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T111 Golf GPS

Tour Trek T111 Golf GPS The Tour Trek T111 Golf GPS takes the guess work out of club selection by providing extremely detailed distances so that you are free to focus on your game. It is equipped with the SiRF Star III GPS receiver that can measure distances accurately so that you can plan your club selection and game management. The unit shows distance to the front, center, and back of the green from any point on the course. The T111 finds the nearest course to your current position with its course auto search, and the memory on the Tour Trek T111 stores 100 course maps while also providing access to more than 20,000 more online to download. Additional features: 2.08 W x 1.04 H x 4 L 1.8 color display screen Weight: 7 oz. Battery: rechargeable lithium ion Battery life: 8-10 hours Durable and waterproof Accessories included: pouch, adaptor, Setup Guide, belt clip, and mini USB cable Ten free Course Credits at TOURTREKGPS.COM (Additional course downloads are $2.99 per course or $34.99 for the lifetime membership) N/A

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