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Solar Wind 'N Go Mini Lantern

This superbright six-LED lantern has high and low settings so you can choose the right amount of light. Charge with the crank arm or leave it in the sun. One minute of cranking provides one hour of uninterrupted light. The solar panel will provide up to six hours of use. Rechargeable lithium...

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San Rafael Lantern Solar String Light Multicolor - 3740WR20 -35%

Shop for Decorative String Light Sets (Not Holiday or Seasonal Decor) from Hayneedle.com! When night falls, the Smart Solar San Rafael Lantern Solar String Light casts a soft glow for a warm, inviting ambiance. Because it's solar-powered, this

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Set Of 4 Solar Hanging Lanterns

A perfect choice for lighting and decor, these hanging outdoor lanterns are solar-powered to absorb sunlight by day, then illuminate at night. Hang on trees, gazebos or pergolas - or bring a brilliant glow to your patio, deck, or garden. each measures: 12"H x 6"W uses 1 "AAA" battery (not included) polyester/plastic/glass for more ways to make the most of outdoor living, shop our chairs and sleek selection of patio furniture. Why Buy?Our quality decor ideas make it easy to give any outdoor area a festive, stylish look. Not to mention we offer beautiful solutions at incredible values.

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Brylane Home
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San Rafael Estate Solar Mission Lantern (24"H)

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Find outdoor lights at Target.com! This elegant san rafael estate solar mission lantern provides ambient lighting ideal for your patio, deck or garden. Placed it on any surface, or hang it using the integrated hanging loop. It's illuminated by 2

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Imperial II Solar Lantern Wall Mounted

Experience off the wall lighting with an off the grid lighting solution in the Imperial II Solar Lantern - Wall Mount. This solar wall light for patios and balconies illuminates its immediate surroundings with its 21 Super Bright LEDs, running on nothing but solar energy. The light it gives off is amplified by the patented reflector inside the lamp. Once day turns into night, this outdoor solar light will light up by itself and will run for up to 12 hours provided that it's battery is fully charged. When its daytime again, it'll turn itself off and automatically charge its battery using an integrated 8-watt heavy duty, tempered glass solar panel. Dimensions: 19 H x 10.5 W. Light output: 350 Lumens. Battery: Rechargeable 3.2V 6,000mAh Li-Ion battery pack. Solar panel: Mono-Crystalline. Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year.

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EarthTech Products
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8519-3511-01 Solar LED Decorative Lantern - Black

The Malibu Lighting 8519-3511-01 is a solar decorative lantern with an elegant aged wrought iron finish. Light shines out of a beautiful clear lens that is made of a durable and easy to clean plastic. This lantern offers 12 lumens created by an environmentally-friendly LED light.This Malibu...

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Westside Wholesale
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Solar String Lights - Mini White Lanterns

Get ready to watch each evening become instantly festive with our newest Solar String Lights - 10 piece White Mini Lanterns! Delightful decor during the day, and then with surprise watch as these lights turn themselves on when darkness falls, for an inspiring glow night after night. Unlike paper lanterns, these solar string lights are created from nylon and powered by the sun for year round use outdoors. Experience limitless flexibility and versatility. No need to worry about electricity costs, wires to run, outlets or extension cords. Just place the solar collector in direct sunlight and let the solar string lights do all the work. Each set comes with 10 White Nylon string light lanterns with white LED lights and a solar collector with positioning ground stake with light sensor. Also, unlike some cheap knock-offs in the marketplace (that come w/flimsy 2" lanterns & short 5 foot cords), our premium set includes beautiful round 3" lanterns with plenty of length for real use! You get 24" of strand between each light, and another 15 feet of cord between the solar panel and the first light which gives you over 30 feet in length to work with! These solar outdoor string lights are perfect of any garden location. Charges automatically when the sun comes out, and turns on by themselves at night. Great as party string lights, for use in celebrations and remote weddings, railings, tree houses, roof lines and walk-ways, and any other hard to reach areas where power was a problem. Great for Parties, Special Occasions, Christmas, and Other Holidays. Use for Walkways, Low Level Safety Lighting, Outdoor Railings, Outdoor Christmas Trees, Shrubs, Patios, Gates, Decks and more! These decorative and festive solar light strings can you be used in unlimited ways! Also available in our bold and festive Colorful String Light - Mini Lantern version! Additional Info: Solar String Lights - 10 Mini White Lanterns. High quality solar panel w/ auto-sensor cell technology. Charges in the day, illuminates night after night. Super durable Nylon Lanterns with White LED lights. 15 Feet of starting slack, 24" between lights, 33' of total length. Great for lighting your gardens & adds fun to any outdoor setting!

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Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern

As much as we may desire light and sun, nighttime always seems to set in. Introducing Luci Outdoors, the soon-to-be best friend of any adventurer. Never again let darkness foil your plans with Luci Outdoors by your side. Luci Outdoors is an inflatable, waterproof bright LED solar lantern that goes wherever Mother Nature takes you. Bring her on your next camping trip or evening hike to see just how useful it is. Luci is an inflatable, affordable solar lamp that generates continuous light anywhere on earth independent of the grid. She cheerfully lights up lives with zero-emission, free light so you can study, work and play after the sun goes away. Features Solar powered Inflatable and Packable Rechargeable Waterproof Lantern Maintenance free All rights reserved. Luci (patented) and MPOWERD are trademarks of MPOWERD Inc FAQs How does Luci work? Luci has three main components that make her work: (1) a solar panel that captures photons from sunlight or incandescent light; (2) a rechargeable internal battery that stores her power; and (3) 10 LED bulbs that produce her light. Does Luci need any additional parts, such as batteries or a charger? No ? unlike some other solar lights, Luci does not require any additional parts, since her unit contains solar PV cells, a battery, and LED lights all in one. How does Luci charge? Luci?s solar panels charge when facing sunlight or incandescent light. In direct sunlight, Luci will fully charge in 8 hours. She will charge even when it?s cloudy outside, but it will take longer. To charge Luci in incandescent light, place the solar panel close to the light bulb ? but not so close that it becomes hot. It will take longer than 8 hours to charge under incandescent light. How long does Luci stay illuminated after one full charge? When Luci is set on Bright (lowest light setting) she provides light for up to 12 hours after a full charge. How long does Luci last? Luci has 300-500 cycles of full charge, so the length of time she lasts depends on frequency of use. If you fully charge and fully discharge every single day, Luci lasts approximately 2 years. If used less frequently, she will last for many years. How much light does Luci produce? Luci delivers up to 65 lumens of light - which illuminates an area of about 10 square feet (1 square meter). If Luci is kept in an emergency supply kit, how often should she be recharged? When not in use, Luci holds a full charge for about three months. After that, she retains up to 50% of her charge for two years. What is the life span of Luci?s LED lights? The industry standard for LED light bulbs is at least 25,000 hours. The LEDs will not burn out during the life of a Luci lantern. Can Luci be kept outside? Yes ? despite her elegant appearance, Luci can withstand extreme temperatures, wind, and rain. Can Luci be used in water? Yes ? Luci is waterproof and so can safely be used in the rain, on boats, or even in salt water or a chlorinated pool. And since she?s inflatable, Luci floats!

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Heart Rate Monitors USA
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 Solar Lantern String Lights

The perfect accent to any exterior space, these string lights will perk up shrubs, umbrellas, doorways, pergolas, trees and more without adding to your carbon footprint or electric bill. Set of lantern string lights includes twenty lanterns Separate solar panel allows lights to be hung in shady areas Polyester lanterns measure 2.75" in diameter Set includes four each of: red, yellow, blue, orange and green Automatically illuminates at dark Lights illuminate for up to 8 hours on full charge Rechargeable, replaceable Ni-MH battery No wiring, simply install and enjoy No operating costs Turns off to charge during the day 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Imported

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BonTon Stores
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Kent Collection SL1154 Solar LED Coach Home Garden Patio ...

Kent Collection SL1154 Solar LED Table Lantern The vintage solar metal table lantern creates a wonderful amber glow after dusk and will add a charming touch of ambience to your garden or patio. The vintage solar metal table lantern is also ideal for inside your home as decoration. It would make an amazing centre piece for any home or garden table, party or BBQ. Thanks to their environmentally friendly solar powered design, these great lights are a fabulous install and easy set up, so no messy wiring required Solar garden lights like these provide an ambient light for the area/position they are in. They are designed to be ambient marker lights used to denote a path or feature rather than spot lights or flood lights. Features Mono-crystalline solar panel Rechargeable battery included Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 41cm Bright white LED light Solid Metal Construction Table or Garden Decoration Oriental Style Powered by natural light (does not rely on sunlight) No Wiring Weather resistant Energy saving CE marked for safety

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Metropolitan Solar Outdoor Lantern - Frontgate

Crafted from galvanized steel with glass panels. Provides 7 hours of illumination. Choose from 3 brightness settings (1W : 210 lumens, 2W : 270 lumens, 3W : 390 lumens). 6 LEDs with LED power 1W/2W/3W. Low battery discharge protection. Our sleek and handsome Metropolitan Solar Lantern adds portable ambient lighting to the outdoor space of your choice. Perfect by a pool or outlining your deck, the 3W monocrystalline solar panel charges during the day, then the lantern automatically lights up at night like stars in your yard. . . . . . Anti-UV and anti-rust. Includes 4 lithium batteries Battery charging on/off switch . .

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Twist Solar Lantern

This blue twist solar lantern is a great outdoor decor accent by day and an instant tabletop or hanging light source by night. The lantern features a removable circular solar disc which stores a charge and provides hours of nighttime lighting.

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Ceramic Solar Lantern

An ingenious solar powered bulb illuminates this white ceramic outdoor lantern. A dimensional, floral-cutwork pattern allows the light to shine through. Battery included. 12" high x 6 1?4" diam.

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Expressions Catalog
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S20 Solar Lantern

A bright and durable replacement for flashlights and lanterns, the d.light S20s brightness settings offer up to 8 hours of bright light for a variety of environments. The S20s dual solar and USB charging option allows charging even during rainy or cloudy days, and its multiple-setting handle provides maximum flexibility for any use situation. The S20 is built to survive tough conditions, including accidental drops onto hard mud or concrete, rain showers, and intense heat and dust.

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Imperial Black Solar LED Lantern with Acorn Finial and Pole Mount


Capture the energy of the sun with the beautiful Imperial Solar Lantern with Acorn and Eagle in black finish. áReplace your outdated and energy-guzzling gas lamps or low voltage lighting with this energy-efficient solar powered lantern.ááNo wiring needed. The Imperial Solar Lantern fits over any existing 3-Inch pole and is made from powder-coated cast-aluminum for weather and rust resistance; Thus, requiring no maintenance. The GS-97FGE automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn using our new solar technology that is bright, long lasting, and in a timeless design. Our patented cone reflector technology, in combination with super bright white LED?s, help make the Imperial solar lantern one of the world?s brightest solar lights. This unit is perfect for beautiful illumination of your pathways, deck, and pool areas. With a convenient high/low brightness switch, you can choose between a brighter light or longer lasting light. The GS-97FA will shine for up to 15 hours on the low setting and up to 10 hours on the high setting with a single day?s solar charge. This unit includes 8 super bright white LED?s and efficient Li-ion batteries. 23.5-Inch high. Lamp 10.5-Inch wide.

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Large White Solar Star Lantern

Large White Solar Star Lantern. Simply gorgeous! Now you can add elegant, star-studded light to your outdoor dcor with our White Solar Star Lanterns with 72 star-shaped LEDs.Beautiful anytime of year and for any occasion just hang them in a tree in the sun (full sun is best) and the built-in solar panel catches rays that keep them lit after dusk. You'll love the instant charm and ease of use of our White Solar Star Lanterns. These versatile lanterns can be shaped as a ball or column. They look great hanging in multiples from a tree, placed on the ground or lining a walkway.We were so inspired by the yearly neighborhood Christmas Ball display in Greensboro, NC, that we decided to design our own easy-to-use, cord-free solar version that can be used and enjoyed any time of year. Place our White Solar Star Lanterns in direct sunlight for maximum display. Light output and duration are dependent upon weather conditions and placement. Large white solar-lighted star-studded lantern Decorative solar lantern with 72 star-shaped LEDs and white frame Sunlight charges the built-in solar panel (direct sunlight is best) Comes with 1 rechargeable battery Large White Solar Lantern has 72 star lightsSize19" dia. x 22"H

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Plow & Hearth
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Solar Folding Lantern

Features and Benefits:<-p>Dual Energy Source: -Rechargeable batteries powered by solar panel -3 D Primary Cells<-li>5 Hours of full sun powers light for 2 Hours (low mode)<-li>D Cells: 110 Hours (high mode)<-li>The lens folds out to provide 360o<-sup> illumination or down for 180o<-sup> light. <-li>3 Light Configurations: Low, High, Amber Nightlight<-li><-ul>

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Full Source
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Fretwork Solar Lantern Lamp - Grandin Road

Galvanized steel lantern with frosted glass effect (plastic). Beautiful, antiqued brown finish. Sits on flat surfaces or can be staked into ground for versatility. Automatically illuminates during darkness. On/off switch to control light. This elegant Fretwork Solar Lantern adds drama to a tabletop or walkway. When lit, the sturdy lantern casts a geometric pattern through the frosted glass onto whatever surface it sits. Powered by an integrated solar panel, it charges by day and automatically illuminates at night, making it ideal for garden, patio, or deck. . . . . . Energy-saving white LED . Up to 8 hours of light each night when fully charged . Replaceable, rechargeable Ni-MH battery included . No wiring, simply install and enjoy . No operating costs . Imported.

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Grandin Road
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Solar 20 Lantern String Light 3711MR20

Smart Solar 3711MR20 Decorative string lights ideal for decorating shrubs, umbrellas and doorways. Features: -Solar collection.-Number of Batteries Needed: 1.-Rechargeable Batteries: Yes.-Automatic On/Off: Yes.-Mounting Clip Included: No.-Linkable: No.-Cuttable: No.-Rope Light Length: 228 Inches.-Light Spacing: 7.8 Inches.-Product Type: String lighting.-Collection: Solar.-Fixture Finish: Multi-colored.-Distressed: No.-Powder Coated Finish: No.-Gloss Finish: No.-Fixture Material: Plastic -Fixture Material Details: ..-Rust Resistant: Yes.-Weather Resistant: Yes -Weather Resistant Details: ..-Weather Resistant: Yes -Weather Resistant Details: ..-Non-Toxic: Yes.-Wall Mounted: Hanging.-Color Changing: No -Number of Colors: ..-Number of Lights: 20.-Bulb Type: LED -Bulb Type Details: ..-Bulbs Included: Yes.-Solar Powered: Yes -Photocell Included: Yes..-Battery Operated: Yes -Battery Type: AA.-Batteries Included: Yes.-Battery Life: .-Low Battery Indicator: ..-Recycled Content: No -Total Recycled Content (Percentage): .-Post-Consumer Content (Percentage): .-Remanufactured/Refurbished: ..-Eco-Friendly: Yes.Specifications: -Damp, Dry or Wet Location Listed: Wet.Dimensions: -Fixture Width: 228.-Overall Product Weight: 1.Assembly: -Assembly Required: No.Warranty: -Product Warranty: 1 Year limited manufacturer's replacement warranty.

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Wayfair Supply
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Outdoor Solar Lantern - Pearl Colored Teardrop - Alsop

Outdoor Solar Lantern Pearl Colored Teardrop, is the newest addition to the Soji Solar Lantern family are Soji lanterns in Silk Effects! Soji Silk Effects combine shimmering, sheer pearl silk fabric in sophisticated earthy colors with traditional Asian lantern shapes! Pearl Colored Lantern / White LED Teardrop Shaped Solar Powered Outdoor Use Wind Proof Hanging Hook Included Designed for outdoor use the 12" teardrop shapes, Soji Silk Effects collect light all day and turn themselves on at dusk to cast beautiful iridescent silhouettes by night without the hassle of electrical cords. Our Pearl Colored Moss Teardrop Solar Powered Soji Lanterns are equipped with dual white high powered LED lights, solar panel, AAA rechargeable battery and stainless steel hardware. Make every evening in your garden festive with the elegant shimmering glow of Soji solar lanterns in Silk Effects.  Solar Outdoor Lanterns are also windproof and safe to use around furniture and decks, pets and children.

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Battery Operated Candles
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