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Adjustable Neck Dual USB Port Rapid IC Car Charger Adapter

Adjustable Neck Universal Dual USB Port Car Charger Adapter - Allows for quick charging of two devices at the same time in the car through via USB data cable connection. Now you can charge your cell phones, PDAs, PDA phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, CD players, as well as other devices that can be charged with a USB connection, in your vehicle through this Universal Dual Port USB Car Charger AdapterLight and Convenient. Charge via USB connection. Simple to use while on-the-go.

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Full Time Intelli Universal Charger (Lithium & AA/AAA)

Product Information: Charge all lithium batteries ( 3.6/3.7V & 7.2/7.4V ) for all hand-held equipment from all brands Charge batteries for Cameras, Cell phones, PDA's, iPod, GPS, Translators, Games Machines, MP3, 2-way Radios, DVD Players and Recorders, etc. Charge AA/AAA NiMH or NiCd batteries . 110 - 240V Universal current. Intelligent polarity detection by adjustable probe pins. Fast / Trickle charge to maximum capacity. Average charging time: 1.5 to 2.5 hours (dependent on capacity of batteries). Max. charging current: 800 mA. Built-in USB socket for additional charging capability. Power transfer from lithium battery or AA/AAA in the Charger to other devices. 12V car cigarette adaptor included. Easy to carry (merely 3.8 oz; palm size 5.0" x 2.65" x 1.65" ) and ideal for traveling.

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9688 Super Universal LCD Battery Charger

Best Deal Batteries T9688 Super Universal LCD Battery Charger

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EY0L10B Universal Charger for 2.4 Volt & 3.6 Volt Lithium-Ion & Ni-Cd Battery Packs

Acceptable Battery Packs .. Panasonic 2.4 - 3.6 Volt Lithium-Ion & Ni-Cd Battery Packs

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Mobile Phone Battery Charger

Universal Mobile Phone Battery Charger - Allows for quick charging of your cell phones, PDAs, PDA phones, digital cameras, as well as other devices. This universal battery charger is able to charge most if not all Li-ion cell phones battery with voltage of 4.3V or less. This charger feature adjustable charging pins to accommodate various size batteries including cell phones, digital cameras, or PDAs. 4 LED indicators lights notifies: charging indicator, polarity confirmation, power source

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14.4 V - 18V Universal Battery Charger

HIT2239: Features: -Universal Battery Charger. Specifications: -Charger Voltage Range: 14.4V - 18V. Dimensions: -Product weight: 0.5 lb.

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Universal Battery Charger - 7.2 Volt to 18 Volt Batteries, Model DC1822

This Makita Universal Battery Charger charges 7.2-18V Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. Plugs into 12V power source in vehicles. 1.3-3.0 Amp hour. Battery Type Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries, Battery Amp/Hour ...

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Northern Tool
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Dynex Universal AC/DC Charger For Cameras And Camcorders

AC Adapter - Limited Warranty: 90 Day - Width: 2.1" - Height: 4" - Depth: 1.4" - Maximum Output Current: 2.10 A - Universal Adapter: Universal Adapter - Multiple Power Tips: Multiple Power Tips

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PS202 - Universal Battery Charger - Charges AA AAA C D or 9V

Brand Rayovac - Part No. PS202 - Input Voltage 120 Volt - Use With AA AAA C D 9V -

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Universal Power Tool Battery Charger for Makita

Universal Power Tool Battery Charger For Makita Batteries provided by AtBatt.com is designed to charge NiCD, NiMH, and Li-Ion batteries.

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Universal Power Tool Battery Charger For Bosch

Amstrons Universal Bosch power tool battery charger is designed to charge most Bosch power tool batteries. This Bosch battery charger can be used with NiCD and NiMH batteries, and charges 7.2V to 24V batteries. The BOS-CH01 comes with light indicator to show the batteries charge status. Amstrons light weight power tool battery charger charges NiCD batteries in 60 - 80min., and NiMH batteries in 100-130min. Input: 100V - 240V. Output: 36V / 2A. Charge Otuput: 7.2V - 24V / 1.5A. Three Automatic Stage of charging. Not Suitable for Li-Ion Batteries. 1 Year Warranty - Most orders ship in 3 to 5 business days. - RU

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Universal NiCd/NiMh/Alkaline Battery Charger

Charge up to 4 batteries at a time of AAA, AA, C and D sizes (9V may only be charged 1 at a time) Charge alkaline batteries up to 10 times with up to 80% first time with diminishing capacity on each additional charge Automatic conditioner for NiCd to prevent memory effect and prolong cell life Ultra-fast 1200mAh household charger has a zero delta cut-off function enabling safely charging Microprocessor monitors each charging bay individually allowing batteries to be charged in groups or singly Has both LED and LCD state of charge displays Supports Alkaline, NiCd, NiMh and rechargeable alkaline manganese

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V2 Premium Universal Airsoft Battery Smart Charger

Our take: Tenergy's latest Universal Airsoft Battery Smart Charger is a MUST HAVE for any airsoft player with an AEG. This charger is extremely easy to use, and fully charges most airsoft batteries in less than an hour! This universal smart charger is perfect for charging NiMH or NiCD airsoft AEG batteries, and includes both large and small Tamiya connectors for charging various size batteries. Smart Chargers are highly recommended over standard wall chargers because they charge batteries at a faster constant rate, and they prevent overcharging which is common with cheap wall chargers. With two current settings, you can easily charge higher mAh (milliamps per hour) batteries in half of the time of a standard wall charger. Unlike standard wall chargers, which do not stop charging until after they have been unplugged, this smart charger uses a dynamic Intelli-IC chip to constantly monitor and control the charge going into your battery pack.The Tenergy universal smart charger has been engineered by the same group of experts behind the Intellect line of ultra high-quality Airsoft batteries, and was built BY enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts. This charger boasts more stability and charging consistency than the other "basic smart chargers" on the market, at a price that is extremely low and affordable for all. When the battery pack is full, this smart charger automatically stops the current, thereby resulting in a perfect charge, every time. The Tenergy Premium Universal Battery Smart Charger is a must-have charger for your AEGs, to protect and preserve battery life. These Tenergy Universal Smart Chargers are an incredible value, and are available at Airsoft Megastore for the Lowest Price Guaranteed!Features:- Charges NiMH and NiCD Airsoft Batteries in less than half of the time it takes a standard wall charger- Includes both Large and Small Type Tamiya battery connectors- Can be plugged into nearly any standard wall s

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SIMA SUP-60LX Universal AC High-Power Adapter/Charger

Universal AC for digital cameras/camcorders; Includes power tips for Sony(R) & JVC(R) camcorders; Includes 100V - 240V AC adapter for international use, 12V DC car cord & adjustable settings for choosing 3.3V to 11V & a USB power tip SKU: PTSSSSUP60LX

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Battery Mount Kit (Universal)

Braille Battery Mount Kit (Universal)

Tire Rack
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Pps2u0001 Battery And Charger,for Usb And Mini Usb

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Battery and Charger, Power Requirement USB Port, For Use With USB and Mini USB Devices, Charges Up To (1) Device, Battery Type Lithium, Battery Capacity 1150mAh, Includes Universal Cable with USB and Mini USB

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Maha PowerEx MH-C204W 1-Hour Conditioning AA/AAA Battery Charger, None, Universal Travel Plug Adapter Kit

Powerful 1-hour worldwide conditioning travel charger for all NiMH rechargeable AA / AAA batteries. PowerEx's MH-C204W battery charger features integrated worldwide AC power supply & microprocessor driven intelligent rapid charging. Condition & rejuvenate batteries. The MH-C204W takes the "top spot" as Imaging Resource's favorite charger. Read review.

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ATV Batteries - (UTX10S) -34%

AGM sealed-battery technology revolutionizes ATV batteries. AGM batteries increase cold-cranking-amp (CCA) performance. Theyre also maintenance-free and will not leak even when turned over. Lead/calcium plates double storage life, and the valve-

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PowerGorilla Tactical Battery Pack Charger for Laptops, Phones & Small to Medium Sized Electronics

Deliver superior charging performance to your favorite electronic devices with the PowerGorilla Tactical, a universal charger for laptops, phones, digital cameras and other devices that will supply backup power to a large assortment of both small and medium sized electronics. Unlike standard chargers, this solar powered charger can draw power from electrical sources and the sun because it can be charged via AC Outlets or the SolarGorilla (not included). Due to its multi-voltage functionality with outputs of 5V, 8.4V, 9.5V, 12V, 16V, 19V and 24V, this product can be safely used to charge a wide range of gadgets, including but not limited to cellphones, smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets, SLR cameras, digital music players and handheld gaming consoles. Due to its compatibility with Apple products, this portable laptop charger can also be used to power iPhones, iPads or iPods. Equipped with a 21000mAh battery, this iPhone solar charger can hold lots of power and supply it through its 5V USB output port and DC output port, allowing users to charge more than one device with it. With its compact and rugged design, this universal laptop charger is perfect for on-the-go charging. Dimensions (LxHxW): 8.46“ x 5.12“ x 6.7“ / 21.5cm x 13cm x 17cm. Battery type: Lithium Polymer. Battery capacity: 2100mAh. Output voltage: 5V-24V. Weight: 700g / 24.7oz. Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year.

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Min Qty 50 Aluminum Portable Battery Chargers

Thin, metal universal power bank with 4000 mAh of emergency backup power and two ports allowing multiple charging. This charger can be used with cell phones, PDAs, MP3/MP4 players, digital cameras and even with Blackberries and the iPhone. The charger includes several tips to fully recharge an iPhone, Blackberry or iPad. Makes an excellent gift for anyone who needs to stay powered up.

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