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Sea-Doo RS3 Sea Scooter - Underwater Scooter - SD15003

THE SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER RS SERIES There is nothing ordinary about the way it looks?. Or the way that glides in that matter?. You submerge and it reacts and adapts?. You toggle into gear, it comes to life?. With its environmentally friendly LI-ION power source and unique, instant neutral buoyancy system, the SEA-DOO Seascooter RS Series offers a bold new way to experience the big blue. LI-ION POWERED The Seascooter RS introduces the first LI-ION battery system in a lightweight recreational DPV. It is also removable for external charging and simple battery replacement. An ECO friendly alternative to other battery types, the Lithium-Ion battery provides double the lifespan of conventional batteries and significantly reduces charging time. It is compact and light weight making the Seascooter RS Series the first serious lightweight-recreational Seascooter. AUTOMATIC BUOYANCY CONTROL The Seascooter RS contains a self-filling ballast hull to achieve neutral buoyancy almost instantly. Strategically placed drain holes allow water to freely enter and exit the ballast space making the Seascooter RS automatically assume neutral buoyancy when submerged, and expel water as soon as it hits the surface. HANDLEBAR The handlebar of the Seascooter RS is the user?s main navigation tool and is made of the best impact resistant material. It features smart ergonomically positioned triggers for a natural thumb position during trigger operation, accessory D-ring attachment points and a dashboard-style LED battery status indicator for an accurate voltage display during use. - Underwater Scooter - SD15003

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SD15002 RS2 Sea Doo Seascooter
Boatersland Marine
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SD15001 RS1 Sea Doo Seascooter
Boatersland Marine
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SeaDoo Replacement Battery For GTI - VS Supercharged - Pro - Classic Scooter & Aqua master - Seascooter

Once you have gotten hooked on the ease and fun of using an underwater scooter, you're going to want to use them a lot. Don't let your enjoyment be cut short because you ran out of juice. This See Doo Replacement battery or better yet, this spare back-up will double your diving time whenever you use your GTI V&S Scooter. Each battery gives you up to 90 minutes of run time. 12V 12Ah battery.

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Sea Doo Feather Banner Flag (Complete Kit)

Draw attention with minimal effort with a 15' tall giant flag! These flags flutter and flap with a slight breeze. Their unique design allows these flags to"fly" even when there is no wind. The kit includes all the hardware needed to mount the flag. - Most orders ship in 3 to 4 business days. " - R1

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Sears Marketplace
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Sea Doo Replacement Battery for Dolphin Scooter - Aqua ranger - classic - pro - Seascooter

The SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER DOLPHIN is great for snorkeling, swimming or playing in the pool. This smaller, lighter model for adult-supervised youngsters ages 8 to 10 can sure get a lot of use when in the backyard pool, out at the lake or confined beach. Having several charged batteries will make sure everyone gets a chance to try and enjoy the pleasures of scooting around in the water. Don't disappoint them when their having fun with spare batteries. Battery is a 12V/7.5Ah battery; charge time for fully discharged battery is 14 to 16 hours.

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Sea-Doo Seascooter GTI - Seascooter

The SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER GTI enables you to dive effortlessly, therefore saving air, which means you can stay down longer and experience more of the marine world. Ingeniously designed, the GTI is highly portable making it easy to carry to dive sites and is ideal for shore dives - instead of swimming out to the drop off point, just power out and make it there with ease. With high performance, the GTI is rated to 100ft / 30m and delivers a speed up to 2.5 mph / 4km/h. The sleek design gives 7kg thrust in a compact body weight of just 18lbs/8kgs With the GTI, each diving experience is worth remembering. The SEA-DOO seascooter GTI is the choice in dive propulsion vehicles. Rated to 100ft / 30m & speed of up to 2.5 mph / 4 km/h A big performer in a tiny package - the single speed SEA DOO SEA SCOOTER GTI delivers thrust for a speed of up to 2.5 mph / 4km/h. The GTI is light enought to carry in one hand making beach dives a reality and snorkeling a dream, and with waterproof circuity, maintenance is a cinch! Waterproof circuity with protection against accidental flooding Adjustable buoyancy Model#: GTI - ZS05 / SD5540 Contents: 1 x SEA-DOO Seascooter GTI 1 x charger 1 x custom carry bag 1 x user manual 1 x maintenance kit (including pump and silicone gel) This item is only covered by Sea Doo's Warranty, and it is not refundable or liable by Seavenger.com. Specifications UNIT DIMENSIONS: 612 x 385 x 312 mm UNIT WEIGHT: 18 lbs / 8.4 kg (With Rechargeable Battery) BATTERY TYPE: 1 x Rechargeable Battery BATTERY LIFE: Approximately 2 Hours in Normal Use DEPTH RATING: 30 m/ 100 ft SPEED: up to 2.5 mph/ 4 km/h

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Sea-Doo Seascooter Dolphin Water Scooter - Seascooter

Pool or lake propulsion vehicle for children or adults ages 8 and up Propels user at speeds of up to 2 miles per hour; maximum depth rating of 15.5 feet Built for safety, with floating chassis, auto shutoff function, and protective grilles Rechargeable battery runs for 1.5 hours per charge; waterproof circuitry Lightweight 12-pound body is easy to carry; 180-day warranty Providing hours of fun in the pool or the lake, the Sea-Doo Seascooter Dolphin packs enough thrust to propel swimmers at up to 2 miles per hour, making it a must for water enthusiasts everywhere. The Dolphin is equipped with all the necessary safety features, including a floating chassis, an auto shutoff function that cuts the power when you release the dual triggers, and protective grilles on the rear. Users will also appreciate the Dolphin's lightweight design, which weighs a mere 12 pounds and is easy to carry in one hand. And should you want to dive down a few feet while skin-diving, the Dolphin can handle that, too, with a maximum depth rating of 15.5 feet. Other details include waterproof circuitry that protects against accidental flooding and a run time of up 1.5 hours per charge with normal use. The scooter, which is designed for children or adults 8 years and older, is backed by a 180-day warranty. Specifications: Speed up to 2 mph (3.2 km/h) Depth rated 15.5 ft (5 m) Run up to 90 minutes For ages 8 and up and adults Various safety features including positive buoyancy, safety grille, safety lock For pool and lake use only This item is only covered by Sea Doo's Warranty, and it is not refundable or liable by Seavenger.com.

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American Made Rayne Rustic Sea side Beveled Wall Mirror


This heavily distressed wall mirror will enhance any rooms decor. This beautiful beveled wall mirror features a rustic white washed dark wood finish and dark rivet trim.

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Overstock Main
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TRSB-6651 Sea Blue 13" Round Acrylic Charger Plate

Add a stylish accent to any upscale table setting with these Tabletop Classics TRSB-6651 sea blue 13" round charger plates. These acrylic plates feature a glossy, mirror finish which makes them perfect for presenting bowls or even other plates during your most formal dining situations. TRSB-6651 From Tabletop Classics

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The WEBstaurant Store
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The Secret of the Sea Creature (You Choose Stories: Scooby Doo)

A sea creature is on the loose at Wild-World Beach! Will the gang stick together or split up? Should Shaggy and Scooby tackle their fears or their hunger first? Does Scooby-Doo deserve a Scooby Snack? In this interactive story, YOU CHOOSE the path the gang should take. With your help, they'll solve this maritime mystery.

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Tie Hat Doo Rag with FR Treatment - Occunomix TN5-FR - - Occunomix TN5-FR

Occunomix Tie Hat Doo Rag with FR Treatment is lightweight, easy to activate, and durable. The Tie Hat is made of 100% absorbent cotton fabric for improving user safety.

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Tuff Supplies
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Doo-Wop Pendant Light

Design by Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S in cooperation with the Navy Buildings Department.By Louis Poulsen. Originally introduced in the 1950s, the Doo-Wop Pendant Light was designed in close cooperation between the Navy Buildings Department and Louis

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Scooby-Doo Scuba Beach Towel -7%

Low Price Guarantee!

His imagination with delve into the deepest depths of the ocean looking for buried treasure with his favorite cartoon character, Scooby-Doo! 30" width x 60" length. All-over print. Printed Velour. 100% Cotton fiber reactive. Imported.

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SD-26 Eyeglasses

Scooby Doo SD-26 by Scooby Doo is a Light Metal frame suitable for wide range of lenses. This high quality frame is sold at discounted price at Goggles4u with price match guranteed.

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SD-57 Eyeglasses

Scooby Doo SD-57 by Scooby Doo is a Metal/Polyflex frame suitable for wide range of lenses. This high quality frame is sold at discounted price at Goggles4u with price match guranteed.

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Sea Grass Crusher

Michael Stars Sea Grass Crusher Hat Crusher hat Faux suede band Shell button detail Floppy brim Imported 22 1/2" inner circumference

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GShock Mirror Metallic Watch- Silver

GShock Mirror Metallic Watch- Silver

City Gear
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Shav-a-Doo II Ice Shaver, Case Only -35%

Shav-a-Doo II Ice Shaver, case only ( Gold Medal - 1907 )

KaTom Restaurant Supply
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Sea Nourishment 32 fl oz

INDICATIONS: Olympian Labs sea nourishment liquid vitamin supplement Nature's Liquid Vitamin Supplement Contains Coral Calcium Organic Silver & Trace Minerals Olympian Labs has done it again! We've formulated one of the most comprehensive sea supplements available. Sea Nourishment contains a complete array of sea vegetables, enhanced with organic silver and coral calcium to give you a full spectrum of trace minerals valuable to your nutritional well being. Sea Nourishment will also tantalize your taste buds with its' natural Cran-Raspberry flavor. Olympian Labs has stepped into the spotlight as the leader in research and development for the natural health food industry. When you buy Olympian Labs products, you are getting the latest technology in product bioavailability and assimilation. Since 1992, the Research and Development team at Olympian Labs have created hundreds of original nutraceutical formulations contributing to the phenomenal growth of the healthy food industry. INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Fructose, Caramel Color, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate. DIRECTIONS: Shake well. As a dietary supplement, take 1 Fl Oz (2 Tbsp) daily. Refrigerate after opening. Expires 45 days after opening. WARNINGS: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

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