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Nova Swing

Set in the unique world first featured in the award-winning Light, here is a story of love, murder, and intergalactic noir on the razor’s edge of the imagination, as envisioned by the incomparable M. John Harrison. Not far from Moneytown, in a neighborhood of underground clubs, body-modification chop shops, adolescent contract killers, and sexy streetwalking Monas, you’ll find the Saudade Event Site: a zone of strange geography, twisted physics, and frightening psychic onslaughts. Vic Serotonin is an illegal “travel agent” into and out of Saudade. His latest client is a woman as unpredictable as the site itself—and maybe as dangerous. She wants a tour inside Saudade just as a troubling new class of biological artifacts have started leaving—living algorithms that are transforming the “real” world in unsettling ways. Pursued by a detective intent on collaring him for his illegal tours, and hunted by a gangster convinced that the travel agent has infected him with a rogue artifact, Vic must make one final trip as the universe around him rapidly veers toward viral chaos.

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Crystal Rotating Watch: My Daughter, I Wish You

120 Days Satisfaction Guaranteed - Free Returns

Give a beloved daughter a timely reminder of your love with a dazzling daughter watch lavished with a pave of glittering crystals! As the seconds tick by, she'll delight to the heart-shaped rotating watch display that sends her wishes for love, joy, hope, peace and health!Celebrate a loving daughter every minute of the day with this lovely crystal watch, only from The Bradford Exchange. This handcrafted daughter watch with precision quartz movement features 4 twinkling pink crystals on the watch face. The back of the watch is beautifully etched with the sentiment "My Daughter, I Wish You." Pink, stitched-leather strap adjusts to fit most wrists. Heavy demand is expected for this glittering expression of love that makes a fabulous daughter jewelry gift. Don't miss out - order now!

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The Bradford Exchange Online
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LL500-1 LL500 Laser/HL700 Laserometer, Rotary Lasers

INCLUDES: (1) LL500 Precision Laser FEATURES: 1,600 ft (500 m) working diameter which increases productivity by reducing need for multiple set-ups on a large job site Self-leveling with built-in out-of-level shut off that maintains accuracy over the entire work area, and minimizes error High accuracy laser, 1/16 in per 100 ft (1.5 mm per 30 m) with temperature compensation provides highly stable, repeatable accuracy even under large temperature changes Uses alkaline or rechargeable batteries so you are less likely to run out of power and the unit keeps working with no downtime due to power loss Visible spotting beam for determining receiver mounting placement making it faster to find the on-grade position SPECIFICATIONS: Receiver: HL700 Power: 4D Alkaline Tripod: 2161 Rod: GR131 Tenths The Spectra Precision? Laser LL500 Laser Level is a one-person leveling system designed for longer range measurements across your entire site. Accurate, stable and reliable, the LL500 featu

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Swarm 5 FX (LED & Laser Effect w/Strobe)

Lighting - Add three killer effects to your lighting rig with a single Chauvet Swarm 5 FX LED lighting fixture. A pair of lasers at the center of the Swarm 5 FX scatter thousands of red and green beams and patterns about the room, as an RGBAW rotating LED derby effect tosses out innumerable dancing dots of vividly colored light. Framing it all is a set of eight ultra-bright white strobe LEDs, which add a ton of energy into the mix. Nine channels of DMX control let you closely coordinate your Swarm 5 FX with the rest of your rig, but the lighting nuts here at Sweetwater were most impressed by the automated/sound-activated programs with master/slave chaining give you a ton of easy setup options as well. Whether you're looking for a centerpiece for your new rig or a set of fun and versatile effects for the lighting system you already have, you're going to love the Chauvet Swarm 5 FX.Chauvet Swarm 5 FX 3-in-1 LED/Laser Lighting Effects Fixture Features:3-in-1 LED includes an RGBAW rotating LED derby, red/green laser, and white LED strobe effect for an amazing priceLaser section projects thousands of red and green laser beams in a variety of cool shapes and patternsDerby effect casts a swirl of vividly colored dots for added motionLED strobe effect adds a ton of energy to your light showChoose from simple DMX control or a large selection of automated/sound-activated programsMaster/slave chaining lets you link multiple Chauvet Swarm 5 FX units together for highly coordinated showsSave time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple unitsAdd a tone of energy and excitement to your lighting rig with a Chauvet Chauvet Swarm 5 FX! Strobes Lasers & Effects Lights

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Sharpie Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker - Country of Origin: China - Recycled Content: 0% - Retractable: Retractable - Marker Point Type: Fine

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& Tool Two-Sided Laser Detector with Clamp for Rotating Lasers,

Laser Detector quickly and accurately locates any laser signal emitted from rotary lasers through fine and course wide/narrow detection settings. Clamp attaches to leveling staffs or grade rods. Dust and water resistant. Auto Shutdown Yes, Battery

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Northern Tool
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Laser Level with Wall Mounting Access

Free Shipping on all items

Find leveling and measuring tools at Target.com! Hang art pieces, mirrors, shelves or curtain rods using the black & decker laser level with wall mounting access. Its rotating wall attachment easily projects both vertical and horizontal lines for

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Rotating Tree Stand , -33%

Family Name - Rotating Tree Stand | Accommodates - Tree up to 7.5 foot in height and 900 lights. Center pole of 1.25 inch diameter. | Give your holiday tree the wow factor with the rotating tree stand. It slowly turns your tree to show decorations on all sides. | , , ,

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DART Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy for Dogs Cats

Your pet will love the FroliCat Dart This rotating laser light toy spins 360 degrees at variable speeds, sending your pet wildly chasing after the spot light. With 16 exciting play combinations, your pet will have countless hours of fun. A timer allows you to control the amount of time your pet spends with the FroliCat Dart, adjustable to 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes of play. Selectable speeds include slow, medium, fast or variable to match your pet's reflex speed. This is a great way to give your playful pet the daily exercise they need. Fun exercise for cats and dogs Variable speed settings Adjustable Timer 16 exciting play combinations 360 degree laser patterns Engage your pet in a fun, interactive play

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Entirely Pets
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AccuSquare Layout Laser LG2

AccuSquare Layout Laser - LG2

Tyler Tool
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AccuSquare Layout Laser LG2

AccuSquare Layout Laser - LG2

CPO Outlets
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Spectra Forward Patio Umbrella - Frontgate

Rotating side-mount umbrella. 100% solution-dyed Sunbrella® canopy. Canopy unzips for cleaning and storage. Umbrella cover included. Always close umbrella when not in use, or in inclement weather. Spectra's spare linear canopy opens like a pair of wings to shield you with 78 sq. ft. of cooling shade. The canopy tilts at any level by sliding the handle up and down the track of the streamlined aluminum pole. The side-mount pole also rotates 360 degrees to shade other lounging areas. Pair with the freestanding base or select from a variety of permanent mounting options. . 100% solution-dyed Sunbrella canopy. . . . Assembly required.

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DART Laser Pet Toy, Cat

DART? is an automatic rotating laser light that provides hours of fun for your feline and canine friends. Place DART on the floor, turn it on and

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PetSafe FroliCat Dart Interactive Laser Light

DART is an automatic rotating laser light that provides hours of fun for your feline and canine friends. Place DART on the floor, turn it on, and watch the chase begin! The laser moves in a circle that jumps around and randomly switches directions. It's perfect for pets who will spin in a circle to catch the laser. 4 speeds and 4 timer settings offer 16 exciting play combinations.

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Dart Duo Interactive Laser Light PTY00-14225

DART DUO is an automatic rotating light with two lasers for shared play with multiple cats and dogs. Place the toy on the floor, turn it on, and watch them play! Two lasers move in a circle, darting and switching directions in random patterns. The unpredictable movement entices your pets to dart, pounce, and chase the red dot. Each laser spins in a circle on opposite sides so pets aren’t competing for the same laser. 4 adjustable speed and 4 timer settings create 16 engaging play combinations. Features: Two lasers for double the fun Random circular laser patterns Variable speed settings: slow, medium, fast, or variable Adjustable timer: 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute playtime Requires 3 AA batteries (not included) How It Works Set DART DUO on a level floor Press ON/OFF • SPEEDS button to turn on. DART DUO will run for 5 minutes on slow speed Press ON/OFF • SPEEDS button again to change speed to medium, fast, or variable The indicator light for the selected speed (slow, medium, fast or variable) will glow solid green Press ON/OFF • SPEEDS button on top of DART DUO a 5th time to turn it off Timer: DART DUO will automatically turn off after 5 minutes, but can be set for 10, 15, or 20 minute time periods Press the timer button to change the time The indicator light below the selected time (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes) will flash Press ON/OFF • SPEEDS button to turn off before selected time period has ended PetSafe PTY00-14225

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Spectra 240 Tablets

the Vitamin Shoppe
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Fluorescent Marker Boards With Easel And Markers

These fluorescent marker boards match a floor easel with a black, write-on board. The edge-lit display is equipped with 13 different settings for flashing and blinking. These fluorescent marker boards also include a set of 8 liquid chalk markers. These fluorescent marker boards are a complete signage display! They include everything necessary to get a display started. The fluorescent marker boards, also known as an LED signs, come complete with an easel, set of 6 wet-erase chalk markers and 25" x 35" black panels. The fluorescent marker boards have a write-on surface so you can create your own custom message as often as needed! These LED signs are perfect in a myriad of situations. The fluorescent marker boards are perfect for use as a menu board in restaurants or bars. They can advertise virtually anything just inside the entrance of a commercial environment. This fluorescent marker boards that illuminate is loaded with features! The neon signs and easel configuration brings your custom message up to eye level for patrons. The easel has an adjustable clamp to hold your fluorescent marker boards that light up in place in either a portrait or landscape orientation. Both the LED panels and easel can be used independently, as well. The fluorescent marker boards in black are sent with hardware for both wall-mounting and ceiling suspension. The easel can be used on a countertop or a floor-standing display (only as a floor-standing display when used with these neon panels). The marker set includes with this fluorescent marker boards that flash lights consists of six markers (yellow, orange, white, blue, green and pink) with a 3/8" tip for bold, vivid color. These units feature blue, red and green LED lights along one edge of the board, and once plugged in, offer thirteen different flashing lighting effect settings! A non-abrasive cleaning cloth is included with your fluorescent marker boards for markers, as well.

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Spectra Shield is a convenient, clip and go alternative to monthly flea and tick treatments. Just clip the medallion to your dog's collar for 4 month's protection against fleas and ticks. It works even after swimming or bathing. Active ingredients: Zetacypermethrin 10%; Piperonyl Butoxide 20%. For use on dogs 6 months or older. Do not use on cats.

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Revival Animal Health
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Rotating Tree Stand

This Christmas all eyes will revolve around your rotating tree! Each decorative hunter green leg of this tree stand is crafted of durable plastic and easily clips into a center piece. Each of the four legs measures 10½ long creating stability for a tree with a maximum trunk diameter of 1. Connecting to any standard 120V outlet this tree stand is powered through a green UL listed cord and plug. Now you can stand back and enjoy this moving tree stand!

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Spectra Magnetic Whiteboard - Aluminum Frame - 3'H x 4'W

Ghent's Spectra Painted Steel Magnetic Whiteboard has many of the same great features as porcelain boards at a more affordable price. The board resists ghosting and has a 1/4" thick backing that is so durable that your board comes with a 20-year warranty. Since the Spectra dry erase board is magnetic, you can hang maps, reference materials, posters and class lists with your own magnets. Comes with an easy-to-install, detached marker tray with recessed edges that won't scratch arms and legs. This 3' 1/2" x 4' 1/2" Ghent Spectra Painted Steel Magnetic Whiteboard includes one black marker and eraser. Key Features Durable painted steel surface Affordable aluminum frame Backed by a 20-year warranty Specifications Writing Surface: Painted steel Magnetic: Yes Backing: 1/4" thick Frame: Aluminum Height: 3' 1/2" Width: 4' 1/2" Warranty: 20 years

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