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Tulsi Loose Leaf Tea - Original 3.5 oz Can -33%

Certified Organic Tulsi Loose Leaf Tea from Organic India is a delicious, original flavor. It's a perfect blend of three varieties of Tulsi leaves. The three sacred varieties of Tulsi are blended to create a delicious, calming tea with hints of lemon

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Organic Yerba Mate Unsmoked Loose Tea - 16 oz.

Eco Teas Organic Yerba Mate Unsmoked - 16 oz. (454 g)  Eco Teas Organic Yerba Mate Unsmoked is a pure leaf yerba mate that contains nearly twice the antioxidant power of green tea. It comes from a small organic family farm in northeastern Argentina, where it is dried with a unique smoke-free drying process to achieve a smooth, clean flavor. They take the extra time to remove stems and powder, so the loose yerba mate you buy from them is the most nutritious, energizing product possible. Where you are using a coffee-maker, a French press, a tea ball, or a traditional mate gourd and bombilla straw, their Eco Teas loose yerba mate is the highest quality, best value product on the North American market. Enhances physical energy Stimulate mental clarity Supports a weight loss regimens that include a balanced diet and exercise Elevates mood Aids elimination About Yerba MateYerba Mate History & CultureThe first people to discover yerba mate were the Guarani (pronounced wa-ra-nee). Their traditional homeland in Paraguay, northern Argentina, and southern Brazil overlaps the home range of wild yerba mate. The Guarani enjoy yerba mate as a daily tonic, and also as the basis of their medicinal system. They have a legend telling how yerba mate was the gift of a benevolent god, who gave the tree to a small group of  weary travelers as a reward for their righteousness. When Jesuit missionaries arrived in the region in the 16th century, they organized the Guarani people into a system of missions along the Rio Alto Parana. These missions grew so wealthy as a result of their yerba mate plantations that the regional secular governments ejected the Jesuits and took over production. This was an era of much hardship and turmoil for the Guarani people.Over the course of the following centuries, yerba mate developed into an icon of national identity for many South American countries, especially Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

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Organic Orange Blossom

Organic Orange Blossom 2.4 Ounces Loose Leaf Tea

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Revv Organic Ginger Citrus Loose Tea

We are proud to offer this collection of hand-selected and artfully crafted fine teas. From traditional, even ancient, varieties to modern infusions and inventive blends, these teas all have a colorful story to tell.Letterbox celebrates fine teas with a historic collection of flavors. An invigorating blend of spice and fruit, a spectrum of flavors collide in this spicy, tart, citrus infusion. Organic ginger root, lemongrass, wild schizandra berries, rose hips, licorice root, and natural oils of lime and lemon combine for a stimulating Revv to your palate.To brew, bring freshly drawn filtered water to a boil, steep five minutes, and enjoy. Certified organic by OneCert. Contains caffeine. 1 oz. Makes 15 cups of tea. Made in Nepal.

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Sur La Table
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Caramel Nougat Noir Loose Leaf Tea Canister

Caramel Nougat Noir Loose Leaf Tea Canister by Tea Forte. Presenting the dark, deep steep of NOIR, haunting and robust black teas blended to delight even the coffee purist. Hand-picked tea leaves from the famed Jamguri tea garden are blended with artisan pan-roasted leaves for a liquor that is superbly smooth, without a trace of bitterness. This tea offers a deep, distinctive, robust steep no other black tea can match. Each recyclable canister is air tight and filled with the same blends offered in our signature pyramid infuser. 35-50 servings per canister. All teas are organic.

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Tea Forte
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Two Leaves Tea: Organic Darjeeling - 1/2 lb. Loose Tea in a Resealable Sleeve

Strong but sensitive - we like that in a tea. These organic, golden orange pekoe tea leaves are grown on the rolling hills of Darjeeling, India. This rich drink evokes the quality tea from India, and its subtle astringency pairs perfectly with dessert. Approximately 90 servings Caffeine: MODERATE Top note: Tangy Middle Note: Light but full Finish: Brisk

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Serious Chai
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BuffaLoam Organic Plant Food Loose Compost Tea Organic Compost

BuffaLoam Organic Plant Food Loose Compost Tea works by feeding the microbes in the soil which improves overall plant health, strengthens the root system, and increases yield and foliage. BuffaLoam Organic Plant Food Loose Compost Tea is made from 100% buffalo compost that comes exclusively from the Diamond Tail Ranch in the North of Colorado. OMRI Listed.

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Organic Tea for Me Gift Set - Gift Basket

An organic tea and treats keepsake basket for the tea drinker in your life. Includes a single serving ceramic teapot and teacup with organic bergamot-infused loose-leaf green tea. Gourmet snacks for pairing include Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks, Lemon Tea Cookies, and Roasted Almonds, in a lovely keepsake basket. Gift Includes: Republic of Tea Organic Green Earl Greyer: An organic Chinese green tea with a citrus twist and invigorating bergamot infusion. One Chocolate Brown Tea for Me nested Teacup and Teapot. Lemon Tea Cookies. Two Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks. Roasted Almonds w/ Sea Salt. See the What's Inside Tab for a complete description of included items. Features: USDA Certified Organic Green Tea. Republic of Tea: A member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, emphasizing a sip-by-sip rather than a gulp-by-gulp lifestyle. A beautiful keepsake woven basket. Personalize It! Complete the personalization option during checkout and we'll print your message on a satin ribbon. One line with up to 45 characters, requested text repeats across entire ribbon. Measures: 10 x 8 x 3

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Simply Spa Detoxify Me Tea from Isabella

This organic, loose leaf, herbal Detoxify Me Tea is like a turbo boost to your health.

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Tea Medicinal - FertiliTea for Women 3 oz

FertiliTea for Women 3 oz. FertiliTea is the natural healthful - and delicious - herbal fertility tea designed to support the entire reproductive system and help increase your chances of conceiving. FertiliTea brings together scientifically-validated herbal ingredients (including vitex) to help restore female balance and promote reproductive wellness.Designed by Amos Grunebaum MD an internationally recognized fertility expert FertiliTea is the only herbal tea that offers a complete spectrum of fertility-enhancing ingredients chasteberry (vitex) and red raspberry leaf which have been shown to help conception efforts. A tea for fertility health FertiliTea offers a comprehensive blend of organic herbs that are both safe and effective.Each bag of FertiliTea is vacuum-sealed for freshness and contains a 1 month supply of this nutritive herbal tonic. All ingredients are organic and wildcrafted and of the freshest and highest quality with no preservatives or additives. FertiliTea offers a zesty refreshing aroma and delightful mint flavor - the perfect companion for anytime every day.Why a loose-leaf tea? A loose-leaf tea ensures maximum freshness flavor and most importantly nutritional support. Herbal tea leaves need room to expand in order to properly transfer all their nutrients. Our airtight light-proof bags keep tea fresh for up to two years and contain no glues or staples that are commonly used in teabags.Product Highlights: Drink 2-3 cups per day beginning right away there is no need to wait for a particular time within your cycle to start. One bag is generally a 1-month supply. Intended for daily use by women trying to conceive. Manufactured in the U.S. in a GMP-certified facility; guaranteed quality and potency.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition. Ingredients: FertiliTea Organic and Wildcrafted Herbal Ingredients Chasteberry (vitex) - stimulates the hormones involved with ovulation and helps restore female hormonal balance. It is used as an herbal treatment for infertility and is especially helpful for women with irregular cycles failure to ovulate or a short luteal phase. Red raspberry leaf - highly regarded for its ability to tone the uterus and muscles of the pelvic region. A highly nutritive ingredient red raspberry is a powerful fertility-promoting herb especially when used in combination with peppermint. Green tea - a powerful antioxidant that enhances reproductive health by repairing the oxidative damage that occurs naturally as the result of environmental toxins and aging. Much has been written about the positive correlation between green tea and fertility. Ladies mantle - a tonic herb that is useful in regulating a wom

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Yerba Mate Herb Tea, Organic, Fresh Green, Loose, 12 oz (340 mg)

Loose yerba mate. The healthy energizer. USDA organic. A treasure from South America comes home to you. Discover yerba mate and energize the Brazilian way. Stands Out in the Crowd of Energizers. Mate enhances mental clarity, gives long lasting

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Organic Loose Tea

Approximately 50 servings.Organic Earl Grey Decaffeinated: Natural Italian oil of bergamot gives this tea its crisp citrusy bouquet. An all time classic. Handpicked fine Assam tea, scented with natural Italian oil of bergamot & blue melba blossoms. Decaffeinated using the natural CO2 process. 4 oz Glass JarOrganic Masala Chai: This warm and mysterious authentic Chai combines Assam black tea, cardamon pods, cinnamon pieces & ginger root. 6 oz Glass JarOrganic Pomegranate Oolong: All the sophistication of a fine oolong tea coupled with sweet, tart pomegranate. 4 oz Glass JarGreen Passion: Our most popular green tea, this blend is an energizing combination of Japanese Sencha, natural Siberian ginseng, marigold flowers, and exotic passion fruit essence. The flavor is clean and slightly sweet. A favorite for the novice as well as the connoisseur. 4 oz Glass JarOrganic Jasmine: These delicate green tea buds are mingled with Jasmine blossoms, hand picked under the light of the moon. 4 oz Glass Jar

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Noir Loose Leaf Tea Canister - Caramel Nougat

A tantalizing tea with the taste of sweet creamy caramel and toasty roasted hazelnut with a buttery finish. A perfect complement to post-dinner conversation, or as a delightful cup anytime. Enhance with a splash of milk.Presenting the dark, deep steep of NOIR, haunting and robust black teas blended to delight even the coffee purist. Hand-picked tea leaves from the famed Jamguri tea garden are blended with artisan pan-roasted leaves for a liquor that is superbly smooth, without a trace of bitterness. This tea offers a deep, distinctive, robust steep no other black tea can match. Each recyclable canister is air tight and filled 35-50 servings per canister. All teas are organic.

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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
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Green Herbal Tea Kit

A cup of tea is more than just a handy hot beverage. The warmth soothes your body, waiting for the tea to steep gives your mind a moment to rest, and the different herbs used can calm, stimulate or heal. This holistic tea set offers you to sip from an array of nine medicinal herbs and three varieties of eco-certified, organic green tea from Japan, India, and Sri Lanka (there are two tins per type of tea). From toxin-cleansing rose petals to cholesterol-lowering tamarind, every special herb is labeled with its unique blend of health benefits, making it easy for you to formulate just the right tea for your mind, body and spirit. Steep the loose leaf teas and herbs in the included, reusable tea bags made from biodegradable corn silk. Kit assembled in Canada.Exclusively at UncommonGoods.Please click here to see the list of each herb included in kit.

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Tulsi Loose Leaf Tea Green Tea - 3.5 oz.

Organic India - Tulsi Loose Leaf Tea Green Tea - 3.5 oz. (100 g) Organic India Tulsi Loose Leaf Green Tea is a rejuvenating blend of Tulsi and green tea. Tulsi Tea is abundant in antioxidants. It's your teatime! A harmonious blend of Tulsi and green tea, simply accented with an aromatic lemon flavor lift from Tulsi. This wonderful flavor combination provides a natural energy boost with half the caffeine! Treat your taste buds to the bright burst of pomegranate, the energetic boost of green tea and the spice of Tulsi. Organic India's special blend is made with delicious pomegranate, sweet hibiscus flowers, tart elderberries and notes of refined citrus. Combined with Tulsi and organic green tea, Tulsi pomegranate green tea creates an antioxidant-rich tonic that increases energy levels and improves digestion, while cooling and refreshing your senses. This tango of flavor and health will make you feel like you're brewing your own personal fruit orchard... and cultivating a natural medicine chest! An antioxidant-rich tea that increases energy levels, while cooling and balancing your senses. Certified Organic Gluten free Contains 12 mg of caffeine per serving Reduces stress Promotes calmness & clarity Rich in natural antioxidants Powerful adaptogen 50 2-gram servings Green tea is made of steamed leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Green tea's health benefits have been studied extensively over the last few decades. It's a great source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Antioxidants interact with and stabilize free radicals and may prevent some of their damage. Researchers are also investigating green tea's possible effect on conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

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Organic Yerba Mate Chai Loose Tea 12 oz Pkg -31%

Yerba Mate Chai Loose Herb Tea from Mate Factor combines South American Yerba Mate with chai spices for a delicious and energizing drink formula. This tea is certified organic. Fair trade. Mate Factor takes care to preserve the herb's natural vitamin

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Organic Yerba Mate Dark Roast Loose Tea 12 oz Pkg -32%

Mate Factor Fresh Yerba Mate Dark Roast Loose Herb Tea is a certified organic tea from South America. This coffee alternative enhances mental clarity and energy without the side effects associated with coffee and other energizers. Fair trade. Yerba m

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Organic Yerba Mate Fresh Green Loose Tea 12 oz Pkg -32%

Fresh Green Loose Herb Tea from Mate Factor is a treasure from South America that helps you energize the Brazilian way. This fair trade, 100% certified organic product enhances mental clarity and promotes energy without the unpleasant side effects as

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Bulk Jasmine Tea Organic - 1 lb.

Frontier Natural Products - Bulk Jasmine Tea Certified Organic - 1 lb. (16 oz. / 453 g) Frontier Natural Products Organic Jasmine Tea is fair trade certified. After curing, the dried green tea leaves are spread out with successive layers of fresh jasmine flowers. The tea absorbs the exotic fragrance and yields it nicely in the cup, making this tea a sensual pleasure to drink. Caffeine: Contains Caffeine Origin: China Common Name: Jasmine Tea About Frontier's TeasBulk teas - also known as loose leaf or whole leaf teas - offer the best flavor and value. Whole tea leaves retain components of Camilla sinensis that are diminished with the chopping, grinding and sifting that prepares tea for tea bags. Loose-leaf teas unfurl while steeping and release their maximum aroma, taste and goodness - giving you a complete tea experience. Drinking teas that are sustainably farmed and socially beneficial adds to that experience. Frontier is committed to offering teas from farmers who practice sustainability and provide support for their communities. Frontier bulk teas provide a wide array of familiar and exotic loose leaf teas of the highest quality for pleasurable, socially responsible tea sipping. They have a wide selection of organic and Fair Trade Certified teas, along with premium black and oolong teas, green and white teas, and over two dozen herbal teas. They also offer a variety of tea accessories. Fair TradeFor millions of farmers around the world, Fair Trade means thriving communities, kids in school, and a healthy environment. By purchasing Fair Trade products, you support the farmers who grow and deliver quality tea, cocoa, vanilla and sugar. Fair Trade CertificationFair Trade is the internationally-recognized gold standard for social responsibility. TransFair USA's rigorous audit system, which tracks products from farm to finished product, verifies industry compliance with Fair Trade criteria. TransFair allows U.S.

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Tulsi Loose Leaf Tea - Sweet Rose 3.5 oz Can -33%

Certified Organic Tulsi from Organic India is a Sweet Rose-flavored loose leaf tea. This sensuous blend of Tulsi leaves and rose petals is stress-relieving and energizing. This delicate blend of Tulsi is finely balanced with soothing chamomile, rose

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