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WeBoost Connect 4G-X Cellular Phone Signal Booster

Cellular Phone Signal Booster - Limited Warranty: 2 Year - Width: 8.8" - Height: 6.5" - Depth: 1.6" - Country of Origin: United States - Interfaces/Ports: Type N Female Antenna - Network Supported: LTE

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Drive 4G-X + RV Trucker Essentials Kit | 470510-RV

weBoost Drive 4G-X + RV Trucker Essentials Kit | 470510-RVFrom low bars to more instantly. No more dropped calls, poor call quality, and slow internet.Quick Overview Boosts 4G LTE & 3G for multiple people in a RV or Large Truck Maximum output power legally allowed by the FCC. Up to 60% more reach from cell tower to vehicle. Enhances talk, text, and high-speed 4G LTE internet. Works on ALL phones and ALL carriers. Professional grade.The Drive 4G-X amplifier wirelessly enhances cell signals up to four devices (smartphones, tablets, Kindle, etc). With over 40 years of industry-leading telecom experience, weBoost has been solving frustrating cell phone reception problems with FCC-certified signal boosters for weak signal areas.Easy to install, everything included in the kit, and trained customer/tech support (1-800-568-2723 or sales@wilsonamplifiers.com) to assist you in every step of the way.Top 10 Benefits Eliminates dropped calls Crystal clear voice quality Quickly delivered text Faster uploads & downloads (streaming) Reliable connection Improved reception Wider coverage Reduced dead zones More bars Longer battery life for cell phoneWho is this for?For the professional or power user on the road needing a reliable signal for talk & text and high-speed 4G LTE internet. You can't deal with another dropped call while driving. Everyone sounds like they're at the bottom of the ocean. Text messages get stuck and unsent. Emails are slow to update. Internet moves slower than a snail.With this signal booster, get better talk & text and faster 4G LTE internet. Perfect for the professional needing dependable connection and coverage, fast uploads and downloads.Which Carriers Does it Work for?The weBoost 470510 Drive 4G-X amplifies talk & text, 3G, and 4G LTE for all major carrier networks except WiMax and iDen. All US carriers (4G LTE & 3G): AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Leap Wireless, C Spire, MetroPCS, etc. All Canadian carriers (4G LTE & 3G): Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, Wind, etc. Frequencies: 700 Mhz, 850 Mhz, 1900 Mhz, and AWS (1700/2100 Mhz).How Does it Work?It works by pulling in the existing weak signal with the high-gain RV Trucker antenna, amplifying it multiple times with weBoost's patented SmarTech technology. The enhanced signal strength redirects to your vehicle.Straight from the cell tower to your phone. Clear calls, faster internet, better reception, and longer battery life. Say goodbye to interruptions.Kit Includes 470510 5-band Cell Phone Amplifier/ Repeater 301126 Mini Magnet Mount Antenna 301152 Slim Profile Inside Antenna 859913 DC Power Supply 859912 AC Power Supply 318433 Outside RV/Trucker Spring Mount Antenna Kit 311135 Inside Panel Antenna Kit 955822 RG58 20 ft Black Cable 470510 Installation Manual/ Instructions Detailed Summary Boost 4G LTE & 3G, talk & text, and high-speed internet on all phones with all carriers For big vehicles: RV, semi-truck, or specialty vehicle For professional users, up to 4 devices Up to 50 d

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