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Digitizer Jr V3.0

If you are new to digitizing, enter the world of embroidery design with the New DigitizerJR Program! Janome's DigitizerJR software gives you the freedom to express yourself in stitches, monograms and more.. It has an auto digitizing system that allows you to take a .bmp or.jpeg design and make it a sewable design. Take the designs that you make or downloaded designs and lay them out in a multi design template which allows you to sew a design as large as 118 inches by 118 inches. With 11 different built-in fonts and the ability to create your own letters you can monogram almost anything. Have a design that is larger than your hoop? Then use the split design system to make it in to two parts and then sew it in the available giga hoop. This program is also fully upgradable at a later date if you decide that you would like to have even more capabilities. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get digitizing today and open up your own creativity!var google tag params = {ecomm prodid: 8198,ecomm pagetype: "product",ecomm totalvalue: 448,};/* */

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Sew Vac Direct
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 Futura PhotoStitch Embroidery Software CD-ROM

Singer Futura PhotoStitch Embroidery Software CD-ROM From unique pillowcases to personalized baby blankets, you love creating works of art that boast your own special touch. Use this software with your Singer Futura to convert photos into beautiful embroidery.What You Get Singer Futura PhotoStitch Embroidery software CD-ROM Good to Know For use with the Singer Futura FQ-4, SEQS-6000, SEQS-6700, XL-400 and XL-550 sewing and embroidery machines (sold separately).

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Auto-Punch Software For CE-150 Machine

Singer Auto-Punch Software For CE-150 MachineThe machine from Singer allows for creativity on many levels. Easily convert images to embroidery designs and choose your colors, stitch types and angles.  Let your imagination go wild!Note: For use with the Futura CE-150 Singer sewing machine only.

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BarTender Automation Inventory Software

Seagull BarTender Automation Inventory Software - BarTender Automation Edition Software 10 Printer License

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ID Maker Enterprise 3.0 Software Downloadable Upgrade with Download Protection

If you're using an older version of ID Maker software, upgrade now! Take advantage of special savings the sooner you order! ID Maker 3.0 has a streamlined interface with added features that is a robust, yet easy-to-use product to design and print your ID cards. Compatible with popular networking and database management systems, ID Maker 3.0 brings user-friendly ID card management technology to your office. This package includes the immediate upgrade download and offers download protection ensuring 12 months of downloadability.

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BarTender Automation Inventory Software

Seagull BarTender Automation Inventory Software - BarTender Automation Edition Software 20 Printer License

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Software Capture Pro GRP F 1 Yr Bundle SUSA

Kodak Software Capture Pro GRP F 1 Yr Bundle SUSA

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Norstar MICS 6.0 Software only (NTAB9832)

This is the software only. Does not include the NV-Ram cartridge for MICS. The Modular ICS 6.0 Software Feature Cartridge supports all the features up to MICS 5.0 and has External Call Forward, Integrated Voice and Data Support and Hospitality Features. This software allows for 1 fiber and a 6-port expansion cartridge. Some of the newer features of the 6.0 software include: Distinctive Rings for lines and hunt groups System Wide call appearance feature codes Display enhancements for Caller ID System Speed Dial Codes increased to 200 #'s DTI / T1 capable of adding an additional T1 to the system Anti-trombone ISDN Call Connection limitations Centralizing voice mail and auto-attendant on Norstar voicemail platforms Centralized voice mail provided by Meridian Mail provides auto-attendant features: Camp-on and Break-in

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Defibtech Aed Training Software Care. Model: DTR-301

Aed Training Software Care, For Use With Mfr. No. Dcf-a100-rx-en, Dcf-a110-rx-en, Dcf-350t-en

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Software, 38SW-A

Software for the 38XR-A multimeter. Real-time data acquisition software logs and displays data from all 38XR measurement functions. Stores data for retrieval or for further analysis. Exports data for use in Excel or other programs. Supports Windows 98, NT, XP. 38SW-A includes isolated optical interface cable

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Brady Software. Model: LOPDESK1001

Lockout/tagout Procedure Software

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Walker EMD
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Eaton Programming Software (Fusion Series). Model: 57590-400

Software, Software, Software Mounting Type, Nema Type Software, For Use With 29hz70, 29hz71, Includes Software

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Software Takes Command by Lev Manovich

Free Delivery Worldwide : Software Takes Command : Paperback : Continuum Publishing Corporation : 9781623567453 : 1623567459 : 29 Aug 2013 : Software has replaced a diverse array of physical, mechanical, and electronic technologies used before 21st century to create, store, distribute and interact with cultural artifacts. It has become our interface to the world, to others, to our memory and our imagination - a universal language through which the world speaks, and a universal engine on which the world runs. What electricity and combustion engine were to the early 20th century, software is to the early 21st century. Offering the the ...

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Super Soft Embroidery Blanket - Elephant Parade by Circo

spend $500 save $100 on

Find baby and toddler bedding at Target.com! Circo super soft embroidery blanket - elephant parade

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EZkeys Essential Pianos Songwriting Software and Virtual Piano Bundle

Software & Plug-ins - With the Toontracks EZ Keys Essential Pianos plug-in in your DAW, you're only minutes away from having professional-sounding piano tracks to your project. Here at Sweetwater, we've heard rave reviews from musicians and engineers, hailing EZ Keys as the easiest, most musical plug-in they've ever used. Now, EZ Keys Essential Pianos combines the winning plug-in with three instrument libraries that will cover all of your tonal demands. The Steinway Model D, Ostlind & Almquist upright, and Rhodes and Wurlitzer electrics all deliver premium sounds. For pro results, count on Toontracks EZ Keys Essential Pianos!Toontrack EZ Keys Essential Pianos at a Glance:The easiest way ever to add pianos to your performanceClassic Electrics with Rhodes and Wurlitzer librariesSteinway Model D, a musical iconOstlind & Almquist upright piano for more tonal optionsThe easiest way ever to add pianos to your performanceWith Toontrack's EZ Keys virtual pianist software you don't have to be a world-class piano player to sound like one. A songwriter's dream-come-true, EZ Keys lets you painlessly add the right piano style in the perfect key to your music . Here's how it works: Browse through EZ Keys' vast library of professionally performed MIDI loops and phrases, select your key, and drag and drop the results into your DAW. With Toontrack's EZ Keys virtual instrument, getting polished piano performances couldn't be easier!Two legendary EPs, meticulously sampledToontrack EZ Keys Classic Electrics starts with samples of two of legendary and characteristic electric pianos: the Rhodes Mk I and the Wurlitzer 200A. These instruments are icons of modern music and have been an integral part of rock, soul, funk, and Jazz performances worldwide. Classic Electrics features meticulously recorded samples captured by top-of-the-line microphones and preamps, and edited by Toontrack's veteran engineers.Highly detailed Steinway and Sons Model DEZ Keys offers a top-quality Steinway and Sons Model D grand piano virtual instrument. One of the most sought-after piano sounds on earth, the Steinway Model D is considered by many to be the industry-standard concert piano - and Toontrack did an amazing job sampling the one you get in EZ Keys. What's more, Toontrack loaded this piano with 14 presets, including customizable effects chains for an even greater variety of sounds.Ostlind & Almquist UprightWith EZ Keys Upright Piano, you can employ a meticulously-sampled Ostlind & Almquist upright piano. Browse through Upright Piano's vast library of professionally performed MIDI loops and phrases, select your key, and drag and drop the results into your DAW. With Toontrack's EZ Keys Upright Piano virtual instrument, getting polished piano performances couldn't be easier!Toontrack EZ Keys Essential Pianos Features:Incredibly easy to use virtual instrument with three stellar sample librariesNew Classic Electrics with Rhodes and Wurlitzer EPsOutstanding Steinway Model D library with 14 pr

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Purple Skull Embroidery Girls Tank Top

Purple skull screened on a white tank top with embroidery-like detail.

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Visiosonic PCDJ DEX Pro DJ Software (Mac and Windows), Version 2.0

PCDJ DEX 2.0 for MAC or Windows is all-encompassing professional DJ software that's simple enough for the novice, but feature rich enough for any seasoned DJ. Look no further, DEX 2.0 does it all - whether you're mixing audio, video, or even karaoke files DEX gives you full control over your media allowing you to do more in the mix than ever before.

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Winning the Hardware-Software Game by Ruth D. Fisher

Free Delivery Worldwide : Winning the Hardware-Software Game : Paperback : Pearson Education (US) : 9780137002825 : 0137002823 : 06 Mar 2009 :  Many books discuss high-tech decision making, but this is the only book I know of that provides a systematic approach based on objective analysis.  Matthew Scarpino, author of Programming the Cell Processor  This book offers a unique approach to analyzing business strategy that changes the focus and attitude to a lively and fun exercise of treating business strategy as a game.  Dave Hendricksen, Architect, Thomson-Reuters USE GAME THEORY TO SOLVE THE #1 PROBLEM THAT CAUSES NEW TECHNOLOGIES...

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Heirloom Embroidery by Jan Constantine

Free Delivery Worldwide : Heirloom Embroidery : Hardback : Aurum Press Ltd : 9781906417031 : 1906417032 : 25 Aug 2008 : This book guides the reader through the various stitches and methods of sewing simple and useful items for the home which can be treasured and kept for the next generation.

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