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865 PVC Cutter

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Ratcheting PVC Cutter, Length 18 In, Blade Type Tool Steel, Cutting Capacity/Material Up To 2 In PVC Pipe, Handle Material Metal

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Pvc Pipe Pliers -29%

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Pvc Pipe Gripping Pliers For 1" - 2-3/8"

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Twin Double 15mm PVC Chrome Radiator Pipe Cover Collar Ro ...

These collars can be installed in seconds without need to drain down or disconnect. You can do it. Suitable for standard 15mm pipe. Collars will cover and hide a hole up to 110x65mm. Pipe holes are fully rotatable, which means that cover will fit all double pipe installations with the gap between 5 and 55mm. Very easy to split-clip on. Specifications: - Material: PVC plastic - Colour: Chrome - Length: 112mm - Width: 66mm - Holes diameter: 15mm

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MP19VG 19" PVC Mounting Post - Verde Green

The RAB Lighting 19" PVC Mounting Post - Verde Green (MP19VG) is designed for lighter weight ground mounted landscape lighting. Post is 2" pipe (2 3/8" O.D.) for cleaner look. In-ground stabilizing grid included.

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Westside Wholesale
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VT4PVCS Birdscreen for 4" PVC Pipe Termination VT4PVCS -20%

When venting a Noritz tankless water heater to the outdoors with 4" PVC piping, a birdscreen for 4" PVC piping must be used. This birdscreen will keep birds and other small animals from entering the vent system which could cause vent clogs, and operation issues.

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Wheeler-Rex Pipe Hog PVC/ABS Fitting Reamer Kit 16010

Wheeler-Rex Pipe Hog PVC/ABS Fitting Reamer Kit Quickly and accurately bores out solvent welded fittings to make repairs Fits 1/2" drill chuck Saves time and material Pays for itself in one use Includes 1-1/2" Pipe Hog for Schedule 40, 2" Pipe Hog for Schedule 40, 3" Pipe Hog for Schedule 40, 4" Pipe Hog for Schedule 40, 12" Extension Shaft, Carrying Case

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Ohio Power Tool
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PVC Male Adapter 1.5"

A PVC male adapter allows you to connect a PVC pipe onto a threaded end of another object. The male adapter has a slick end opening that you would insert your PVC pipe into after applying your pipe glue for a secure fit, while the other end of the adapter has a threaded end that you can connect to a pipe or object with a female threaded end.

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National Pool Wholesalers
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1" X 50' PVC FlexPipe

Pipe 1" X 50' PVC FlexPipe

Backyard Pool Superstore
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MR56-64 Flexible PVC Coupling for 6" Fan

ALSO AVAILABLE IN WHITE Flexible PVC Coupling for 6"Fan Mounting. Used to connect HP220 6" inline fan with 4" PVC pipe. Rubber components assist with sound and vibration reduction. Commonly used for radon fan mounting.

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K-7214-BN Brushed Nickel Clearflo Clearflo Cable Tub Drain Less PVC Tubing K-7214

Clearflow cable bath drain, less PVC tubing For 14" to 21" baths deep from the center of the bath overflow outlet to the center of the bath drain outlet. You can depend on solid brass construction for durability and reliability, and KOHLER finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding industry durability standards over two times. 27" cable Metal construction control handle and stopper Ball joint construction for easy installation and proper fit up Corresponding PVC pipe kit no longer available - must provide own 1-1/2" tubing

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FaucetDirect. com
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46320 Aluminum Body, Poly/PVC Pipe Cutter

Aluminum-bodied PVC/Ply pipe cutter cuts through pipe quickly and cleanly with a hardened steel blade. Will cut up to 1.5" poly pipes, and up to 1.25" class PVC pipes. Replacement blades available. Sold As: Each. Type: Straight Blade. Material: Aluminum, Steel. Size: 1.25 inch. (King Innovation 46320)

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Irwin® 11" Quick Adjusting Pipe Wrench

Irwin 11" Quick Adjusting Pipe Wrench Features: The Quick Adjusting Pipe Wrench is built with convenience and durability in mindOne-handed operation enhances user's speed and convenienceRatchets quickly to work surfaceSmooth release upon job completionBroached teeth are ideal for most surfaces including black, galvanized, PVC and copper pipe, as well as nuts, bolts and couplings43% less weight than standard 14" cast iron pipe wrenchesErgonomic handle ideal for heavy torque and maximum comfortRiveted to heat treated steel body 0.16 L. 0.65 W. 0.40 H.

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Global Industrial
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8336, Corrosion-Resistant, PVC Plastic, Combination Shower and Eye/Face Wash with AXION MSR Eye/Face Wash and Showerhead and Green Epoxy Coating, Emergency Equipment

Model 8336 Description The Haws 8336 combination shower and eyewash features the medically acclaimed AXION MSR eye/face wash head assembly (patent pending). This revolutionary inverted flow design is the only product on the market that provides a Medically Superior Response consistent with all EMT, emergency room and doctors office protocols by sweeping contaminants away from the vulnerable nasal cavity. Traditional eyewashes irrigate from the outside edge of the eye back toward the nose, where contaminants can then be flushed into the nasal cavity through the lacrimal punctum, nature s ocular cavity drain. AXION MSR also offers a new hydrodynamic shower design that minimizes the strong physical pressure that drives the water to the outer rim of normal showerheads, making the distribution equal across the entire footprint of the flow. Better use of the water flowing through the shower makes it more effective while providing a more comfortable environment by breaking the streams of water into smaller individual droplets.Emergency combination unit is equipped with Type 316 Stainless Steel ball valves and constructed of green epoxy finished, Schedule 80 PVC pipe and fittings which are resistant to corrosionA great addition to unsafe environments where the eyes and body may be exposed to corrosive materialsRequires minimal maintenance and is equipped with test card to record weekly testingReducing installation time, entire unit is pre-built and fully water/pressure testedCertified by CSA to meet the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment Buy America Act Information The vast majority of Haws products qualify under the terms of the act. However, since different purchases often require subtly different responses, Haws recommends that the specific document requesting certification be sent to customer service for a specific answer.Industry Standards CompliantHaws 8336 Spec Sheet

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1" Flexible PVC Pipe, Sold Per Linear Foot...

1" Flexible PVC Pipe, Sold Per Linear Foot. For use with standard PVC fititngs.

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DA34826 Brushed Nickel Acero Rotary Drain PVC Drain Kit -35%

Jacuzzi DA34826 Brushed Nickel Acero Rotary Drain PVC Drain Kit. Tub & Shower Accessories > Tub Drains. Jacuzzi Rotary Drain PVC Drain Kit, Acero Collection, PVC Drain Kit , 26 Inch Cable, Does not include waste and overflow pipes, For a smooth line,

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52010 RoCut PVC Cutter 50TC 2" Capacity, PVC Tools

ROCUT Professional - For precise cutting of PVC, PP, PE, PEX, PB, and PVDF pipes. Rugged precision shears for effortless cutting of plastic pipes up to 2" OD (1-1/2" Sch. 40 PVC). •  Stainless steel blade with V-edge: Pin-point precision without deformation •  Wide pipe support: Precise, right-angled cut •  Ideally meshed cutting curve: Minimum effort during cutting •  Lockable lever: Shear arms lockable in transport position •  Releasing lever: Automatic, controlled opening of the blade at the push of a button •  Rubber handle: Secure grip •  Double-sided blade and ratchet support: Precise force transfer and precise guided cutter feed

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60" Hockey Net With PVC Piping

The USA Hockey 60 Hockey Net With PVC Piping is made for the young player to practice on the pond or on the street, but can also be utilized by the veteran player who just wants to hone some skills. The best part is that it is quick and easy to assemble and does not require any tools.The net includes an extruded PVC tubing frame with a 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) diameter. The net dimensions are 60 x 48 x 24 (1.5 m x 1.22 m x 0.61 m).The USA Hockey Net also includes a 600D polyester net sleeve and 360D Polyester mesh netting.

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Total Hockey
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T&S B-0131-BR Wall Mount Pre Rinse Faucet with 8" Adjustable Centers, B-0107 Spray Valve, 6" Wall Bracket, PVC Hose Assembly, and Overhead L-Pipe

Rinse crumbs and excess sauce from your dishes with the T&S B-0131-BR wall mount pre rinse faucet! This pre rinse faucet features 8" adjustable centers with 1/2" NPT connections for fast installation, and its B-0107 spray valve provides excellent water flow. The 6" wall bracket ensures your faucet is secure against the wall at all times, and the overhead L-pipe makes it easy to reposition your hose and valve. B-0131-BR From T & S Brass and Bronze Works

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The WEBstaurant Store
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Half Pipe Rampage Towable Tube

Sportsstuff Half Pipe Rampage Towable Tube. Wild water adventures for 1 or 2 riders! Angled sides give the Rampage super stability even when hauling over the wildest wakes! Plenty of handles for a variety of riding positions and 2 EVA foam body pads to absorb the shock of any harsh landings!Adrenaline rush for 2: Double-webbing foam handles with knuckle padsDouble-stitched full nylon cover with zipper and P.U. fabric coating Heavy-gauge PVC bladder Speed safety valve for quick inflation and deflation Reinforced tow system Self bailing drain vent Half-pipe rampage. Order ONLINE now before the warm weather passes you by!

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The Sportsman Guide
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3/4 inch I.D. Flexible PVC Pipe 10 Feet Roll

Flexible PVC can simplify your plumbing as it allows you to bend and curve around pumps, filters and other obstructions. It retains its large inside diameter and helps to avoid the need of elbows so that water flow is not impeded. This will increase efficiency and reduce the amount the fittings required to help you get the most out of your pump. It is also resistant to both UV and ozone. Flexible PVC can be glued into standard PVC fittings.

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