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The LP To MP3 Turntable.

This is the turntable with a pair of integrated speakers that converts a classic vinyl record's songs into MP3s. The turntable plugs into a computer using the included USB cable, and its included software works on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, or a Mac, automatically separating 33 1/3-, 45-, and 78-rpm record tracks into individual MP3s. At any time during recording you can pause to select only certain songs, turn the album over, and change albums to make compilation recordings. The turntable’s platter uses a proprietary suspension system to eliminate feedback while listening to records through the two built-in 1-watt full-range speakers. Enabling MP3 conversion from a variety of external media types, its 1/8" auxiliary input can connect to a cassette player or even a classic 8-track player. Its RCA outputs can connect to a home stereo system and its headphones output enables private listening during conversions. Its faux wood construction has a natural finish; includes a transparent dust cover and felt slip mat. Needle plays LPs for at least 100 hours before requiring replacement. Plugs into AC. 4 1/2" H x 16 1/2" W x 14 1/2" D. (10 1/4 lbs.)

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Hammacher Schlemmer
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Innovative Technology USB Turntable - Records from Vinyl To MP3 - -

Record albums to PC through USB 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM 3 speeds turntable RCA line-out for audio amplifier Dimensions: 17.25” x 16.50” x 6.50” Imported

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Stage Stores
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AM10-BK integrated amplifier

Money-back Guarantee!

35 watts x 2,5 RCA audio inputs, including a phono input for connecting a turntable,front-panel minijack input for connecting a portable music player

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J33 (Active RIAATurntable Pre/DI)

Essential Audio Tools - The Radial J33 is a high quality combination turntable (phono) preamp and direct box that offers a choice of balanced mic-level and -10dB consumer line-level outputs. This allows a 33-RPM record player to be connected directly to a professional mixing console or mic preamplifier. This makes the Radial J33 ideal for use in studio for re-recording, sampling and archiving, while offering DJs an improved interface for recording scratch and remix performances over typical DJ mixers or other stand-alone turntable preamps. For maximum flexibility, the Radial J33 is equipped with a rumble filter to eliminate low-frequency resonance and may be powered with remote 48Volt phantom or local external DC supply. The J33 is the tool that will make working with vinyl in the studio easier, and sound better!Radial J33 Turntable DI Features:Stereo RCA inputsStereo RCA, 1/4" TRS, and 3.5mm outputsBalanced mic level XLR outputsLow frequency rumble filterChoice of 48V phantom or DC supplyRadial J33 Turntable DI - Integrate vinyl into your studio setup! Direct Boxes

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DJ PRE II (Phono Preamp with RIAA EQ)

Preamps - ARTcessories are a full line of clever, affordable processing tools for live sound, stage, and studio. The ARTcessories line is designed to deliver solutions for a number of audio needs - like having phantom power, having one or two more mixing channels, testing cables, headphone processing, preamplification for microphones and turntables, and many more real-world applications. With their affordable prices and simple design, the new line of ARTcessories will satisfy the needs of working musicians and sound engineers everywhere.The ART DJPRE II solves the three basic problems common to vinyl records:1. It is physically impossible to press them with ridges that end up allowing low frequencies to come out at the same reproduction level as mid and high frequencies. Bass compensation is therefore needed during playback.2. Records produce a certain amount of hiss, which is covered up in post-production by boosting the gain of the high frequencies before pressing. Counter-EQing during playback compensates for this.3. Magnetic cartridges produce a weak signal, which must be boosted to match the rest of the amplification, and this too is done during playback.In the mid-1950s, the Recording Industry Association of America established compensation standards. The resulting RIAA preamp has been built into every hi-fi and stereo amplifier with phono or turntable inputs since then. A separate RIAA preamp is necessary when you are connecting a turntable to a mixer that does not have one built in.The DJPRE II features an RIAA-type phono preamp circuit housed in a rugged metal case with full patching facilities for connecting it to a phono turntable and mixer.ART DJPRE II Phono Preamp Features:Dual RCA-type inputsDual RCA-type outputsGround terminalPower: 12V DC (Adapter included)Dimensions: 3.75 x 2.875 x 1.75 inches (95mm x 73mm x 45mm)Weight: 1 lb. Instrument Preamps

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