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Restorative Wood Polish 2-pack

Regency Gold Restorative Wood Polish 2-packKeep your furniture looking like new. Help polish, protect and clean finished woods with one amazing formula. This versatile cleaner enhances the look of a variety of materials, from wood and wrought iron to tile and fiberglass. Rejuvenate the appearance of your furniture with a fantastically glossy shine!What You Get (2) 16.9 fl. oz. Regency Gold Restorative Wood Polish

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Scrubs Metal Polish Wipes Gold

Metal Cleaner - Color: Gold - Application/Usage: Metal Surface - Country of Origin: United States - Recycled Content: 0% - Cleaner Type: Wipe - Cleaner Size: 8" Width x 11" Length

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Pledge Furniture Polish White

Furniture Polish - Color: White - Country of Origin: United States - Cleaner Type: Liquid Solution - Cleaner Quantity: 13.8 fl oz (0.4 quart) - Composition: Protein

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Reckitt Benckiser Old English Furniture Polish Brown

Wood Cleaner - Color: Brown - Application/Usage: Wood - Recycled Content: 0% - Cleaner Type: Aerosol - Cleaner Quantity: 12.5 fl oz (0.4 quart) - Scent: Lemon

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Genuine Joe Furniture Polish

Furniture Polish - Country of Origin: United States - Recycled Content: 0% - Cleaner Type: Spray - Cleaner Quantity: 17 fl oz (0.5 quart) - Scent: Lemon

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new Boardwalk Furniture Polish

Furniture Polish - Cleaner Type: Wipe - Scent: Lemon - Cleaner Size: 7" Width x 10" Length

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200 Liquid Metal Polish, Size 8 oz., Bottle

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Polish, Form Liquid, Size 8 oz., Container Type Bottle, For Use On Aluminum, Brass, Chrome, Copper, Gold, Pewter, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Contains Metal Protecting Agent, Flash Point Greater Than 148 Degrees F, Fragrance Ammoniacal

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Wood for Good Polish - Almond 12 fl oz Liquid -24%

Wood for Good Polish from Method conditions and revitalizes your wood surfaces in a soft almond scent. This non-toxic, plant-based formula even delivers a protective shine. Use it on finished wood surfaces, wood furniture and cabinets. Surface safe,

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Swanson Health Products
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Simichrome Polish - 1.76 Oz. Simichrome

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Not only for cleaning up brass but is the most fantastic stuff you have ever seen on chrome, gold, silver, aluminum, glass and plastic. The people who import it from Germany put it this way: ''''Absolutely guaranteed to be the best polish in the world or your money back''''!! One of the big problems in the gun shop is polishing Plexiglas, and other plastic spacers and inserts. Simichrome will do it ''''Quick as a Wink''''. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 1.76 oz. (50g) tube, a 8.82 oz. (250g) can.

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8.5 oz. Silversmiths' Spray Polish

Professionally clean, shine and protect your cherished sterling and silverplate with our Silversmiths' Polish and Silversmiths' Spray Polish from Hagerty . The Silversmiths' Spray Polish is particularly effective for removing tarnish in crevices and

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The Container Store
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White Super Polish Pad 4100, 19 In, 5/Case

3M White Super Polish Pad 4100, 19 in, 5/case For buffing very soft finishes or for polishing soft waxes on wood floors. Removes scuffs and black heel marks and enhances floor appearance. 19.70 L. 19.40 W. 5.80 H.

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Global Industrial
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Wood for Good Wood Surface Cleaner 12 oz

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Find household cleaners at Target.com! Revitalize, condition and protect your wooden furniture and cabinets with wood for good surface cleaner from method. Unlike other house cleaning products, wood for good is a wood polish made of natural, plant-

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Wood Cleaner and Polish, 16 oz

Orange Glo conditions, cleans and polishes with the natural oils of orange peels. It leaves no oily or waxy residue on surfaces after use and contains no alcohol, wax or water. Removes grease, wax and accumulated dirt and revitalizes wood. Best of all it covers minor scratches and gives wood a brilliant luster that fills the air with the scent of fresh oranges.

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Dollar General
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Express Wipes Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner

Quest Chemical 653011QC - Express Wipes Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner Features and Specifications<-B> Formulated to quickly clean and polish all stainless steel surfaces Contains a unique citrus-based formula that reduces oxidation and corrosion Citrus fragrance Removes hard water stains and deposits, grease smudges, food residue and fingerprint smudges from virtually any stainless steel surface While cleaning, it also brightens, polishes and protects the surface with a clear coating that acts as a protective shield Also for use on wood, formica, ceramic and porcelain Abrasive surface cleans without harming finishes Flip towel over for softer polishing surface Areas of use include schools, hotels-motels, office buildings, detail shops, day care centers, department stores and more Brightens and polishes many different surfaces; no messy liquids to clean up No cloths to launder <-LI><-UL>

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Gloss Polish 1QT

Mannington Award Series Polish restores the floor finish with a long-lasting shine Stands up to heavy traffic and heel marks to prolong the life of your sheet vinyl and vinyl tile floor Can be used for all vinyl floors Quick and easy to apply. One quart covers 500 square foot area

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Natural Shine Polish

Polish Smooth Maximize Shine Immediately leaves your hair brilliantly shiny and healthy looking from root to tip. Our shine polish goes beyond the surface of hair with this extraordinary leave-in treatment that helps repair damage and restores moisture. Shine enhancing Camellia and Daikon seed oils polish hair strands on the outside while Broccoli seed oil and Jojoba Protein fill in damaged areas inside for hair that is nourished and rejuvenated. Treats dryness and damage from your roots all the way down to the tip and eliminates frizz and fly away hair without leaving residue. This lightweight formula is alcohol and silicone free made from vitamin and protein rich plant oils and essentials. Provides long lasting moisturize for healthy looking, radiant shine and silky soft hair.

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Just Natural
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Unscented Beeswax Polish

Add the protection your wood deserves with the Eco-friendly nature of our Unscented Beeswax Polish. Unrefined beeswax and natural emollients and botanical go into our Daddy Van's Beeswax Furniture Polish. Not only does this product polish your furniture but it cleans and protects your cabinets, counter tops, butcher block, and even your finest wood furniture. The paste style wax nourishes the wood as it cleans. Chemical and solvent free, no petroleum by products and Earth friendly. Unscented. USA.

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Sturbridge Yankee Workshop
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Bor8 Rods 1/4" x 1/2" (500 pack) Borate Wood Treatment

The Bor8 Rods 1/4" x 1/2" (500 pack) is a great tool in stopping and eliminating fungal organisms on wood surfaces. It's a water soluble wood preservative that gives continuous treatment on targeted areas. It effectively controls and eliminate decay fungi that can permanently damage logs, lumbers, millwork, poles, piles, laminated beams and other wood products and surfaces. The Bor8 Rods immediately kills and stop any advanced rot once in contact and prevents it from coming back. The product comes with 500 pieces of Bor8 Rods, with a size of 1/4 x 1/2 inches and is intended for a wood with trim and molding less than 1" thick. Product is available in 6 sizes to accommodate a wide variety of wood: Bor8 Rods - 1/4" X 1/2" Bor8 Rods - 1/3" X 1" Bor8 Rods - 1/3" X 2-5/8" Bor8 Rods - 1/2" X 2" Bor8 Rods - 1/2" X 4" Bor8 Rods - 3/4" X 3" Note: Product comes in 500 pack. Please disregard photo.

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Do My Own Pest Control
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1 Case Of 12 Aerosol Furniture Polish CHU5136

Lemon-scented furniture polish provides instant protection Wax-free shine

All Time Medical
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CB723725 Pledge 9.7 oz Lemon Scented Furniture Polish

To bring back that fresh, clean look to your furniture, use the Diversey Pledge 9.7 oz Lemon Scented Furniture Polish. This polish successfully cleans and protects wood furniture, cabinets, paneling, vinyl, and leather. Special anti-dust formula does not leave behind any polish or waxy buildup. In just one step, this furniture polish shines, dusts, and polishes your furniture, making it sparkly clean and smelling pleasantly of lemons. Scent. : Lemon. Volume. : 9.7 oz. (Diversey CB723725)

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