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SKWO-12 - 12 Oval Stainless Steel Skewers

The Update International SKWO-12 Oval Stainless Steel Skewers 12 X 0.25 X 0.75 is an important item to keep in every restaurant establishment that needs to make tasty, plentiful kabobs. This skewer can be loaded up with meats, veggies and fruits to satisfy any palate. This skewer is made of Stainless Steel.

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16-in Stainless Steel Oval Skewer

Skewer, 16 oval, stainless steel ( Tablecraft - 316 )

KaTom Restaurant Supply
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Rosle Grilling Kabob Rack with Skewers

This system is especially useful when grilling delicate ground meat kabobs or fish. The rack raises the skewer and kabob above the grate so the food will not come in contact and stick to the grill grate. The notches in the rack hold the six skewers in place so they will not slip or spin. All the parts are stainless steel and dishwasher safe.Dimensions of the grilling: 18.1 x 10.4 x 3.7 in., Weight 1.9 lbs.Set of 6 skewers: These stainless steel two prong skewers look great, and work even better. Marinated meats, seafood and vegetables like tomatoes and mushrooms won’t slip or spin as they do on conventional skewers.Material 18/10 Stainless steelDimensions of skewers: 13 in. (including handle), 9.8 in. length (excluding handle) x 1 x 0.2 in5-year warranty

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Kitchen Universe
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Cuisinart Oven Central CBO-1000 Electric Oven Brushed Stainless Steel

Electric Oven - Limited Warranty: 3 Year - Color: Brushed Stainless Steel - Form Factor: Countertop - Oven Type: Single

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CHEFS Catalog
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Style Stainless Steel Kabob Set

Free Shipping on all items

Find grill cooking tools and cookware at Target.com! Serve perfectly grilled kabobs with this stainless steel kabob set from weber. Load the 5 rust-resistant skewers with your favorite meats and vegetables. Simply set them on the rack, and they're

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5" Stainless Steel Skewers 12 / Pack

Use these sturdy 5" stainless steel skewers for creating delicious kabobs on the grill or in the oven! Metal skewers are ideal for reuse, therefore reducing waste and cutting costs, and their durability can be used to cook heavier foods such as large pieces of vegetables and meat. This product is ideal for catered BBQ themed events, or Mediterranean and Mexican style restaurants. Sold 12 per pack. ROY SKW 5

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The WEBstaurant Store
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Slrk008 8" Stainless Steel Round Skewers - 4 Doz

8 Skewer Round looped handle Pointed end Stainless steel Price includes 4 dozen pieces

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Tiger Chef
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Skewer 8 Oval Steel

Whether you're grilling at home or trying to make a grand presentation in your restaurant, you can rely on these durable 8 inch stainless steel skewers. With a beautiful oval end that adds to their elegance and also give you a good area to hold for safety

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Lions Deal Restaurant Supply
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Barbecue Skewers Set of Four

Skew your mind the green way with the Barbecue Skewers Set of Four. This set of four flat blade skewers keeps fare stable for easy turning and they’re long enough to keep your hands out of the heat. The flat style means food won’t rotate on the skewer. These Barbecue Skewers are made from stainless steel, an eco-friendly material manufactured from a high percentage of recycled steel and is itself 100% recyclable. Dimensions: 14”L, set of 4.

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Fig Leaf Kebab/Skewer Plate Set

For many, figs are evocative of Northern California and its spectacular wine country's lush landscape and epicurean environment. The fruit's deep, intense coloration and clean, rich flavors seem to typify the lifestyle and its sense of warmth and plenty. Meals are prepared casually and are often served beautifully in the open air surrounded by nature. Outdoor entertaining is an integral part of everyday life there. The Fig collection celebrates this very lifestyle, and its welcoming way of elegant, yet casual, entertaining. Dimensions;6 skewers - 3 of each style in set, Platter 21.5“ x 9.5“ x 2“, Skewers 13.25“ long Materials;Oxidized, Stainless Steel, Teflon, Acacia Wood; Luxuriously Gift BoxedMichael Aram is anAmerican-born, India-inspired metal working artist. Known world-over forbringing ancient metal working techniques from India into modern times, MichaelAram has a cult following and it’s easy to see why. His work is timeless andmodern, at times playful and off-beat, but always beautiful and eye-catching.Michael Aram frames, bowls, tea pots, furniture and home décor are particularlycoveted by world travelers and home design enthusiasts. Michael Aram designs makefantastic additions to any living space and even better gifts for loved ones

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Chelsea Gifts Online
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Lengthen Stainless Steel Grill Skewers, Set of 10, W4cm x L38.5cm x H2cm

Type:Skewers; Set:10 Piece; Body Materials:Metal; Product Dimensions:W4cm x L38.5cm x H2cm(W2 x L15 x H1); Net Weight (kg):0.2

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Stainless Flip-Offs Skewer - Rear Black, One Size

We're suckers for extra pops of color on our bikes. And when you throw in a well executed design that we'll use every day, our hearts just melt. The Salsa Flip-offs Rear Skewer is exactly the kind of component that we're talking about. It's one of those beautifully designed components that add just enough color to turn heads, without looking like you're peacock'ing on the trail or road. With a sculpted aluminum lever that's made to interact smoothly with your hands, it's a breeze to take the rear wheel off without cursing about a thin construction. Plus, with a stainless steel design, the Flip-offs is a smooth and rust-resistant solution for long term use on your mountain, cyclocross, or road bike. The Salsa Stainless Flip-offs Rear Skewer is available in the colors Black and Red and weighs in around 54 grams. Please note that this designed for use with a rear wheel.

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Stainless Flip-Offs Skewer - Pair Pewter, One Size

It's hard not to smile when you see Salsa skewers. With their bright bursts of color, they're simply a pleasant sight on any bike. After all, the original incarnation of Salsa was run by a guy who always found a way to make bike parts fun. The Salsa Stainless Flip-Offs Skewers first came about when everyone else was 'super serious' about shaving grams. So, keeping with the tongue-and-cheek title, the original Flip-offs were advertised as 'Light. Functional. Expensive.' It was a jab at the 'slow' releases that some of the ultralight skewer sets really were. The levers came in a variety of anodized colors, including the mixed-color 'Rasta' set. Designed for your front or full-suspension bike, the Flip-Off Skewers haven't lost their purpose throughout the years. Nowadays, Salsa has taken on a more progressive edge, but the vibe of fun is still there, and the skewers are still great. The lever has a sculpted look that is both elegant and makes opening and closing the lever easy. The rods on this set are stainless steel, and while not as light as titanium, Salsa doesn't recommend titanium rods on suspension bikes. The Salsa Stainless Flip-Offs Skewers are available as a pair in one size and in the colors Pewter, Purple, Orange, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, and Black.

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Competitive Cyclist
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FireWire Double-prong Grilling Skewer - Frontgate

100% food-grade stainless steel. Won’t rust like traditional skewers. Each skewer features a different symbol so guests can customize their meal. Dishwasher safe. Perfectly sized for single servings, the FireWire Double-prong Grilling Skewer keeps food from spinning so everything cooks evenly. Made of cable, they can even be dipped directly into marinades, so there's no need to touch food twice. . Won't rust like traditional skewers . . .

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Reel Roaster Marshmallow and Hot Dog Skewer

Toast your marshmallows and cook your 'dogs in style with the Reel Roaster.Simply place a marshmallow (or two) - or even a juicy brat - onto the end of the telescopic skewer. Then crank the handle (like a fishing reel!) to control the rate of rotation.The stainless steel skewer extends up to 27 inches and is easily detachable for quick cleaning (dishwasher safe). Available in two color styles: blue/green and camouflage.

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Oven BBQ Skewer Set 5 Pc

Quicker...Healthier...Easier! Complete 5-pc. skewer set lets you turn out perfect grilled kabobs indoors…in your own oven. 12¼” x 8½” low profile, fat catching ceramic dish goes directly from oven to table. Four 13” long stainless steel skewers rest inside without letting meat or veggies touch the bottom of dish. So fat drains off for healthier, tastier meals.

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Dream Products
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SKWO-8 - 8 Oval Stainless Steel Skewers

The Update International SKWO-8 Oval Stainless Steel Skewers 8 X 0.25 X 0.75 is an important item to keep in every restaurant establishment that needs to make tasty, plentiful kabobs. This skewer can be loaded up with meats, veggies and fruits to satisfy any palate. This skewer is made of Stainless Steel.

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SKWO-10 - 10 Oval Stainless Steel Skewers

The Update International SKWO-10 Oval Stainless Steel Skewers 10 X 0.25 X 0.75 is an important item to keep in every restaurant establishment that needs to make tasty, plentiful kabobs. This skewer can be loaded up with meats, veggies and fruits to satisfy any palate. This skewer is made of Stainless Steel.

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14-in Stainless Steel Oval Skewer

Skewer, 14 oval, stainless steel ( Tablecraft - 314 )

KaTom Restaurant Supply
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Stainless Steel Skewer, 10-in Round

Skewer, 10 round, stainless steel ( Tablecraft - 2610 )

KaTom Restaurant Supply
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