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Our golden Incredible Creatures® Goldfish is the perfect addition to your home aquarium! The wild animals in our Incredible Creatures® collection are the largest figures of any set, making them perfect for children's small hands. For added value to both toy lovers and collectors, most of the replicas in this collection are made to scale, and some are even life sized. Like all Safari Ltd® figures, these toys are professionally sculpted and hand painted for stunning, accurate detail. The scale of this Goldfish is 1:1.

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The Ultimate Safari Ltd. Dinosaur Collection, 1 Big Tyrannosaurus and 4 Different Mini Dinosaurs (Total of 5)

This carefully sculpted ultimate set of Good Luck Minis® share all the rich detail and realism of the regular sized collections. The whimsical, soft to the touch treasures are a delight to play with. Measuring approximately one tiny inch, these non-toxic, intricately hand-painted Triceratops & Dimetrodons are suitable for ages 5+. this set makes the greatest gift ever

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Thunder Dragonwith Drake Set

Join Drake and his Thunder Dragon on electrifying adventures as they soar through the dark clouds of stormy nights. Safari Ltd® Dragons include the most colorful, creative, and varied dragon toys available. Some of our most intricate professional sculpting and eye-catching hand painted designs can be found in this collection. They are perfect for inspiring a young imagination or adding to an impressive collection. Safari Ltd® has been creating quality, value-priced replicas for three generations, and these dragons continue that tradition.

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