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Vitamin K-2 (MenaQ7) -30 Softgels -50%

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Plays an important role in maintaining bones health and strengthFeatures MenaQ7 a natural, bioactive form of Vitamin KEasy-to-swallow softgelsVitamin K-2, also known as Menaquinone, supports normal blood clotting and activates enzymes responsible f

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Puritan's Pride
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Vitamin K-2 Menatetrenone 5,000 mcg 60 Tabs -44%

Nature's Life Vitamin K-2 Menatetrenone is a once-daily formula that helps promote bone health. Each tablet delivers 5,000 mcg of vitamin K-2. This formula is suitable for vegetarians.

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Swanson Health Products
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Vitamins - Vitamin D Supreme with Vitamin K1 and K2

Vitamin D Supreme with Vitamin K1 and K2 - 60 Vegetarian Capsules. Vitamin D Supreme with Vitamin K1 and K2 by Designs for Health provides a full dose of 5000 IU of vitamin D3 plus vitamin K in each veggie capsule. Vitamin K1 and K2 are delivered in the highly bioavailable form of MK-7 which comes from soy fermentation (but is free of any soy allergens). MK-7 is also superior to other forms of vitamin K in that it is metabolized slowly throughout the day instead of all at once. About Vitamin D Supplementation If youre dealing with a confirmed vitamin D deficiency more aggressive repletion may be required (especially if your vitamin levels are severely low). According to CDC guidelines an optimal blood level of vitamin D is between 30 and 100 ng/ml; but holistic health care practitioners believe that guideline should changed. Holistic health care practitioners often only consider levels between 50 and 100 ng/ml to be optimal. In order to achieve these levels many patients need to boost their vitamin D levels with a potent supplement such as Vitamin D Supreme by Designs for Health. However if your vitamin D levels are within the optimal range (or close) you may find a lower dose such as the 200 IU of D3 found in our Vitamin D Synergy product to be effective for maintenance but thats assuming that you are exposed to adequate levels of sunlight. If you severely limit sun exposure you may benefit from taking Vitamin D Supreme for maintenance. Vitamin D works to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorous. It also helps the body absorb the calcium you ingest so it is considered a bone strengthening vitamin (along with calcium and others). If you have a low bone density and/or low levels of calcium you should also have your vitamin D levels checked. You may be ingesting enough calcium in your diet but it wont be properly absorbed (and thus used) if your vitamin D levels are deficient. In addition to its role in strengthening bones vitamin D is the subject of much research on disease prevention including conditions such as autoimmune diseases high blood pressure and cancer. About Vitamin K Supplementation Vitamin K is also crucial to bone health and immune system function. After vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium vitamin K helps direct the calcium to where the body needs it most: the bones and teeth. If you supplement with vitamin D but are deficient in vitamin K you run the risk of building calcium deposits in your arteries and soft tissues. One word of caution about supplementing with vitamin K: Vitamin K may adversely interact with anticoagulation drugs (also known as blood thinners). If you are on blood thinners and thinking of supplementing with this product (or any other vitamin K supplements) talk to your doctor first. The specific quantities of vitamin D and K in this supplement were added to correct deficiencies for patients who do not get enough sun exposure or vitamin K from their diets. These statements have not been evaluate

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Vitamin K-2 50mcg MenaQ7 50 Capsules -40%

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Helps remove calcium from the arteries and into the bones** Known as menaquinone Supports normal blood clotting and promotes bone health** Helps in healthy blood clotting and coagulation**

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Piping Rock Health Products
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Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 150 MCG 30 Capsules

the Vitamin Shoppe
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Vitamin K-2 MK-7 Complex - 180 Capsules

Andrew Lessman Vitamin K-2 MK-7 ComplexAndrew Lessman's Vitamin K-2 MK-7 Complex provides a high-potency blend of the two most important forms of Vitamin K — Vitamin K-1 (Phytonadione) and most importantly, Vitamin K-2 (Menaquinone-7) to deliver the greatest benefits to bone and heart health.Vitamin K's name originates from its role in blood clotting (Koagulation in German), but today, its most important function centers around its powerful role in bone health and its requirement for the healthy utilization and retention of Calcium in bone. These remarkable benefits have now been consistenly observed and established in the medical literature.Vitamin K-2 has also been shown to play an additional role in heart health. Our Vitamin K-2 MK-7 Complex delivers a pure source of Vitamin K-2 as Menaquinone-7 (MK-7) because of its uniquely higher activity and ability to provide greater benefits over a longer period of time in the body. We enhance its absorption with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sadly, the best sources of Vitamins K-1 and K-2, respectively, are the green leafy vegetables we avoid and an unusual food called fermented natto from soybeans.Fortunately, our Vitamin K-2 MK-7 Complex makes it easy to obtain all the benefits of the most important forms of Vitamin K in a small, easy-to-swallow capsule.What You Get 180 Vitamin K-2 MK-7 Complex softgel capsules Made in USAGood to Know Unless directed by a physician, Vitamin K is not for use with any anticoagulant drugs (Coumadin, Warfarin, Heparin, etc.) If you have ever experienced any blood clotting abnormalities, consult with a health professional before using this or any Vitamin K-containing product

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- Circutrol BP (60 Caps)

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The exclusive combination of new green coffee bean extract, vitamin K2, grape seed extract, and bonus antioxidant power from pomegranate make new and improved Circutrol BP the most effective supplement for healthy blood pressure.

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Vitamin Research Products
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Vitamin D / K2 Liquid

Liquid vitamins D3 and K2 in a balanced formula

Dental Health Essentials
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Vitamin K-2 100 mcg 60 tabs by Source Naturals

Source Naturals Vitamin K-2 100 mcg 60 tabs Supports Bone Health Vitamin K2 is a more biologically active form of vitamin K extracted from a fermented Japanese soyfood called natto, a powerhouse of nutrients. Fat-soluble, it is an essential cofactor for the production of proteins that bind calcium supporting cardiovascular and bone health. Vitamin K2 is more efficient than K1 because it remains in circulation longer and is active in more tissues

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Better Health International
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Vitamin K-2 30 Softgels

Physiologics Vitamin K-2 30 Softgels

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MK-7 Vitamin K2 150 mcg 100 vcaps by BioTech Pharmacal

MK-7 Vitamin K2 150 mcg MK-7 Vitamin K2 150 mcg vegetarian capsules are a dietary supplement produced by BioTech Pharmacal, Inc., a leading company in the nutritional supplement market, dedicated to producing high quality, natural supplements. BioTech Pharmacal products are all produced with a mind for purity and quality, avoiding the use of added colors and flavors. MK-7 Vitamin K2 supplements are gluten, sugar, dye, and preservative free, providing you with a pure, excellent source of Vitamin K2 in each capsules. The Benefits of Vitamin K2 Supplementation Taking a daily supplement like MK-7 Vitamin K2 150mcg vegetarian capsules will give your body consistent access to vitamin K2, which can be beneficial to your overall health. This nutrient is especially important for those with a family history of heart disease or osteoporosis, but supplementing your diet with vitamin K2 can be helpful to anyone looking to improve their overall health, including that of their skeletal system and their body's blood coagulation. Some of the health benefits of regular vitamin K2 supplementation are: Vitamin K2 works alongside vitamin D in the body to help prevent the calcification of the coronary arteries, thereby helping to prevent the hardening of arteries, which is a factor in heart failure and coronary artery disease. Supplementation with vitamin K2 can help give your body the nutrients it needs to encourage development of bone density by helping direct calcium and important minerals into your bone matrix. Vitamin K2 deficiency is thought to be a contributing factor in Alzheimer's disease, so proper daily supplementation with capsules like BIoTech Pharmacal brand MK-7 Vitamin K2 can help to decrease the likelihood of deficiency. What is Vitamin K2? Vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone, is a nutrient responsible for maintaining healthy bone density and preventing arterial calcification. Vitamin K2 can be found naturally in grass-fed meats and dairy, and the amount provided by a typical diet is enough to maintain normal levels of blood clotting, but only through supplementation with a product like MK-7 Vitamin K2 capsules can you receive the full health benefits of vitamin K2. In addition to blood coagulation, vitamin K plays an important role in bone health, particularly in the process of mineralization and calcium metabolism, leading to stronger, healthier bones. When MK-7 Vitamin K2 capsules are taken, the supplement works alongside vitamin D to direct calcium deposits in your body directly to your bones instead of soft tissues, which helps to improve your overall skeletal and cardiovascular health. When you buy MK-7 Vitamin K2, you're getting a source of K2 known as menaquinone-7, an all-natural source derivced from fermented soy, which research has shown to be more bioavailable and have a longer half-life than other forms of vitamin K. Supplement Facts Serving Size: One (1) Vegetarian Capsule Servings per Container: 100 Suggested Use: One capsule or more

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Vitamin K-2 100 mcg. - 100 Vegetarian Capsules

Now Foods Vitamin K-2 100 mcg - 100 Vegetarian Capsules Now FoodsVitamin K2 is best known for its role in normal blood clotting function. Recent research has revealed Now Foods Vitamin K 2's beneficial effects on bone and cardiovascular health. In bone tissue, Now Foods Vitamin K-2 is critical for the formation of healthy, strong bone matrix. In fact, bone quality is dependent on the presence of adequate Vitamin K. Now Foods Vitamin K2's role in arterial health revolves around its ability to support proper calcium metabolism in vascular structures. Vitamin K2 is the most biologically active form of vitamin K. It is also the most beneficial for bone integrity, as well as for the support of arterial health. This product also includes the addition of Alfalfa which is typically known to be a rich source of natural Vitamin K. Supports Bone Health Most Biologically Active Form Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System With 300 mg of Alfalfa Vegetarian Formula NOW's MissionThe NOW mission is - To provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. NOW Foods is an award-winning and highly respected manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and natural foods.In 1948, with the natural food and supplement industry in its infancy, entrepreneur Paul Richard paid $900 for the purchase of Fearn Soya Foodsa Chicago based manufacturer of grain and legume-based products. This began a six-decade legacy of providing health-seeking consumers with high-quality, affordable nutrition products. History of NOWIn 1968, NOW Foods was founded under the belief that good health was not a luxury available only to the wealthy. For the past forty years, NOW has made it their life's work to offer health food and nutritional supplements of the highest quality, at prices that are fair and affordable to all those who seek them.

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Synergy K - Pure Encapsulations - 120 Capsules - vitamin k1 - vitamin k2

Vitamin K includes a group of compounds that containa central ring structure with varying side chains. Thesediffering side chains account for differences in absorption,bioavailability, transport and tissue distribution. VitaminK1, phylloquinone, is the most common form and isfound in plants and green vegetables. The vitamin K2family, menaquinones, are less common and are foundin meats, eggs, some cheeses, and fermented food, suchas Japanese natto. - vitamin k1

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Pure Prescriptions
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BioGold Vitamin K2 100mcg - 30 Tablets

BioGold Vitamin K2 is an advanced and bioavailable form of Vitamin K, which is often referred to as a 'perfect partner' to Calcium and Vitamin D for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin K2 also supports normal blood clotting.

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Vitamin D-3 & K-2 Liposomal Spray 2 Ounce

NOW combines two nutrients for the bones, teeth and cardiovascular system. Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption and calcium transport to bones. Vitamin K2, likewise is beneficial in the areas of bone and cardiovascular health.

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NutritionGeeks. com
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 Alive! Whole Food Energizer, Multi-Vitamin, Max Potency, 180 Tablets

New & Improved! Vitamins · Minerals · 26 Fruits & Vegetables Green Foods · Enzymes · Mushrooms · Amino Acids · Antioxidants · Lutein · Resveratrol #1 Mega Nutrient Dietary Supplement New! Clear Coated Tablet Max Potency Alive! Balanced for Adults Maximized levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and food-based nutrients Mega B-vitamins for energy New! Extra cardiovascular support with resveratrol, CoQ10 and hawthorn New! 1,000 IU of vitamin D New! Now with pomegranate and acai for extra antioxidants Whole body nourishment with essential nutrients that help support healthy bones, eyes, heart, colon, daily energy and immune defense. 26 fruits & veggies 12 digestive enzymes 14 green foods 25 vitamins & minerals 18 amino acids 12 mushrooms (organic) 40+ antioxidant sources Suggested Use Take 3 tablets daily, preferably with food. Supplement Facts Supplement Facts Serving Size: 3 Tablets Servings Per Container: 60 Amount Per Serving: %DV Calories 5 Total Carbohydrate 1 g Vitamin A (33% [5,000 IU] as retinol palmitate and 67% [10,000 IU] as beta carotene) 15,000 IU 300% Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 1,000 mg 1,667% Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 1,000 IU 250% Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) 200 IU 667% Vitamin K (as phytonadione) 80 mcg 100% Thiamin (as thiamin mononitrate) 25 mg 1,667% Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 25 mg 1,471% Niacin (as niacinamide) 125 mg 625% Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl/pyridoxal 5-phosphate) 50 mg 2,500% Folic Acid 400 mcg 100% Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 200 mcg 3,333% Biotin 325 mcg 108% Pantothenic Acid (as d-calcium pantothenate) 125 mg 1,250% Calcium (as citrate/carbonate) 250 mg 25% Iron (as amino acid chelate) 18 mg 100% Iodine (from pacific kelp powder, as potassium iodide) 150 mcg 100% Magnesium (as citrate/oxide) 125 mg 31% Zinc (as amino acid chelate) 15 mg 100% Selenium (as L-selenomethionine) 200 mcg 286% Copper (as amino acid chelate) 2 mg 100% Manganese (as amino acid chelate) 5 mg 250% Chromium (as chromium picolinate) 250 mcg 208% Molybdenum 75 mcg 100% Sodium 15 mg 1% Potassium (as amino acid chelate) 50 mg 1% Green Food/Spirulina Blend Spirulina (microalgae); Kelp (whole thallus); Alfalfa (leaf, stem); Barley Grass (grass); Dandelion (leaf); Wheat Grass (grass); Melissa (leaf); Lemon Grass (grass); Nettle (leaf); Blessed Thistle (stem, leaf, flower); Chlorella (broken-cell microalgae); Plantain (leaf); Blue Green Algae (microalgae); Cilantro (leaf); providing amino acids: Glutamic Acid, Aspartic Acid, Arginine, Leucine, Lysine, Serine, Phenylalanine, Valine, Isoleucine, Alanine, Proline, Glycine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Histidine, Methionine, Cysteine, Tryptophan 400 mg ** Cardiovascular Blend with Resveratrol Hawthorn (berry); Japanese Knotweed standardized to 50% resveratrol; Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) 100 mg ** Orchard Fruits Blend Pomegranate (seed); Acai Extract (whole palm fruit); Juice Powders: Grape; Plum; Cranberry; Blueberry; Strawberry; Blackberry; Bilberry; Cherry; Apricot; Papaya; Or

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Natural Vitamin K2 MenaQ7 60VCaps

Natural Vitamin K2 - MenaQ7 contains pure MenaQ7, the superior form of vitamin K for optimum bioavailability and delivery to the body. MenaQ7 is purified from natto, a traditional Japanese breakfast food made of fermented soybeans that is naturally rich in vitamin K2. Not just a single vitamin, Vitamin K is a family of fat-soluble vitamins with similar structures, but different metabolic properties. Vitamin K2 belongs to the group of vitamin K compounds called menaquinones which demonstrate greater bioactivity when compared to vitamin K1 (the ordinary form of supplemental vitamin K).

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Max Body Supplements
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Vitamin D Supreme 60 caps

Vitamin D Supreme provides a clinically useful dose of vitamin D3, 5000 IU per veggie cap, and vitamin K in both K1 and the MK-7 form of K2, which is highly bioavailable. Vitamin D has been researched in immunity, bone health, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

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Complete Nutrition And Wellness
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Super K with Advanced K2 Complex - 90 ct

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For those who are concerned about healthy bones and a healthy vascular system. Vitamin K1 is obtained in the diet primarily from dark leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach, and broccoli). Unfortunately, vitamin K1 is tightly bound to the chlorophyll in green plants, thus, aging humans are not always able to benefit from ingested K1-containing plants. While vitamin K1 is not absorbed particularly well from food, it is absorbed from supplements, provided that the supplements are taken with meals. Super K provides vitamin K1 and a new biologically active form of vitamin K2 known as menaquinone-7. The menaquinone-7 form of vitamin K is not metabolized quickly by the liver, thereby making it available to provide a more consistent supply of vitamin K to the body. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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KV Supply
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Natural Vitamin K2 Menaq7 60 veggie caps

Doctor's Best Natural Vitamin K-2 contains pure MenaQ7, the superior form of vitamin K for optimum bioavailability and delivery to the body. Vitamin K-2 supports bone health and soft tissue elasticity and calcium metabolism for maintenance of healthy bones.

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Valley Naturals
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