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Raymarine S100 Device Remote Control

Device Remote Control - Compatible Devices: Autopilot - Wireless Operating Distance: 32 ft

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Clarion MW1 Car Audio Player Remote Control

Device Remote Control - Compatible Devices: Car Audio System

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Sonic Electronix
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Kenwood Wired Remote Control With Ipx7 Protection For KMR-700U/KMR-550U/KMR-350U

Device Remote Control - Compatible Devices: A/V Receiver

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Sonic Electronix
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Epson Pixieplus Control System

A/V Control Panel - Width: 1.8" - Height: 4.1" - Depth: 0.9" - Form Factor: Wall Mountable

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Gemini Computers
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Lutron 8-Scene Wireless Remote Control

Device Remote Control - Compatible Devices: Control Unit - Wireless Technology: Infrared - Wireless Operating Distance: 50 ft

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RCU-3 Remote Control Unit
Boatersland Marine
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GoPro Wi-Fi Remote Charging Cable Black

Charging Cable - Device Supported: Remote Control Unit - Cord Length: 8.27"

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LG LT101CNR Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner - Width: 24" - Height: 14.4" - Depth: 20.1" - Input Voltage: 110 V AC - Cooling Capacity: 9800 BTU/h

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AZ Patio Heaters Wooden Indoor Space Heater With Remote Mahogany

Convection Heater - Limited Warranty: 1 Year - Color: Mahogany - Form Factor: Portable - Material: Wood - Input Voltage: 110 V AC - Power Source: Electric - Number of Heat Settings: 2

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043554, Remote Foot Control, Heavy Duty

$50+ Orders Ship Free

Remote Foot Control, Heavy Duty, For High Frequency Unit, For Use With Stick and Tig Welders/Generators, Includes 20 Feet Cord and 14-Pin Plug

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Monitor ST (Stereo Monitor Control System)

Studio Monitors - It takes a studio owner/operator to know what other studio owners and engineers need from their gear. As former world-class studio owners and makers of custom mastering equipment, Dangerous Music builds no-compromise, problem-solving gear. Recreating a console's master section, the Dangerous Monitor ST is a stereo (upgradeable to 5.1) remote-controllable input source and speaker switcher, cue/talkback system, and headphone amplifier all in 1U package. It features a stepped analog volume attenuator, four input sources, three speaker outputs, and programmable I/O. With Monitor ST you can set up a great headphone mix while the talkback system, with dual control and dedicated slate output, lets you give the producer his own talkback button! Best of all, the Monitor ST lets you control your entire system right from the sweet spot.Dangerous Music Dangerous Monitor ST Features:Scalable monitor management solutionRelied upon by world-class mix and mastering engineersDesigned and built by a company founded upon masteringProgrammable remote tethered by a simple, elegant Cat 5e cable Customize the five analog inputs, three speaker sets and dedicated subwoofer outputPristine 20W headphone amp will inspire an artist's best performanceAnalog stepped-attenuator volume controlNo level control IC's used - pristine, accurate and repeatable.4 input sourcesSwitch between your DAW outputs, DVD player, CD player, tape machines, etc.3 speaker outputsSwitch between up to 3 sets of monitorsProgrammable input gain offsetsAdjust for and store level offsets for different source devicesInput level compensation for -10dBV and +4dBu sourcesInstantly adjust and store gain compensation for consumer devicesInput 4 has continuously variable level offsetCompensate for commercial CD levels and perform true A/B comparisons without compromising sound quality.Programmable output level offsets Fine-tune and store offsets to achieve equal apparent loudness on all your control room speakers- SR unit has continually variable level trims for L-R rear, center and LFE.Assignable subwoofer outputChoose and store which sets of speakers you want to use with your subProgrammable subwoofer level offsetAdjust and store subwoofer levels, easily alternate between sub function and LFE functionSelectable subwoofer filteringSelect and store subwoofer filter options for each set of speakers. Switch between full bandwidth for surround mixing and bottom octave only for stereo work.Comprehensive speaker Mute and SoloEasily mute and solo speakers in any combinationFlexible stereo cue system with main and auxiliary inputsUse the aux input as a Beep channel to monitor computer alert tones or click tracks on the main speakers.40 watts of clean power for your headphonesTalkback system with dual control and dedicated slate output Give the producer his own talkback button! Easily slate tracks, or send the slate output to a powered speaker for open-air talkbackSR unit has selected source outputSen

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Middle Atlantic Products PBL-4 Flange Panel Black

Flange Panel - Limited Warranty: Lifetime - Width: 19" - Height: 7" - Color: Black - Material: Aluminum

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AZ Patio Heaters Wooden Indoor Space Heater With Remote Oak

Radiative Heater - Limited Warranty: 1 Year - Color: Oak - Form Factor: Portable - Material: Wood - Country of Origin: China - Input Voltage: 110 V AC - Power Source: Electric

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Infrared Remote Control

Description: Have you ever needed a cheap way to activate something from across the room? Infrared remotes are still the cheapest way to wirelessly control a device. We have designed the remote to be small, very simple, and low-cost. For the majority of the projects we build, we don't need 34 buttons, we need one or two. It makes more sense to provide you with a cheap and easy to use remote. Our infrared remote control offers buttons for four directions, power, select, and three optional use buttons (labled "A," "B," and "C"). Unfortunately we can't guarantee that it will work with your Stuart Hughes' PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition though. Rather, we are carrying this remote to work with many of the more common IR receiver ICs. Want to see what's inside? Check the pictures, we tore one apart so you can see what's on the inside. Note: The unit does NOT come with a CR2025 coin cell battery (check below). You can use a CR2032 battery, but we found they get stuck easily because they're slightly too thick. It's recommended that you use the CR2025, it fits well. Documents: Example Code Product Video Replaces: COM-10280

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Karlsson Robotics
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151.520.00.1 No Finish Universal TurnControl Remote Control Tubular PVC -30%

Geberit 151.520.00.1 No Finish Universal TurnControl Remote Control Tubular PVC Rough-In Unit. Tub & Shower Accessories > Tub Drains. Geberit TurnControl Bath Waste and Overflow, Rough-In Body for Remote AcitivationOnly, Fits Most Tubs 17" to 24" Dee

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Comfort Wine Vault Additional Remote Control

Wine Cellar Accessories - This additional wireless remote control works in tandem with the new EuroCave 1-temperature Wine Vault. Range is 100 feet. Each remote control can control multiple units. You can have up to 2 remotes for each unit.

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Wine Enthusiast
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3200VSi Cooling Unit

Designed for wine cellars from 400 to 800 cubic feet and rated for internal applications, the 3200VSi features variable- speed fans with a "high" setting for maximum performance in high-temperature (+115 F) environments and a "low" setting for super-quiet operation . Additional features include a thermostatic heating element and 1/2" I.D. drain line, electronic temperature and adjustable humidity control. CellarPro's 3200VSi wine cooling unit combines outstanding performance, adjustable humidity control and variable-speed fans for super-quiet operation. CellarPro's 3200VSi is designed to handle extreme environments (+115 F). This unit should be used for interior through-the-wall wine cellar installations. The cooling unit also can be located remotely, and ducted with our duct kit, bottle probe and remote control accessories. CellarPro 3200VSI Cooling Unit

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Vintage Cellars
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Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner - Limited Warranty: 1 Year - Width: 16.5" - Height: 29.3" - Depth: 15.7" - Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU/h - Coverage: 450 Sq. ft. - Refrigerant: R-410A

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Thames and Kosmos Remote-Control Machines

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Find educational kits and learning tools at Target.com! Build ten different motorized vehicles and machines and control them with a wireless remote control unit. A unique six button infrared remote allows you to control three different motors

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