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Fix N Zip 3 Piece Zipper Repair Kit Graphite Ring & Pull Kit, Aqua

Fix N Zip - Instant Zipper Repair will Repair Any Broken Zipper. The Kit comes complete with 3-Sizes and Choice-of-Color in Nickel or Graphite. This is Easy-and-Efficient, No-More Broken Zippers! When Zippers-Breaks you usually need to remove the entire zipper to perform a repair. Not with Fix N Zip, all you need to do is unthread the Fix N Zip Slider, install it on the Zipper Teeth and tighten in place Yes, that Simple! No Tools Required, No Sewing Required, Repairs Tooth and Coil, Metal and Plastic Zippers. Each Size Fits a Range of Zipper Sizes. Can be Started anywhere on the Broken Zipper, works on a variety of products with Waterproof Zippers. Zippers have a Non-Corrosive Surface and are reusable. Fix N Zip makes a great Save-a-Dive Kit Item.

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Complete Metal Cutting Air Tool Kit Eastwood 70475

You'll be prepared for any metal cutting project with this Eastwood Auto Body Repair Tool KitWith this metal cutting tools kit you can cut up to 16 gauge steel as well as bar stock. This quality Eastwood set includes our Reciprocating Air Saw, Air Shears and 3 Inch Air Cut off tool. Also comes with replacement blades and cut off wheels. With this kit you can cutBody panelsFloorsExhaust systemsNuts and boltsCut with ease by using the right metal cutting air tool for the jobCut with ease by using the right metal cutting air tool for the job Eastwood Reciprocating Air Saw This Reciprocating Pneumatic Metal Saw easily cuts intricate shapes and curves in aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass and composites. At 5,000 strokes per minute, this saw aggressively cuts through most metals and other materials up to 16 gauge steel. Perfect for body, exhaust and muffler work. Requires just 2 cfm at 90 psi. Eastwood Air Shears Eastwood's Heavy-Duty Air Shears makes clean cuts in up to 18 gauge steel. Our air shears are built to match the quality and features of national brands, so it's built for everyday use in auto body shops, sheet metal shops, machine shops...and your shop. At 4,500 strokes per minute, it aggressively cut through most metals and plastics. The cutting head rotates for precise contoured cuts. Needs just 4 cfm at 90 psi, so you can use a DIY compressor. Eastwood 3 Inch Air Cut off tool Eastwood's Air Cut-Off Tool works quickly, efficiently, and quietly to cut-off mufflers, tail pipes, nuts and bolts. Our pneumatic cut-off tool was designed to make exhaust work less...exhausting This air-powered, heavy-duty cut-off tool works at 18,000 rpm to aggressively cut through most materials in almost no time. Zip through metals, plastics, fiberglass. Works with readily available 3 Inch grinding discs. Requires only 4 cfm at 90 psi, so a home compressor works well. 13745 Eastwood Air Body Saw 13743 Eastwood Air Shears 13735 Eastwood 3 Inch High Speed Air Cut Off Tool 43377 B24 5/pk 24 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades 43377 B32 5/pk 32 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades 3 Inch Cut-Off Wheels Pack of 5 43377 B24 5/pk 24 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades 43377 B32 5/pk 32 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades 28105 3 Inch Cut-Off Wheels Pack of 5 Always wear appropriate eye protection. Always make sure the work piece being cut is securely clamped or anchored to allow 2-handed operation of the tool. Keep loose clothing, jewelry and long hair away from rotating components. Do not force tool or exert side forces while cutting. Do not exceed 90 psi (6.3 bar) of tool inlet air pressure. Always disconnect tool from air supply when changing blades. Air tools have a one year warranty against manufacturer's defects. Catalog Search

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All Points 26-2859 Worm Wheel Shaft Service Kit

This All Points 26-2859 worm wheel shaft service kit contains everything you need to repair the worm wheel and associated parts on compatible equipment. This kit contains: -(1) 26-2852 worm wheel gear - (1) 26-2853 shaft - (1) 26-2850 15 tooth gear - (1) 26-2851 key - (2) 26-2842 3/8" hex nuts - (1) spacer - (1) bushing - (1) washer 26-2859

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