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Mosquito Indoor/Outdoor Vac

Attracts and Kills Mosquitoes and Other Insect Pests Indoors or Outdoors Recommended for outdoor areas up to ¾ acre Effective, Easy, Affordable Make outdoor living a pleasure again! Relax on your patio or deck without the irritation - and danger - posed by mosquitoes and other biting insects. The Flowtron Indoor/Outdoor Insect Killer features multiple attractants, powerful vacuum action and easy insect disposal. NO propane gas required NO costly nets to replace Operates for pennies a day Features: Multiple Attractants - light, scent, shape, and color provide maximum luring power Vacuum Action - powerful flow draws insects into a concealed trap where they dehydrate and die Clean Insect Disposal - removable trap provides for fast, easy disposal of dead insects FREE Mosquito Attractant - slow release cartridge emits a proven mosquito and biting fly lure when insect killer is operating Environmentally Sound - clean, safe, effective; operates for pennies a day Light-Weight and Portable - weatherproof polycarbonate construction; one year limited warranty Easy Installation - mounts outdoors on a bracket or pole, (bracket or pole not included); or free standing when used indoors , Specifications: Unit size: 11" diameter x 13 ¾" high Electrical: UL and CSA Listed Input: 120 volts A.C., 60 hz., .5 amps. 22 Watt Ultraviolet Circular Bulb, Flowtron Model BF-180

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The Warming Store
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100 Insect Repellent

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Repel 100 DEET insect repellent provides complete protection against mosquitoes, chiggers, no-see-ums, ticks, gnats and biting flies.

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Executive Mosquito Trap

Smart Technology is the key to the advanced Mosquito Magnet Executive mosquito trap. The easy to read LCD panel on the front of the unit offers enhanced diagnostics and user friendly settings. Mosquito Magnet is the number 1 mosquito trap in America

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Mosquito Magnet (CAT)
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Littlite Q5 Replacement Light Bulb

Halogen Light Bulb - Input Voltage: 12 V DC - Light Color: Bright White

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Mosquito Halt   -40%

Formulated to kill and repel mosquitoes that may transmit the West Nile Virus, Farnam® Mosquito Halt Fly Spray also effectively deals with face flies, stable flies and house flies. Mosquito Halt provides both quick knockdown and residual control of insects, and it contains two insecticides and two repellents. This spray also includes aloe, lanolin and PABA sunscreen. May be used on horses, ponies and foals. Quart.

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Smith Brothers
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Mosquito Coast Sunscreen with Insect Repellent Spray - 4.7 oz

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Find tanning and sun protection at Target.com! Stop two bugs with one spray! Bullfrog mosquito coast spf 30 sunblock with insect repellant contains both sunscreen and bug spray, protecting you and your family from two of summer's biggest grievances.

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Christie Projector Lamp 1200 Watt Xenon Bulb

Sku:03-000457-05P-BulbBrand:Christie Projector LampName:Christie Projector Lamp 1200 Watt Xenon BulbManufacturer Part#:C-6CL1598Full description:03-000457-05P Christie Xenon Replacement Bulb that fits into your existing cage assembly . Brand New High Quality Xenon Bulb - Requires assembly into your existing housing. Relamping service also available - Please call for details.

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Microlamp Inc.
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35 WATT BULB for Tyler Radiant & AmbiEscents Wax Melters

35 WATT BULB for Tyler Radiant Wax Melters - 1000 hour life. Also fits AmbiEscents Fragrance Warmers - Wax Melters Tyler believes this 35 watt bulb does a better job in their warmers than the 25 watt bulb that Tyler warmers were originally sold with.

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Courtney's Candles & Creations
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Clear Chandelier Bulb 60 Watt 1 Unit -37%

Chromalux Clear Chandelier Bulb is the original full spectrum lamp from Lumiram. With an average of 5000 hours light, expect a long life from this bulb. Clear Chandelier Bulbs are 60 watt and originate in Finland.

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Swanson Health Products
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Mosquito Halt Repellent Fly Spray For Horses Gallon

Mosquito Halt Repellent Fly Spray for Horses provides quick knockdown, kill and repellency for control of mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus and other deadly mosquito-borne diseases. Also provides immediate and residual control of face flies, stable flies and house flies. Mosquito Halt contains 0.20 permethrin, 0.13 prallethrin and 0.50 piperonyl butoxide, plus soothing aloe, lanolin and PABA sunscreen.

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Valley Vet Supply
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PBB50 50-Watt Halogen Bulb

50-watt halogen bulb for use in Fantech Premium Bath Fans.

Westside Wholesale
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Vacuum Bulb 15 Watt 2 Prong OEM # 27317307

Hoover vacuum bulb. 15 watt 2 prong.

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7 WATT - STARLIGHT BULB - CANDELABRA BASE DECORATIVE LIGHT BULB - CLEAR GLASS - LONG LIFE INDUSTRIAL GRADE 3500 HOURS - Bulborama Industrial Grade 5,000 hour lamps are engineered to last up to 10 times longer than standard bulbs, therefore reducing

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5 watt Warm White Led Light Bulb


This five-watt warm White LED light bulb is engineered to be an ultra energy-efficient replacement of standard bulbs. It does not emit any harmful UV rats, infrared radiation, mercury or other substances, and uses less power than standard bulbs.

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Overstock Main
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Novella Twenty-Five Light Chandelier


Novella Twenty-Five Light Chandelier -High level of assembly required for this item.

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BB11480 Display Mosquito Repellent

This bugbutton personal mosquito repellent, display bug button can be pinned on your clothing, hat, or other fabricIt repels mosquitoes, bees, flies, gnats, yellow jackets, and many other annoying flying pestsEffective for up

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Essential Hardware
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Mosquito Repellent Roll-On Gel - 0.67 oz.

Para'Kito - Mosquito Repellent Roll-On Gel - 0.67 oz. Para'Kito Mosquito Repellent Roll-On Gel is a mosquito repellent specially formulated for mosquito-infested areas. Its roll-on applicator enables fast and precise application on body and face, without overspray or dripping. It is effective in all climate zones (tropical and temperate) where mosquitoes exist. It has been shown to reduce the incidence of Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) landings up to 5 hours in laboratory. However, the efficacy of this, and any, mosquito protection product is impacted by many variables, such as, perspiration, swimming, bathing, wind, time of day, degree of mosquito infestation, amount of exposed skin, type of clothing worn, and movement. Because of these factors, this mosquito product does not provide 100% protection from mosquito bites. Para'Kito Gel has been dermatologically tested and is not irritating to skin. Product Features DEET Free Lanyard Included Easy to Apply For Body & Face Natural Essential Oils Approximately 5 Hours for Each Application Safe For the Entire Family For All Your Activities For All Climate Zones Air Travel Approved No Animal Testing (Cruelty Free) No Phthalates or Parabens  To use, simply shake closed applicator before use. Remove cap, then roll on neck, arms, legs, or other exposed areas as shown. Reapply after five hours or after swimming. Apply more frequently and over larger skin areas depending on mosquito infestation levels. To improve the efficacy and your personal protection level, do the following as appropriate: apply/use sufficient quantities, reapply after perspiration/swimming/bathing, cover exposed skin areas, and avoid areas and times when mosquitoes are most active. For additional protection, Para'Kito Gel may be used in addition to Para'Kito bands or clips. Storage and DisposalStore applicator closed and out of the reach of children. Do not reuse applicator. When empty discard in trash as ordinary garbage.

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40W 40 watt 130V Yellow Bug Repellent Light Bulb A19

Wattage: 40W | Voltage: 130V | Lumens: N/ABase Type: E26 Medium [regular household screw in]Bulb Type: A19Beam Spread Angle: N/AAvg Life: 2,500hrsProduct Code: 40A/YB

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Light Exports
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Conceal 8"H Mosquito Repellent Candle - Frontgate

During field trials in Florida swamps, people experienced 75% fewer insect landings. Candles are clean-scented. Contains linalool — a safe, natural substance that disorients mosquitoes and inhibits the receptors they use to find prey. Place one candle every 12 ft.. Neutral ivory color. Our Conceal Mosquito-repellent Candles inhibit the odor receptors mosquitoes use to find prey without offending human odor receptors.During field trials in Florida swamps, people experienced 75% fewer insect landings. . . . . 6" candles are sold separately or in a set of six; 8" candles are sold separately. When paired with our mosquito-attracting trap, candles help to create a push-pull effect and a more complete defense against disease-carrying insects.

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Repel X-P 32 Oz. Concentrate, Fly Spray / Fly Repellent
Schneider Saddlery
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