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Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer AS08

The original injection sprayer (100 - 1,000 PSI)Finish Jobs Faster with Hydro-Force? Injection SprayersFor those that demand the best, the Hydro-Force Pro has all the great features you've come to expect along with a new 5 qt. container that makes the best sprayer in the industry even better! Cut your spray time in half! Quickly apply presprays, deodorizers, tile and grout cleaning solutions, sanitizers, protectors and more.Benefits:NEW, patent-pending container design makes the Hydro-Force sprayer the most convenient sprayer on the market.Large side-fill port ? refill without removing the injector assemblyWand holder to keep your wand off your customer's floorRecessed handle ? no more annoying velcro strapsOperating pressure range of 100-1,000 PSIEliminates annoying mixing required by pump up sprayersHigh-quality quick connects allow your gun to swivel and permits quick removalSpecifications:5 qt. transparent container w/qt. measurement markingsQuick connects for swiveling and quick removalSpray gun rated at 2600 PSI and 7 GPM7 dilution ratios using metering tip kit NA0816AChemically-resistant seals18" stainless steel wandRotomolded containerTethered cap

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2K Ceramic Chassis Black Satin Quart Eastwood 50430ZP

Now there's a catalyzed urethane form of our popular Chassis Black with a difference. This is our most durable, chemical resistant, and easiest to spray, chassis Black yet And since it's formulated with ceramic, it offers even better abrasion resistance Easy 41 mix with the 21854Z Activator 8 oz. spray with a 1.3 or larger nozzle spray gun. Covers about 50 sq. ft. in 2 coats. Withstands peaks up to 300 degrees F. For greatest durability apply over our 50242ZP Epoxy Primer. For professional use only. Contains isocynates. Proper respiratory protection Must Be Used. Our most durable, chemical-resistant, easiest-to-spray, chassis black Pack of 25 EZ Mix Colormate Cards works with the magnetic holder included with the 50339 EZ Mix Colormate Holder and 25 Cards. One catalyzed quart of Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black covers about 50 square feet in 2 coats. The 21854Z Activator 8 oz. is sufficient to catalyze one quart of Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black. Can Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black be applied directly over other finishes Generally Eastwood Ceramic Chassis Black can be applied over most thoroughly cured (cannot be indented with a thumbnail) finishes. Scuff first with 320 -600 grit and test a small area before coating the entire area. If lifting occurs, remove the lifting paint, sand the surrounding area, and seal the surface by priming first with 50242ZP Epoxy Primer mixed with 50243ZP Epoxy Primer Catalyst. NOTE Eastwood Epoxy Primer can be reduced up to 20 with 50104ZP Universal Zero VOC Urethane Reducer Qt. to use strictly as a sealer. This product is designed for use by trained professionals. Read understand all warnings and directions before use. Do Not Use Without Sufficient Ventilation. Users must wear an appropriate, properly fitted NIOSH-approved activated charcoal cartridge respirator if a forced fresh-air system is not available. Do not use this product, or be exposed to spray mist/vapors if you have respiratory problems, are pregnant or nursing. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets. This System comprises multiple components. Once mixed, this system will have the hazards of all components. Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet Catalog Search

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Hard Case Sprays

Mace® Pepper Spray - Attractive Hard Key Case Model fits easily in pocket or purse. Features glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap and keyring. 11 gram stream unit sprays up to 10 feet. Contains 5 one second bursts. Contains UV (ultraviolet) dye for easy police identification. Available in four fashionable colors. Includes key ring. Self defense sprays you keep on your key-chain.Mace Hard Case Pepper SprayThis is the famous Mace brand personal protection product in a standard sized keyring holder. The small size isn't too bulky but contains enough self defense spray to fend off an attacker when you need to. As a keychain spray, you will allways have it with you.Some states have restrictions on Pepper Sprays. Check if your state has restrictions here: Shipping RestrictionsMace Spray: A Great Choice for Self DefenseIt seems that our world is becoming more dangerous with every passing day. There are an ever-growing number of reports in the news about break-ins, assaults, robberies, rapes, and other violent crimes. Another disturbing fact is that these crimes are being committed in areas that never experienced violent crimes in the past. For this reason, we all need to consider methods of personal protection. Mace spray is one of the best methods you can use for self-defense.Non-Lethal Self-DefenseThe first, and possibly the most important, benefit of mace spray is that it is a non-lethal self-defense weapon. Although mace spray is non-lethal, it is still highly effective. Many of us do not want the weight of taking the life of another person, even if that person is doing harm to us. This is why mace spray is the perfect choice for your personal protection. If you are attacked, you can effectively defend yourself with this type of weapon. It will cause a burning sensation to the attacker's eyes and skin. The sensation is debilitating for a short amount of time but does not do any permanent damage. Many times people that are protecting themselves with guns or other lethal weapons will allow a situation to progress to a dangerous point because they really do not want to shoot another human. Mace spray eliminates this concern. Because it is non-lethal, you can stop a situation from escalating to a dangerous level sooner. Since you do not need to be concerned with killing another human, you can use your spray the instant you feel threatened.LicensingLicensing is another issue that you need not be concerned with; almost anyone can purchase and carry mace spray. With gun laws becoming stiffer, obtaining a gun is going to get tougher, and probably more expensive. To purchase a gun you will need to allow the seller to do an extensive background check on you. None of this applies with pepper sprays; you can order online and have it delivered to your home.CostMace spray is very inexpensive; you can purchase many cans for the cost of one box of ammunition for most guns.Safety and ReliabilityAnother big benefit is that it is safer than any gun. Every day you hea

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FlexiPro Rechargeable Electric Sprayer

Our Very Own Versatile, Convenient Battery-Powered Sprayer! Convenient! The new FlexiPro Rechargeable Sprayer holds a removable 2.5-gallon bottle, allowing you to easily switch chemicals. The translucent bottle also allows you to easily see when you need a refill. Fifteen feet of coiled hose allow you to move around easily while leaving the sprayer unit in one place. Flexible! Comes with an extra spray jet, so you can quickly and easily switch from doing carpet pre-spray to upholstery pre-spray. Removable jets allow for easy priming and rinsing of lines. Retractable Handle! Allows extra mobility with built-in wheels, or lift and carry with molded-in handle. Easy to Recharge! Between jobs, simply plug the car charger into your van's cigarette lighter or accessory outlet to maintain the battery's charge while you drive. (For proper charging with the car charger the vehicle's engine must be running.) To fully recharge the battery connect the AC wall charger for 12 hours. Sprays up to 60 gallons on a full charge! Durable! The rotomolded plastic housing unit is proven to last for years, as is the heavy-duty gun and stainless wand assembly. OmniPro is completely Viton fitted and repairs are easy when necessary. The battery and pump are mounted on an easy-to-access aluminum plate. Other Features and Benefits: Sprays at 50 psi. Wide Bottom prevents the sprayer from tipping over Large cap enables easy refills and less chance of spills Built In Extension Holder keeps out of the way on truck Large Wheels provide easy movement on commercial jobs or large rooms Extra Jets Easily Attached so you can move from carpet pre-spray to upholstery pre-spray to protector with different jets Easy Priming and Rinsing of Lines due to removable jets Easy to Recharge:Car Charger - cigarette lighter to sprayer battery; charges between jobs.Round Tip - Square TipAC Wall Charger - Wall outlet to sprayer battery; long term charging.Round Tip Square Tip Both chargers now included with every sprayer! Easy to Fix - simply remove 4 screws to service pump or battery Sealed Cavity so pump and battery are protected from spills Flojet Water Pump is durable, easy to maintain, self-priming

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Chypre notes, bergamot, oakmoss, Aldehydes, cistus-labdanum, Animalic notes patchouli

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Guns And Roses for Men by Mimo Chkoudra EDT Spray 3.3 oz

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Guns And Roses for Men by Mimo Chkoudra EDT Spray 3.3 oz gunsrm33 Real Fragrances at Unreal Prices at FragranceX.com. Shop over 15,000 brand name fragrances, skincare and cosmetics at up to 80% off retail prices. Free Shipping on all orders worldwid

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Weapons Grease - Mc25 Cleaner Degreaser 4 Oz. Spray Bottle

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Proven performance in extreme temperatures and on a wide variety of weapon types has earned these PTFE-based synthetic lubricants the approval of the U.S. Military, defense contractors and foreign militaries. Specially formulated lubricants minimize the accumulation of sand, dust and powder fouling to keep your firearms in fire-ready condition. Provide superior corrosion protection for all firearm metals in all types of environments. TW25B Grease is available in a re-sealable syringe or squeeze tubes and is recommended for heavy wear parts, exposed areas, and for bore protection. MC25 Cleaner Degreaser is available in a pump spray bottle and breaks down gun lubricants and burnt-in powder Mfg: Mil-Comm Products Company SPECS: TW25B Grease - ½ oz. syringe, 1½ oz. or 4 oz. tube. Rated for -90ºF (-67ºC) to 450ºF (232ºC). MC25 Cleaner Degreaser - 4 oz. pump spray bottle.

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EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ for WOMEN Chypre notes, bergamot, oakmoss, Aldehydes, cistus-labdanum, Animalic notes patchouli

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Spray Station 4500


This Earlex spray station is a highly portable spray system for serious users. The HV4500US professional gun has a 1.5 mm needle/tip and has a 650w turbine and a 13-foot hose.

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Pressure Washer Accessories: Simpson Paint Sprayers 36 in. Steel Spray Wand LAN0001

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Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. Professional replacement spray wand for use with Gunvalve Trigger Gun. This is the standard replacement wand for pressure washers rated less than 3500-PSI by UL. This lance is fitted with a QC on one end for

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Home Depot
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Spray Max Epoxy Primer Tan aerosol Spray Max 50771Z

2K patented aerosol allows you to paint with a two-component paint with no mixing Spray Max's innovative nozzle and valve technology, combined with its two internal chambers ensure the right ratio is mixed every time. Sprays like a gun, broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols and no mess to clean up. You'll get professional results from an aerosol. Pot life 4 days. 2k rust cure primer in buff has excellent adhesion and corrosion. Can be applied over new and rusty surfaces. Can overcoat with any 1k/2k system. 14.1 oz net weight. Made in Germany.This two-component paint needs no mixing 2K patented aerosol allows you to paint with a two component paint with no mixing Spray Max's innovative nozzle and valve technology, combined with its two internal chambers ensure the right ratio is mixed every time. Sprays like a gun, broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols and no mess to clean up. You'll get professional results from an aerosol. Potlife 4 days. 2k rust cure primer in buff has excellent adhesion and corrosion. Can be applied over new and rusty surfaces. Can overcoat with any 1k/2k system. 14.1 oz net weight. Made in Germany Click here to view product information sheet Catalog Search

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413 Spray Tip

413 reversible spray gun tip

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Whisper-Mist Quiet Professional HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning System with a Pint of 8.5% DHA Solution with Medium Bronzer, 4 Solution Variety Pack (1 Pint Total), Tanning Tent and Accessories

When the clientele served demand the highest quality tanning experience in a subtle and hushed atmosphere, the Whisper-Mist® is essential equipment. Complete Whisper-Mist® Tanning Center System Includes: * Apollo Model TC3/T5020 Whisper-Mist® Professional Tanning System o Powerful U.S. 110 Volt Turbine Air Pump Unit inside the Whisper Quiet Box. Includes easy glide wheels. o 14 Foot Flexible Air Hose with Quick Connect Couplers. Air Hose includes a 4' extra flexible whip end where the gun attaches to reduce operator fatigue. o Apolllo's Model T5020 Professional True HVLP Spray Application Gun complete with an 8 oz. (250cc) cup. Also includes a Spare Parts Kit o Pack of (3) 8 oz solution cups with lids. (Perfect for keeping several levels of tanning solutions ready to spray) o Detailed Instruction Manual * 1 Pint of Ocean 8.5% DHA Sunless Tanning Solution with Medium Bronzer o Our most popular solution Ocean 8.5% DHA tanning solution works best with fair to medium complexion skin types (light skin, skin that sunburns, mild to medium tone skin, etc...) and provides a rich natural looking bronze tan * Ocean "DHA" Sunless Tanning Solution Variety Samplers Pack o 4 - 4 Ounce Bottles (1 Pint Total) of Professional Salon "DHA" Tanning Solutions (Medium & Dark Bronzer in both 8.5 & 12.5% DHA) o Use the 4 different solutions on the full range skin complexions types (fair and olive to deep bronze skin tones). * Turbo Tan Accessories Kit o 10 Set of Sticky Feet, 10 Disposable Hair Net Caps, 10 Disposable Bras and 10 disposable Panty Thongs * Professional Airbrush and Turbine Spray Tanning Tent Booth o Portable Folding tent with Nylon Carrying Bag

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Hammerhead Prosumer 20" Surface Cleaner w/ ABS Housing & Compensating Spray

General Pump Hammerhead Prosumer 20" Surface Cleaner w/ ABS Housing & Compensating Spray Gun - DCFSCP20 - Hammerhead Flat Surface Cleaner Hovers above the surface just like the shark Patented Compensating Spray Gun Helps reduce operator's arm & shoulder fatigue Prosumer Grade

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515902 High Pressure Roller Attachment

This roller arm attachment is designed for paint crew and piston pump sprayersSimply attach it to the end of the spray gun and begin rollingFor use with Wagner specially designed roller covers SKU#755.9453 and SKU#893.0513 Ro

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Essential Hardware
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1800 PSI 1.4 GPM Electric Pressure Washer with High Pressure Variable

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Find yard power tools at Target.com! The stanley 1800 psi 1.4 gpm electric pressure washer has a high-pressure spray gun that's ideal for cleaning decks, patios, vinyl siding and more. This pressure washer variable spray gun comes with a turbo

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Maskout Spray, Kraft, Box Of 12

Maskout sprays save on additional costs for new cartons, crates or drums. Quickly covers old markings to make old cartons look like new. Reusable snap-on spray gun keeps hands clean. Easy to spray and use. Kraft Art & Drafting Supplies part of a large selection of office supplies. Maskout Spray, Kraft, Box Of 12 is one of many Paint Accessories available through Office Depot. Made by Kraft.

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Office Depot
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Commercial Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer - 2700 Psi - Honda Ohc Motor

MI-T-M Commercial Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer is specially designed to handle your toughest cleaning jobs. Direct drive axial pump with solid ceramic plungers and ceramic coated pistons combines with professional grade trigger gun to deliver powerful spray. 3/16" thick solid-steel base plates...

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C&H Distributors
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sprayer hand-wand replacements -20%

Replace broken or leaking spray wands for improved comfort and efficiency. The Pistol-Grip model has an 18" wand and a 300-psi maximum pressure. The Spray Gun model has a 19" wand with 30 offset tip, trigger lock and a 100-psi maximum pressure. Both

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Chypre notes, bergamot, oakmoss, Aldehydes, cistus-labdanum, Animalic notes patchouli

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