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Big Book of Christmas Crafts

The projects are...Not enough room to list them all with the detail I wanted to but here's what I could get in....may need to enlarge patterns. GIFTS AND GOODIES - Beaded Elegance, Holly Gift Box, Winter Glow Candles, Gift Totes, Festive Christmas Soaps, Snowflake Gift Tags, Santa ad Rudolph Gift Bag, Frosty Gift Bag, Reindeer Photo Holder, Frosty Votives, Wine Glass Rings, Flying Santa, Holiday Memories Photo Mats, Christmas Paper Scrapbook, Christmas Gift Tags, Mosaic Tile Gingerbread Frame, Cowboy Santa Stocking, Scottie Dog Throw, Holiday Puppets, Holly Berry Frame. CHRISTMAS HOME DECOR.... Plush Snowman (photo), Baby Blitzen (photo), Sleeping Angel, Hugs for Mom Sled, Holly Switch Cover, Candle Garden, Santa & Snowman Picture, Wire Noel, Mitten Minder, Doorknob Santa, Christmas Light Elves, Spoon Elf (felt), Angel Bathroom Decor, Snowman Gel Candle (photo), Frosty Etched Mirror (photo), Holiday Floor Cloth, Christmas Apple Wreath, Noel Garland, Stitcher's Mini tree, Snowed Inn Birdhouse, Sugarplum Twinklers, Snowman Tissue Topper, Felt Banner Ornaments, Sparkly Snowflakes (rug), Let It Snow! TREE TRIMS & ORNAMENTS.... Geometric Wooden Ornaments, Sleepy Puppy & Kitten (see photo), Gingerbread Kids, S'more" Snowman (not food), Begging for Christmas, Santa's Little Helper, Christmas Mouse, Fan Ornaments, Holiday Stockings, Felt Birds, Paper Ornaments, Craft Stick Rudolph, Candle Cup Ornaments, Tin Punch Elfin Ornament, Winter Hats, Holiday Birdhouse, Snow Angel, Wooden Angel, Candy Cane Snowman. HOLIDAY HOSPITALITY... Candyland Christmas Tree, Snowmen Mugs, Grapevine Wreaths, Wired Basket, Christmas Tree Apron, Tea for Two Apron, Frosty Gel Candle, Gumdrop Favors, Holiday tablecloth, Snowy Pine Table Runner, Wreath Coasters, Sweet Treats, Christmas Goodies, Holiday Dinnerware, Holly Burner Covers, Christmas Candle, Christmas Vase & Frame, Snowy Trivet & Coasters, Precious Metals Plate, Snowy Lunch Box, Snowflake Washtub and Several more...

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The Soldier: Alien in the Delta Series (Volume 2)

Alien in the Delta Series "Alien in the Delta" has been separated into a three books series. "The Soldier" is the second book. Thankful Strother spent four years in the United States Air Force. He was stationed in Germany where he learned to speak German, met his future wife and traveled throughout Europe."The Child" is the first book in the series. It highlights the life of a boy from the age of six until he graduates from high school at age seventeen. During that time he discovers music, girls, learns to dance, and becomes self-aware."The Adult" is the last book in the series of three.Thankful returns home from Germany. He settles in Detroit, gets married, starts a family and buys their first house. He goes to work in the automotive industry, learns to program computers, enters the corporate world and becomes a successful real estate investor. The Series end after his promotion to District Sales Manager of NCR Corporation and the family moves to a Detroit suburb."Chicken Dinner"An experience that stands out in my mind happened in a German restaurant. We were young men from the United States, living in Europe without a lot of exposure. Our knowledge of culture limited because we had not seen or done many things before coming to Germany. Bobby and I went to a German restaurant to eat dinner. We had gone there once before, and this time we brought our friend, Shorty with us. The hostess seated us and gave us the menus. While Shorty looked over the menu, Bobby and I had already decided what we wanted to order, so we placed our menus on the table. Noticing this, Shorty said that he would have whatever we were ordering. This restaurant was very upscale. Each table had a white tablecloth on it with a beautiful flower arrangement in the center. The settings consisted of plates, silverware, glasses, and white cloth napkins. When the waitress came to take our order, we all ordered the chicken dinner, just as before when Bobby and I had eaten there. Each dinner included a large piece of chicken, baked potato, salad, bread roll, and dessert. Except for the dessert, all the dinner items were serve to us at the same time. When we finished eating our dinner, our plates were remove. The waitress returned to our table carrying several small plates and bowls half filled with water with a lemon slice floating on top. She placed the small plates in front of us and set a bowl on each small plate. I asked Bobby if he wanted my lemon soup. He had enjoyed it so much the last time we were at the restaurant. Shorty began to laugh and said, "Let me get this straight. Are you telling me that Bobby ate the contents of that bowl the last time you were here?" I told Shorty that not only did he eat his soup, he also ate my serving. I described how Bobby took his bread and tore it into little pieces and placed them in the soup and used a spoon to finish eating his soup. At that point Shorty had started to convulse from laughing. We laughed along with Shorty, not knowing why he

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LeapFrog Tag 21174 Dr. Seuss - Green Eggs And Ham Story Book

Printed Book - Category: Story

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Tablet Podium is an Interactive Digital Device Holder

This iPad tablet podium has a locking enclosure for a touch-screen iPad. Also provided are ledges against which a speaker's notes can be placed. The silver iPad tablet podium is perfect for use in a church, university or trade show conference.This multimedia display holder, tablet podium, is great for combining digital content and printed literature into one interactive stand. Engage customers and guests in a retail store, restaurant, or trade show with this stunning dual purpose holder! Display menus, catalogues, flyers, or any marketing literature while employing technology-based information such as company websites simultaneously with this tablet podium smart stand. Often used commercially, this lectern has a double locking design for extra security in public settings. Included with two sets of keys, this tablet podium that is a digital device display authorizes only the owner to access the technology locked inside. Also, this presentation stand features a hidden home button to prevent tampering during a presentation or demonstration. This tablet podium, including an iPad stand, is a secure case fixture for digital devices.Keep ahead of competitors with this iPad display! Use both printed literature and technology based sources to engage and inform audiences with this tablet podium that is an interactive kiosk. Transcend the boundaries between old and new generations by providing two different media channels to advertise products and services when physical interaction is impractical. In high traffic areas, such as trade shows or retail stores, it is challenging to catch people’s attention. This interactive tablet podium provides a location with an eye catching fixture that is the latest in marketing strategies and emerging technologies. Need not worry about computer devices powering down while on display because this computer device and literature holder is designed with integrated charging. Hide charging cables inside the stem of this stand to maintain a clean and polished appeal. This tablet podium provides a work space for the user. Standing at 50” off of the floor, this kiosk is an ideal height for the average person. This tablet podium that is a device holder is strategically angled at 65° for a comfortable viewing position for reading and rhetoric.

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Overhead Stall Fan Holder, Stall Supplies

The ultimate adjustable angle fan support for maximum air circulation Easily mounts at the top of stall wall for optimum functionality Durable heavy duty steel hold most standard box fans Industry leading 5 Year Easy-Up Warranty against breakage Comes with mounting hardware and (1) stretch cord to secure fan Click here to download assembly instructions. The best place to mount stall fans is at the top of the wall, to circulate fresh air around the whole stall. Heavy duty steel frame assembles easily to hold most standard box fans (up to 24" tall x 24" wide x 6" deep). Frame mounts easily to the top of any wall up to 2" thick.

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Schneider Saddlery
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Books Videos and CDs Deluxe Logbook And Binder

NAUI Books Videos and CDs Deluxe Logbook And Binder - Scuba Gear diving equipment and dive gear with customer reviews - *Water resistant organizer with Logbook *Three-ring organizer is 450 denier with mesh pocket in rear panel pen/pencil and c-card holders inside front cover and zipper closure *NAUI Deluxe Logbook is a full color extensive logbook that comes with sections for equipment records checklists service records dive log sections mapping sections and even sections for the S&P and Risk Management Handbooks * FULL MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY

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Womens Walk Your Way Toward a Cure Pink Ribbon Pack

Pink Ribbon fanny pack material is durable polyester and measures 8 x 4.25 x 2 inchesPink Ribbon bandana material is 50% polyester, 50% cotton and measures 21.5 x 21.5 inchesPink Ribbon embroidered sport wristband material is polyester and measures 3 x 2.75 x .5 inchesPink Ribbon clip-n-go water bottle holder material is synthetic and measures 5.75 x 2 inchesPink Ribbon double share pin set material is metal and measures .75 x .5 inches Keep the spirit high and show your support with this Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness pack. Walk your way to a cure with all the essentials. The fanny pack is the perfect way to keep everything you need and still be hands-free to enjoy the walk. Tie the bandana around your head, neck, or any other body part or clothing and let the vibrant pink words of encouragement printed on the bandana speak for itself. All the hard work and exercise may work up a sweat so strap on the Pink Ribbon pink or white sweatbands and continue to show your support. The clip-n-go water bottle is another great way to express your dedication to the cause with the Pink Ribbon logo, the holder top wraps around the spout of a water bottle and can be clipped on to anything with the carabineer. The double share Pink Ribbon pins are an awesome way to spread the word and continue on finding a cure. A portion of your purchase will be made to various cancer support programs throughout the country to provide the ongoing research and education to find a cure.

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Think Before You Ink Pen Holder

Don't shoot! This clever shotgun pen holder challenges users to see a controversial object in a new way. Meant for use with the bullet pen, this pewter accessory teaches viewers not to fear the gun, but to make use of its "ammunition" (the bullet pen) in a non-violent way. Each one is hand cast, then soldered and finished by artisans. Designed by Jac Zagoory. Made in Rhode Island.

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Fingerprint Cards Applicant FD-258

This is the standard FBI fingerprint card form No. FD-258 used by the FBI Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and many police agencies for noncriminal fingerprinting such as for employment clearances or immigration purposes. If you've been asked to submit fingerprints this is the correct card. Cards: Choose from either a pack of 250 50 or 5 cards. Choose your cards via the pull-down menu Ink: Add a perfect print ink pad or disposable ink foil strips. The ink is made for easy cleanup. The ink pad that will last for at least 500 prints. The ink strips are single use (one strip will print 10 fingers.) Strips come in packs of 5 and 50 strips.  Choose from the following options using the pull-down menus: Applicant cards 250 pk 50 pk 5 pk High Contrast Cards Add Card Holder Add Ink 50 ink strips 5 ink strips 1 ink pad    

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Crime Scene
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Phys. Ed. Cart

Keep all of your equipment organized, accessible, and mobile. The Phys. Ed. Cart will keep you ready for the next activity during recess or Phys. Ed. class allowing you to move inside and out. Large metal basket which holds up to 20 basketballs Three removable open tubs with a lifetime warranty Hula-hoop holder Four 5" casters (2 locking) Five-year frame warranty Frame Dimensions: 41"W x 17"D x 36"H Tub Dimensions: 15"W x 6"D x 12"L Each tub holds up to 25 lbs.

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Phys Ed Cart

Keep your playground equipment organized in one spot with the Copernicus Phys Ed Cart. This sturdy mobile storage bin keeps sports balls, hula hoops and other games easily accessible during gym class and recess. The large metal basket holds up to 20 basketballs, smaller toys fit perfectly in plastic tubs and hula hoops stay upright on the side holder. Wheel it around on smooth, heavy-duty casters that won't scuff gymnasium floors.

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School Outfitters
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Acrylic Wall Sign Holder

this is the clear acrylic wall-mount sign holder 9 tall 4 inch wide (standard tri-fold size) ,2 holes at top for mounting .,,i saved the listing that ,maybe amazon created mistakingly thinking it was the name of a book .

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Ames Lettering Guide

Ames Lettering Guide Manufactured by the Fullerton Trading Company View a video on the Ames Lettering Guide by Professor JoBeth Halpin of Triton College A basic tool for cartooning, as recommended by all. Hard to find, but we have it for you. The Ames Lettering Guide is used to draw guidelines for freehand lettering. Holes are spaced for three different systems. It includes direct setting for cross-hatching, grouped sets of guidelines and inch or metric measurements. Remember to always use your straight edge to make your verticals. The straight side of the Ames lettering guide works great for this. Also, don't forget that dark black letters are our goal. The Ames Lettering Guide works like the chalk holder your elementary school teacher used. It makes guidelines for you to use when doing architectural lettering too.

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Madison Art Shop
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Books Videos and CDs Water Resistant Organizer

NAUI Books Videos and CDs Water Resistant Organizer - Scuba Gear diving equipment and dive gear with customer reviews - *Water resistant organizer *Three-ring organizer is 450 denier with mesh pocket in rear panel pen/pencil and c-card holders inside front cover and zipper closure * FULL MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY

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Books Videos and CDs Eel Cave Binder Log Book

Innovative Books Videos and CDs Eel Cave Binder Log Book - Scuba Gear diving equipment and dive gear with customer reviews - *Free log book inserts included *Zippered 3 ring binder holds log inserts *Card and pen holders *Quick snap to hold keys *FRONT COVER PRINT STYLE: Eel Cave Image * FULL MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY

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Kibcoh Page Holder Bookmark

Never have your page flip unexpectedly again! This sturdy metal sheet music bookmark will keep you in the right place without bending or tearing your pages. A must for every practicing or performing musician.

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Books Videos and CDs Deluxe Log Book - Instruction Materials

Scuba Books Videos and CDs Deluxe Log Book - Instruction Materials - FREE SHIPPING - Scuba Gear diving equipment and dive gear with customer reviews - *Zippered 3 ring binder holds log inserts *Card and pen holders *Inside View  *Quick snap to hold keys *Log Book Inserts - (see below to order) *Scuba.com logo * FULL MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY

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99 Cent Solutions: Easy Ways to Save Thousands of Dollars

You don't have to be rich to live well; now you can outfox the high cost of living the old-fashioned five-and-dime way. Don't be tempted by all of those "new" products on the shelves; instead, rediscover the power of those time- honored, thrifty household items your grandparents and parents used. You'll save a bundle with over 1,300 of these clever hints and tips: A Frisbee is a handy item to keep around the house and can be used as a portable pet dish, paint palette, and paper plate holder Hair spray is an inexpensive way to preserve flowers, remove pet hair from a couch, kill bugs, and stop static cling Cedar chips will drive fleas from a pet bed, keep snails at bay in your garden, and repel moths from your wool sweaters Furniture polish will spiff up hubcaps and bicycles, add shine to shower doors, and stop squeaky door hinges Glass cleaner will make your jewelry sparkle, relieve bee sting pain, dry out pimples, and shine patent leather shoes Aluminum foil makes a stunning wrap for a wedding gift, works effectively as a substitute for hair curlers in a pinch, and when placed under your ironing board cover will increase the efficiency of your iron An ice cream scoop can be used to measure the perfect amount of potting soil, shape butter into fancy shapes for a holiday dinner, and form perfect meatballs and cookies A pillowcase will dry lettuce in seconds, makes a cute summer dress for a child, covers a baby's changing pad, and functions as a travel laundry bag Knitting needles make stylish hair accessories, can serve as kebab holders for a fun fruit snack, function in place of toothpicks to test a cake's doneness, and can be used to protect your garden from invading critters

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Half-Dollar 2x2 Coin Mount Cube: 100 Count

Dupont Mylar provides optimum protection for half dollar coins. Easy to use; just fold over & staple. Each box contains 100 holders.

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Making Candles: Ideas For Home-Made Candles and Creative Displays In 130 Photographs

A beautiful little gift book full of ideas for making, decorating and displaying candles around the home - easy-to-follow projects show how to make your own candles, embelllish them, and create home-made holders and containers in all kinds of inspirational styles.

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