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AT120E/T Phonograph Cartridge

The Audio-Technica AT120E/T Phonograph Cartridge features a Vector-Aligned Dual Magnet design and Audio-Technica's exclusive Paratoroidal signal generator.

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C556 turntable with cartridge

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low-vibration belt-drive design ,handmade aluminum alloy tonearm for superior rigidity and low resonance,pre-mounted Ortofon OM-5E moving magnet cartridge

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Concorde S120 DJ Turntable Cartridge

The Ortofon-Serato S-120 represents a completely different way of designing cartridges. An innovative technology, called asymmetric suspension, takes the cartridge performance to the next level. Its superior tracking ensures the S-120 stays in the groove even under extreme live performance conditions.

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Mmf-11.1 Record Turntable

The music hall mmf-11.1 turntable, our latest flagship, is a 2-speed belt driven audiophile turntable featuring the unique quadruple-plinth construction originated by music hall. The distinctive design isolates the critical sound reproducing components each on their own plinth. The tonearm is mounted to the upper plinth and the inverted ceramic main bearing is mounted to the second plinth allowing the partially sunken 1 1/2" acrylic platter to spin freely. Moving the main bearing to the second plinth improved cartridge tracking and significantly lowered background noise. The adjustable magnetic-levitation isolation feet, microprocessor speed control, motors, flywheel, and wiring are all mounted to the bottom plinth. The motors, flywheel, and speed control are further isolated on their own vibration damped dual-plinth platform, which is separately isolated from the upper three main plinths. Sorbothane hemispheres separate each of the three main plinths and provide additional vibration damping. The bottom plinth functions as a mass-loaded resonant sink for the entire turntable. Two motors and a flywheel are used to increase torque and speed stability. The mmf-11.1 comes in a high-gloss piano black lacquer finish and ships without cartridge. A large encapsulating acrylic dustcover is included.What's Included:MMF-11.1 Record TurntableEncapsulating Acrylic DustcoverNOTE: This is a brand new product, factory sealed with complete accessories and product comes with 1 year limited warranty.

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Twig Max
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Clubs Golf Interchangeable Magnetic Yard DeSign

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Plant a Yard DeSigns stake in your yard or garden...then decorate it seasonally with interchangeable magnets! Use this interchangeable 14 in. x 10 in. screen-printed magnet with the metal Yard DeSigns Ornamental Post, Yard Stake, or Metal Wall Plaques (sold separately). Yard DeSigns Magnetic Yard Art:Made of all-weather 24 gauge vinylFade resistantMade in the USAInterchangeable artwork created by America's favorite designers2 sets of easy to apply vinyl address numbers includedCoordinate with your decorative flags!!!!

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Discount Decorative Flags
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Magnetic I Beam Level, Aluminum, L 48", 1 Strip Magnet, Blue, Magnetic Strip

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Magnetic I Beam Level, Aluminum, Accuracy 0.001, Length 48 In., Total Number of Vials 3, Number of Plumb Vials 2, Number of Level Vials 1, Vial Type Barrel, Vial Material Acrylic, Number of Magnets 1, Magnet Type Strip, Color Blue, Characteristics Full Length Magnetic Strip

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Heavy Duty Magnetic Bases, Magnet Source 07223

MAGNET BASE HEAVY DUTY95 LB LIFT CAP. Extra strong magnetic bases can suspend heavy items such as speakers and spotlightsAlso useful for P.O.P displays and in-store signs 7.50 L. 4.00 W. 1.00 H.

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Global Industrial
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Magnetic Sweepers 1/2 in. x 3/16 in. Ceramic Disc Magnet (40-Pack) 96764

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Shop for Tools & Hardware at The Home Depot. Master Magnetic's Ceramic disc magnets are priced economically but offer a lot of magnetic strength. These ceramic (ferrite) magnets are composed of strontium carbonate and iron oxide. They are charcoal

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Home Depot
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Magnet Sheets 3/pkg 3 Magnetic Sheets + 3 Dividers


Zutter-Magnet Sheets. Store your die-cut and cling on stamps in this large size magnetic storage system! Fits perfectly in your Zutter magnetic die & stamp storage case.

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Overstock Main
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AMK Manufacturing Rolling Magnetic Sweeper - 18 Inch Magnet Length

Great for indoors or out, this rolling magnetic sweeper rake is easy handling for quick clean up. Detachable handle for easy storage. Easy-to-clean surface with cloth or gloved hand is 18in. wide. 5in. wheels and 50-lb. lifting capacity cleans up

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Northern Tool
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Magnetic ?For Sale? Car Magnet Sign

Magnetic ?For Sale? Car Magnet Sign Use our Magnetic ?For Sale? Car Magnets to promote the sale of your car, RV, fish house, whatever! Place these 8? x 12? car magnets on the sides and back of your item for maximum exposure. With the ?For Sale? Car Magnet you don?t have to place a sign in your window, which could impact your visibility while you are driving. And no worry about pulling off paint or marring a finish on something you are trying to sell.The suggested retail price for this car magnet is $10.99.This 8" x 12" Magnetic ?For Sale? Sign is manufactured and printed in the USA. We print on premium quality, super-thick (.030) magnetic material with top quality, UV protected inks. Be sure to remove, clean and reposition your magnet weekly.

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Rubber Vinyl Stair Tread Nose Caulk Dual Cartridge Kit Dual Cartridg

A400-20113 Two-part chemically setting caulk is recommended for use inside the nose of all rubber and vinyl stair treads.

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Elumen High-Performance Haircolor - GK @ ALL

Goldwell Elumen is a high-performance, oxdiant-free haircolor. Creates extra vibrant, shiny, and durable haircolor without damage. Does no contain peroxide or ammonia. The compact range of Elumen consists of 22 shades plus one clear tone. Every shade can be used to achieve fascinating color results on various tone levels. This alone gives you a choice of 113 color varieties ? without mixing! Size: 6.7 oz One of the most exciting new technological developments in professional hair color is the new Goldwell Elumen. Now, there's more to share. Elumen is the first oxidant-free durable hair color that works without peroxide or ammonia. Using a purely physical process, Elumen's brilliant, direct-acting, negatively-charged color dyes are drawn deep inside the positively-charged hair shaft and held, as if by a magnet. But there's truly no fear, no commitment. With Elumen Return, the hair colorist can remove the hair color immediately and gently with no damage simply by reversing the magnetic charge. With Elumen, Goldwell has developed an innovative high performance hair color - Elumen dyes the hair permanently, but without oxidation, ammonia, or alkalinity. The result? Beautifully, radiant hair color without any damage to the hair. Elumen also repairs the hair's structure. The hair-color smoothes porous and damaged sections not only on the surface, but also inside the hair shaft to provide a healthy, smooth surface that reflects light and gives the color in the hair unprecedented shine. Multiple shades. Elumen's 22 shades plus Clear gives you the ability to create an unlimited variety of colors. And, thanks to the unique color card, you can guarantee results without fear. As part of your creative palette, Elumen works great for low-lights/tintbacks, multi-shading, toning and color balancing. Because it improves the hair's structure to revitalize stressed and damaged hair, leaving it with long-lasting, brilliant, healthy, shine, it's the ultimate shine service. What's more, Elumen repairs hair, smoothing porous and damaged sections not only on the surface, but deep inside the hair shaft, providing a healthy, smooth surface that reflects light brilliantly. Elumen's new technology offers many "firsts," giving you a truly new story about hair color. Deborah Gavin, the creative colorist from High Tech Hair Studio and Spa in Philadelphia and the spokesperson for Goldwell's Elumen, is a great new source on Elumen, new color trends and technologies, and caring for colored hair at home. For more information on Goldwell Elumen products, please view: Goldwell Elumen Sales Brochure .

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Xpression Carbon turntable with carbon fiber arm

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advanced one-piece carbon fiber tonearm for superior rigidity and low resonance,heavy damped steel platter provides excellent speed stability,pre-mounted Sumiko Oyster moving magnet cartridge

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Classical Trumpet Horn Turntable/Phonograph with AM/FM Radio -10%
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M78S Wide Groove Phono Cartridge (Wide Groove Phono Cartridge)

Turntables & Cartridges - Wide Groove Phono Cartridge.

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ABC Wooden Magnetic Book

T.S. Shure - ABC Wooden Magnetic Book - The illustrated ABC Wooden Magnetic Book is the perfect companion to learning the ABCs! This colorfully detailed wooden book features removable illustrated wooden magnets representing every letter of the

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TT42 Fully automatic turntable, belt-drive

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DC servo motor and belt-drive system ensure accurate speed and rumble-free sound reproduction,fully automatic operation for easy use,moving magnet cartridge included

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Concorde Pro S DJ Turntable Cartridge

The Ortofone Concorde Pro S DJ turntable cartridge is perfect for newcomers on the DJ scene who want to start off with decent, but not too expensive equipment. The Pro S has a spherical diamond stylus which minimizes scratching and a solid cantilever which can survive hectic activity at the turntable.

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The Princess Magnet Book (Disney Princess) (Magnetic Play Book)

The Disney Princesses dance across the pages of this all-new magnetic playbook! Little girls will have hours of fun twirling and swirling the magnetic princess play pieces, which cling right to the sturdy pages. And for readers on the go, the attached clamshell tray makes it easy to keep the pieces with the book.

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