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The Ultimate Safari Ltd. Dinosaur Collection, 1 Big Tyrannosaurus and 4 Different Mini Dinosaurs (Total of 5)

This carefully sculpted ultimate set of Good Luck Minis® share all the rich detail and realism of the regular sized collections. The whimsical, soft to the touch treasures are a delight to play with. Measuring approximately one tiny inch, these non-toxic, intricately hand-painted Triceratops & Dimetrodons are suitable for ages 5+. this set makes the greatest gift ever

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Thunder Dragonwith Drake Set

Join Drake and his Thunder Dragon on electrifying adventures as they soar through the dark clouds of stormy nights. Safari Ltd® Dragons include the most colorful, creative, and varied dragon toys available. Some of our most intricate professional sculpting and eye-catching hand painted designs can be found in this collection. They are perfect for inspiring a young imagination or adding to an impressive collection. Safari Ltd® has been creating quality, value-priced replicas for three generations, and these dragons continue that tradition.

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