which helps maximize gym space and time while giving the entire team an efficient workout. To better prepare players for any shooting situation, each drill is broken into phases that simulate game situations. Coach Layton provides conditioning, interval training, and combination drills that all coaches must have to improve their players' shooting ability. Learn how to use the half-court to build a consistent shooter. Each drill shows how to prepare for the shot, how to shoot over a defender and off the dribble, how to use fakes to get open and post series shots to develop a strong post presence. His combination drills will help turn athletes into well-conditioned, consistent basketball players. Coach Layton also shares four competitive shooting games that are fun and engaging and, at the same time, push shooters out of their comfort zones. He demonstrates dice free throws where post players practice blocking-out techniques and free throw shooters

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Championship Productions
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DB210-HDBB HD Drill Bit & Bushing

Micro-Pocket� Accessories are perfect for when you want the smallest pocket hole possible. To get started drilling 25% smaller pocket holes with the Foreman, you need this Micro Bit and Guide Bushing. Kreg HD Drill Bit & Bushing

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RVC1150T Backup Camera

Backup Camera can be configured as rearward or downward facing,distance guide lines can be displayed in rearward facing mode,23.5 mm hole saw drill bit included

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