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Collarless Ultrasonic Remote Trainer

Collarless Ultrasonic Remote Trainer takes advantage of your pets sensitive hearing with a sound that is beyond the range of humans. When the system emits its ultrasonic sound, your furry friend will understand that you want him to stop whatever he is doing. The system also has a positive tone to reward good behaviors as well as a negative tone to counter undesirable ones.

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Ultra Sonic Bark Stop

Wireless dog trainer uses sound to correct dogs up to 50 ft. away! The mini hand-held ultrasonic dog trainer emits a shrill 120-decibel siren, audible only by dogs, to help your pet break free from bad habits - chewing furniture, biting, excessive barking, and jumping on people. Clips on belt, or fits in palm. Requires one 9V battery, not included. Plastic, 3 3/4"L x 2 1/2"W x 1 3/4"H.

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Get Organized
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Anti Leash Pulling Trainer

Gentle but effective, this automated in-leash training method interrupts unwanted pulling with near instant results, as it emits a direct ultrasonic signal that increases or decreases according to the pressure on the leash. Your dog will quickly learn that when he stops pulling, the sound ceases! Attaches easily between collar and leash. Requires two AAA batteries. For all sizes and breeds of dogs.

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In the Company of Dogs
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BugBand Insect Repelling Diffuser - Improvements

The BugBand Insect Repelling Diffuser is safe to use around children and pets. This insect repeller is battery-operated so it can go anywhere, outdoors or indoors. The BugBand Insect Repelling Diffuser comes with a cartridge that lasts up to 120 hours. Repel mosquitoes, flies and other biting insects with the BugBand Insect Repelling Diffuser. Safe for the whole family, the BugBand Insect Repelling Diffuser uses pleasant-smelling Geraniol to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats and no-see-ums. Geraniol is a natural repellent derived from rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil. Effective in areas up to 300 sq. ft. indoors or outdoors; each refillable cartridge lasts 120 hours. The BugBand Insect Repelling Diffuser is DEET-free abd features a quiet motorized fan and adjustable airflow. This insect repeller requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Refill Cartridges 6-pack also available. Benefits of the BugBand Insect Repelling Diffuser:

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Improvements Catalog
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Hydroblast Scarecrow– Animal Deterrent. Keep Dogs & Cats Off Your Lawn

The Hydroblast Scarecrow animal repeller senses animals the same way security lights detect people; by movement. When an animal is seen, a valve opens instantly releasing a three-second pulsating spray of water. The combination of the sudden noise, movement, and water frightens animals away. This startling, yet harmless action is a remarkably effective deterrent. Retailers' Choice Awards rated it one of the Top 100 New Products of the Year!

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Anti - Fight Single Yard Kennel Panel Upgrade antiup Size: 72" H x 1" W x 48 L

Size: 72" H x 1" W x 48 L Kennel Pro antiup The Anti-Fight (isolation) panels are designed with the pro breeder or kennel in mind. The effective design prevents fence fighting, barking and outside predators from interfering with your dogs. The Anti-Fight panels feature galvanized steel frames, and a crisp white, durable Fiberglass divider to ensure that your dogs cannot see one another. Features: -Prevents fence fighting and barking.-Prevents dogs from digging out of their kennel.-Durable fiberglass construction.-Finish: White.-Product Type: Panel/Door.-Color: White.Dimensions: -72 H x 1 W x 48 D: 40 lbs.-72 H x 1 W x 72 D: 45 lbs.-72 H x 1 W x 96 D: 55 lbs.-Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 72.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 1.Warranty: -One year warranty.

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Dazer II Dog Deterrent - Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

The Dazer II is a lightweight and compact handheld unit that can be used as your first line of defense against attacking dogs. It is inaudible to humans but can be heard by dogs up to 20 feet away and by cats up to 40 feet away!

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Good Life LLC
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OnGuard™ Deterrent - Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Deters Dogs Up To 50 Feet

OnGuard™ from Good Life® repels dogs up to 50ft away with a stream of ultrasonic sound. This handheld device also features a high output LED Flashlight & Panic Alarm. Great for outdoor enthusiast to dog owners, OnGuard™ makes your next outing that much safer.

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Good Life LLC
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