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Stocking Donner Jobst Stocking Donner -20%

The Jobst stocking donner makes applying compression stockings a breeze. Ideal for persons with arthritis and limited bending motion. Assorted Large

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Healthy Legs
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BSN Jobst Stocking Donner,For Calf Size: Upto 16",Each

BSN Jobst Stocking Donner is a stocking donning device for aiding in the application of vascular stockings. Ideal for persons with arthritis and limited bending motion due to its wire application aid. It is easy use and can be used with open or closed toe compression garments.

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Health Products For You
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Jobst Stocking Donner 110913

Easy to use device to help apply JOBST Hosiery * Ideal for people who have limited dexterity or have difficulty reaching their feet * Use with closed and open toe styles * 13 1/2 h x 7 1/2 w

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All Time Medical
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Jobst Stocking Donner 110913

Easy to use device to help apply JOBST Hosiery * Ideal for people who have limited dexterity or have difficulty reaching their feet * Use with closed and open toe styles * 13 1/2 h x 7 1/2 w

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All Time Medical
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Scrubs - Hanes Men's Cotton Underwear V-Neck T-Shirts -  2X

10% Off on Orders Over $300!

Specializing in all Hanes Scrubs! Hanes Scrubs in stock. Hanes Men's Cotton Underwear V-Neck T-Shirts made of Preshrunk 100% cotton. This v-neck t-shirt features a double-ply neck for added strength. 3-pk. White. Comes in Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X.

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Marcus Uniforms
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Stocking Aid - White

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Find independent living at Target.com! The polyethylene stocking aid by lifestyle essentials soft plastic stocking aid that can be easily folded or rolled to fit inside a sock. Curved cut outs on the sides hold the sock while it is being pulled up

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Elastic Knee Stocking

* This unique design provides form support to the joint with gentle compression iver the kneecap and shin * Helps in the recovery from knee injuries and relief of athritis pain * Designed to conform naturally to the contours of the knee and shin area Measure around the knee joint 11-13 - 21.9-33cm - Small 13(1/4)-15(3/4) - 33.7-40cm - Medium 16-18(1/2) - 40.6-47cm - Large 18(3/4)-21(1/2) - 47.6-54.6cm - X-Large

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Body Cushion - 3 piece set

Body Cushion - 3 piece set is in stock and ready to ship from Massagetools.com. We stock Body Cushion - 3 piece set for $389.00 and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 AED Battery Replacement

PowerHeart G3 AED Battery Replacement PowerHeart G3 AED Battery Replacement AM9146 A new cardiac science PowerHeart AED G3 battery pack has a shelf life of five (5) years stored at proper temperatures. Shelf life is defined as the length of time a PowerHeart G3 AED battery can be stored, prior to installation into AED, without degrading its performance. Proper storage temperature is between 0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F). This AED battery should be replaced every three years, depending on usage. With the PowerHeart AED G3 battery pack installed, the AED automatically tests it as part of the Daily Auto test. In addition, every 28 days a self test is performed to check the battery overload, electrodes, electronics, full energy charge cycle and software. When optimally maintained, a new PowerHeart AED G3 battery pack has a capacity of 7.5 Amp hours, which is equivalent to 12 hours of â??ONâ? time. It is important to know that just turning the AED on uses up battery capacity. Also, each year, battery capacity decreases while the battery is in the AED due to the normal self-discharge rate. After 4 years of absolutely no patient use, approximately 35% of the useful life will remain (4.9 hours of â??ONâ? time) Need more information on our Cardiac PowerHeart G3 battery? We're happy to help. Contact us online or toll free at 1-800-842-3753 to talk to one of our battery specialists today. Please Note: Only the Grey Model is currently in stock. There is no difference between the Grey cased battery and the Yellow in terms of size, shape, compatibility, or performance - it would be strictly cosmetic to match the unit. This Cardiac PowerHeart G3 AED battery features the following:Model # AM9146- FDA ApprovedVersion: Non-RechargeableBattery Chemistry: Sealed Lithium (LiSO2)(Lithium Sulfur Dioxide)OEM Part No# 9146-001Volts / Amps: 12 V / 7.5 AMPSWeight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lb)Typical Capacity: Up to 300 shocks, or 12 hours of ON time

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Tech Battery Solutions
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18320-PSMOphthalmic Set with Streak Retinoscope, PanOptic? Ophthalmoscope with Cobalt Filter and Corneal Viewing Lens, Lithium Ion Handle, and Hard Case

The Welch Allyn 18320-PSM Ophthalmic Set with Streak Retinoscope, PanOptic™ Ophthalmoscope with Cobalt Filter and Corneal Viewing Lens, Lithium Ion Handle, and Hard Case Disclaimer: The product image is a stock photo for presentation only and may not represent the actual physical contents of this item. This set includes: 18200 Streak Retinoscope 18250 Fixation Cards 11820 Panoptic Ophthalmoscope 71900 Lithium Ion Handle Hard Case  

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Claflin Medical Equipment & Supplies
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Sleep Stockings

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These comfortable stockings are designed to be worn at night to support circulation and help reduce swelling and pain with three levels of graduated compression: 17 mmHg in the ankles 13 mmHg in the calves and 7.5 mmHg in the thighs. Breathable open-

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Carol Wright Gifts
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Off-White Legal Covers (500)

(500 count) These imprinted legal covers will distinguish your professional reports & documents! Quality paper. Antique vellum, cotton fiber watermarked stock. Cover tops are marked for eyelet position. Free personalization. Includes your business imprint plus choice of typeface.

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J1811 Jiffy Padding Press

The Martin Yale J1811 Jiffy Padding Press is designed to allow small or large print shops to quickly and easily make their own carbonless forms, note pads and scratch pads. The sturdy metal construction means that the Martin Yale J1811 Jiffy Padding Press will hold up under normal usage in a print shop environment. A convenient tip back makes sure your paper stock is always square and perfectly aligned. This padding press will hold materials that are up to 5-3/4" high and up to 17-3/4" wide.Features:Simple operation makes it easy to handle most small padding jobsIdeal for padding carbonless forms, note pads and scratch padsA tip back makes sure your paper stock is always square and perfectly alignedWing screws tighten by hand - no tools requiredPadding capacity is 5 3/4" high and 17 3/4" wide Sturdy steel constructionSpecifications:Padding capacity: 5 3/4" high and 17 3/4" wideDimensions: 19" x 11" x 13"Weight: 18 lbs.

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ProCare Anti-Embolism Stockings - 79-90XXX

ProCare Anti-Embolism Stockings Information: Exclusive tapered tension gives proper gradient compression Two-way stretch construction for comfortable fit Open toe or closed toe style available in calf or thigh high Extra wide top band holds stocking in place with friction, not compression Washable Sold 12 pairs per package Latex free Compression at ankle: 18 mmHg Compression at calf: 13 mmHg Compression at thigh: 8 mmHg Indications Indicated to prevent leg embolism. Goals Control lymphaedema Ease of apply Comfort Support Level This brace is rated Professional Click here for Rating Information: - ProCare Braces 79-90XXX

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The Brace Shop
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Ant-Embolism Open Toe Thigh High 18 mmHg Support Stocking

TRUFORM Anti-Embolism Open Toe Thigh High 18 mmHg Support Stockings are available in beige and white.

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www.foryourlegs .com
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Sock and Stocking Aid MBoss 10607B

Flexible sock aid makes putting on socks easier for people who have difficulty bending * The sock or stocking stays open as the three fingers gently bend to accomodate the contours of the heel and foot * The smooth inner surface allows the foot to glide effortlessly into the sock while the outer embossed ridges hold the sock firmly in place * Loop strap can be manipulated with one hand and length is adjustable up to 30 *

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All Time Medical
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(refurbished) Physio-control Medtronic Lifepak 500 Aed Biphasic Defibrillator

Physio-Control Medtronic Lifepak 500 Aed Biphasic External Automated Defibrillator Please call 1-800-693-0032 to check stock. (Biphasic Technology...Less Tissue Damage!) Refurbished Medtronic's Physio-Control Lifepak 500 defibrillator is one of the most p

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MTR Superstore
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Vesta Stair Lift- Factory Reconditioned

If you like the features of the AmeriGlide Vesta, but are shopping on a budget, consider a reconditioned unit! Our reconditioned AmeriGlide Vesta stair lifts will give you the comfort and security of a reliable, easy-to-maintain rack and pinion stair lift with a 300-pound weight capacity and comfortable lift seat. The Vesta works with a standard household power outlet and features a backup battery to keep you mobile even in the event of a power outage. Our stock of reconditioned stair lifts is made up of units that were previously used at trade shows or in storefronts as demo models and have light wear. Our technicians refurbish the stair lift from top to bottom to ensure that you receive a quality product that is indistinguishable from a new stair lift model, and even offer an exceptional warranty for a reconditioned model!  We guarantee that you won't be able to tell a difference. Call our mobility specialists today and experience the AmeriGlide difference at the lowest possible price point.

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Duplicator 5s 3d Printer - 12" X 8" X 24" Massive Build Area

Duplicator 5S 3D Printer - 12" x 8" x 24" Massive Build Area Whoa, you have got to see the all new Duplicator 5S 3D Printer, it's MASSIVE... and has one of the largest printing areas on the market today. It's designed for printing large size objects, quickly with high 20 micron resolution; it comes with a single extruder that uses 3.00mm filament. You can print anything from ABS and PLA all the way to our crazy NinjaFlex or Eco Flex soft filaments, the all new Duplicator 5S will print anything you need it to print! This is a pretty big step up from your average MakerBot or DIY RepRap... check it out and print something BIG why don't ya!! ;) So, why buy your Duplicator 5S 3D Printer from MakerGeeks.com? You might want to think twice before you order that 3D printer from China or off eBay; with no warranty, no support after the sale and the cost of shipping and import taxes that "super deal" can turn into a real hassle before you know it. You can trust MakerGeeks.com, we are a real US based company that stands behind everything we sell. We have been in the retail business for nearly 15 years now and know how to keep a happy client! We service what we sell 100% in house, if you have an issue we'll help you solve it no problem! MakerGeeks.com is located in the USA which means if you are here state-side you won't have to pay for taxes, import duty or shipping... it's all FREE. At over half the cost of a MakerBot we have a great price on a machine that will keep you printing for many years to come! We print with the same printers we sell - we 3D print A LOT here, north of 100,000 printing hours every year... so we know how to get a 3D printer up and running right, and running fast for you! We stock a full line of spare and replacement parts in house and ready to ship today! (click here to see our 3D Printer Parts) We are 3D Printing Geeks and really enjoy helping new clients get their feet wet and start enjoying this amazing technology... once you get a 3D printer beware, you'll be hooked!! MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Overall dimensions: 460 x 400 x 860 mm Shipping Weight: 40kg (88 lbs) Linear ball bearings Precision ground Core XY. Snap-on, snap-off filament assemblies Full Extreme Rock XV steel Structure ELECTRONICS Duplicator 5S single-piece motherboard 4 axis, 1/16 micro-stepping motor control 4x20 LCD character display and turning and press control pad Piezoelectric buzzer Universal Power Supply: 115-250V, 50/60Hz, 4.0A (input), and takes standard IEC cable SOFTWARE: WanhaoMaker Compatibility: Linux, OSX, and Windows Print from SD card or over USB Input file type: STL, gcode OVERVIEW FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS Build envelope 305 x 205 x 605 mm | Build volume About 37.8 liters Layer thickness Choose 0.02-0.4 mm which is adjustable by software Stock nozzle diameter Stock 0.4 mm Speed 20-300 mm/s Flow Rate Approximately 200 cc/hr Extruder Temperature Recommended Maximum 200-230 C Positioning precision 2.5 micron on Z axis 11micron on XY axis MATERIALS Works w

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Diabetic Test Strips - bx 100

FreeStyle Test Strips - TheraSense FreeStyle Diabetic Test Strips Note: We have a cheaper price for FreeStyle 50ct Diabetic Test Strips Click here to save by buying 2 boxes of 50's instead of 1 Stock up on FreeStyle Flash Diabetic Test Strips to test blood glucose levels with the FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System. The easy-to-use FreeStyle Test Strips allow people with diabetes to take a blood sample from multiple sites including their fingertips, forearm, upper arm, thigh, calf and fleshy part of the hand, eliminating virtually all the pain of testing. The package of FreeStyle Diabetic Test Strips comes in 1 vial of 100 TheraSense Test Strips. FreeStyle Flash Test Strips are affordable and easy to use! FreeStyle Test Strips Features: 3 simple steps from start to finish FreeStyle uses AAAA lightweight batteries Audible beep signals user when strip is full The small sample is drawn into the test strip Fast response times of 15 seconds on average Automatically shuts off 2 minutes after last user action Insertion of the test strip automatically turns meter on The lightweight meter is designed for portability with an easy-to-read display Built-in data port allows users to download readings to a PC using FreeStyle Connect Data Management Software Note: We have a cheaper price for FreeStyle 50ct Diabetic Test Strips Click here to save by buying 2 boxes of 50's instead of 1

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