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Landscape Fabric 5 Year 3' x 50'

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Chemical Free Weed Control. Recommended for use in areas landscaped with trees, shrubs and perennials. Reduces need for hand weeding. Helps conserve soil moisture. 5 year guarantee. 3' x 50'

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3.6 Amp Weed Eater Electric Trimmer

Overall Product Weight: 4.7. Overall Depth - Front to Back: 7.9

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60088 Outdoor Garbage Storage Shed Bin

Lifetime 60088 Outdoor Garbage Storage Shed Bin - Lifetime Storage Bin Shed is designed to hold two large garbage cans. is free and assembly is fast. Stores garbage cans bikes mowers weed eaters and other items you want to protect from the weather.

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Competitive Edge Products, Inc
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25 Yr Landscape Fabric 3 X 50

$10 off Lawn & Garden $50+

This commercial grade landscape fabric has multiple uses: In permanent planting areas, perennial gardens, tree lines, around shrubs, under decks and pathways, and beneath brick or stone patios.

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3.6 Amp 11" Electric Line Trimmer

$10 off Lawn & Garden $50+

Weed Eater electric line trimmer -Simplify Your Lawn Care RoutineThe Weed Eater 3.6 amp 11inch electric line trimmer has an easy-to-use, lightweight design for keeping small to medium size lawns looking their best. The trimmer is powered by a 3.6

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Horny Goat Weed 60 Caps -39%

Prolab Horny Goat Weed offers a formula exclusively designed to help naturally maximize performance. Emerging research suggests that yohimbe, tribulus and epimedium offer vasodilatory effects to help keep blood pumping, helping you go the distance bo

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Swanson Health Products
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Horny Goat Weed with Maca - 60 Capsule -48%

Free Shipping over 85.00 - At Total Health We Make Good Health A

Save 47% - Good N Natural - Horny Goat Weed with Maca - 60 Capsule - Total Health has a full line of Good N Natural

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Total Health Discount Vitamins
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Horny Goat Weed Extract 100 Capsules -46%

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Stimulates the passionsSupports a memorable night of romanceContains a guaranteed potency of Horny Goat Weed

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Piping Rock Health Products
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Horny Goat Weed 1000 mg-90 Rapid Release Capsules -34%

Save up to 75% + FREE SHIPPING on any order

Exotic Herb for MenHorny Goat Weed has been celebrated around the world for its synergistic effects.

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Puritan's Pride
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The Weed Razer

Remove your lake weeds or pond weeds in just Minutes with the Weed Razer. The Weed Razer is a unique V shaped lake weed cutter with razor sharp blades designed to be the most efficient and effective lake weed cutting tool made. This weed cutter will cut or shear almost any type of rooted aquatic vegetation like milfoil, lily pads, pond weed and even cattails. The razor sharp blades can shear through water and lake weeds with ease, and can also cut cattails. The Weed Razer clears a 4ft path with each throw and weighs 8lbs. It is able to cut deep or in shallow waters, cuts at the base of the weeds and There is little resistance because it slices the water weeds rather than dragging them. Simply give it a toss, let it sink, pull it in and repeat. Its that simple!

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Firefly Buys
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Weed Razer Pond & Lake Supplies

Weed Razer will cut your pond or lake weeds in minutes. It is a unique, V shaped weed cutter that has razor sharp blades. It will shear or cut basically any type of aquatic vegetation that is rooted such as lily pads, cattails, pond weed and milfoil. This tool is easy to use with just four steps. Four Steps: 1) Toss it into the pond or lake 2) Allow it to sink 3) Pull it in 4) Repeat It only weighs 8 lbs so it can be tossed anywhere from 30 feet and more. It allows for a clear path of 4 feet with each throw. This tool is able to cut in shallow or deep water and will cut at the base of the weeds. There is least resistance, because the weed razer slices the weeds instead of dragging them. Only takes around 15 minutes to assemble!

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Do My Own Pest Control
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Weed Cutter

$10 off Lawn & Garden $50+

This weed cutter has a deep serrated double-edge blade. It has a 30in seal-coated northern ash handle and heavy-duty forged steel straps.

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Weed Man Costume Kit

Toke up as the weed man! If you are feeling down then what better way to make yourself feel better than getting high. This is a funny and unique superhero costume that will have all your friends cracking up; especially your stoner friends!

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Jenlis Weed Razer™ Express Aquatic Weed Cutter

Remove Aquatic Vegetation Light Weight & Cuts a 30" Path Cuts In Narrow Places Between Docks The revolutionary Jenlis Weed Razer™ Express Aquatic Weed Cutter easily removes stubborn pond weeds in just a few minutes! The ingenious Weed Razer™ Express has a unique V-shaped lake weed cutter head with razor sharp blades that are designed to be the most efficient and effective pond tool made to cut or shear almost any type of rooted aquatic vegetation; such as Watermilfoil, lily pads, and pond weeds. The razor sharp blades of the Weed Razer™ Express can easily shear through thick patches of vegetation. Remove weeds in a simple 4 step process! Give it a toss. Let it sink. Pull it in. Repeat. The Weed Razer™ Express clears a path 30" wide with each throw. Weighing just 6 pounds, it is light enough to toss 30 feet or more, yet heavy enough to sink straight to the bottom. Once you've cut the pond weeds, we recommend that you remove the cut vegetation from the water. Decaying vegetation will provide nutrients that can stimulate new vegetation. Cuts 1950 square feet from one spot. Mix & Match - Buy 2 & Save 10% Weed Cutter Pond & Beach Rake Weed Raker™ Weed Razer™ Weed Razer™ Pro

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The Pond Guy
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Weed & Grass Killer Super Concentrate 5004215/5100720 Size: 1 Gallon

Size: 1 Gallon Roundup 5004215/5100720 Features: -Ideal for complete lawn renovations, vegetable gardens, and other large application projects.-Distressed: No.-Number of Items Included: 1.-Water Resistant: Yes -Water Resistant Details: Rainproof..-Weather Resistant: Yes -Weather Resistant Details: Rainproof..-Control Method: Chemical/Repellent.-Application: Spray application area.-Plant or Fungus: Yes -Plant or Fungus Type: Weed Killer and Herbicide..-Chemical: Yes -Formula: Concentrate..-Volume: .-Time Until Effective: 2 to 4 days.-Indoor or Outdoor Use: Outdoor only.-Frost Protection: No.-Active Ingredient: Glyphosate.-Coverage: 25,500 sq ft.Specifications: -USDA Compliant: Yes.-FDA Compliant: Yes.-EPA Registered: Yes.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom (Size: 35.2 Ounce): 11.32.-Overall Height - Top to Bottom (Size: 1 Gallon): 12.-Overall Width - Side to Side (Size: 35.2 Ounce): 7.03.-Overall Width - Side to Side (Size: 1 Gallon): 7.8.-Overall Depth - Front to Back (Size: 35.2 Ounce): 4.57.-Overall Depth - Front to Back (Size: 1 Gallon): 4.5.-Overall Product Weight (Size: 35.2 Ounce): 3.35.-Overall Product Weight (Size: 1 Gallon): 11.76.

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Dill Weed - 5 lbs Bulk

Many sizes available (1 oz. - 50 lbs). Dill (Anethum Graveolens) are reminiscent of mild caraway seeds. They keep their flavor well. The Dill plant has thin, feathery green leaves, of which only about the top eight inches are used this part is known as Dill Weed. Dill is used widely in dishes from Scanadavia, Central and Eastern Europe. Its history in Europe is quite longÿSuggested Use: The flavor of Dill leaves diminishes with cooking so use generously and if possible do not cook for too long. Besides adding flavor Dill Weed is an attractive addition to recipes Ingredients: Dried Dill Weed Basic Prep: The flavor of dill leaves diminishes with cooking so use generously. If possible, do not cook for too long. Besides adding flavor, dill weed is an attractive addition to recipes. Added to pickles, dill retains it bright green color. Dill is perfect on roasted potatoes and other root vegetables.

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Spices For Less
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Journey Herbicide for post emergent weed control with residual

Journey Herbicide Journey Herbicide is a new product that is available for native grass seedings. It is a mix of glyphosphate (roundup) and Plateau. This product will not hurt some native grass and forb species (You need to read the label). It is an excellent product for spring burn-down of unwanted grasses and broadleaves. This product can be a very useful tool when building native grass and forb stands. Remember to always read and follow the label directions. JOURNEY controls annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds and vine species. It also provides residual control of labeled weeds which germinate in the treated area. Certain brush species and ornamentals may be injured by direct application of JOURNEY to their foliage. This product may be applied either preemergence or postemergence to the weeds. However, postemergence application is the method of choice in

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ePest Solutions
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GT 2.0 Cordless Trimmer & Weed Wacker - WG160

Worx GT 2.0 Cordless Trimmer & Weed Wacker - WG160

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Weed Grabber - Buy 2

MAKE WEEDING EASY Incredible long handled weeder pulls and dispenses of weeds and roots with a twist and one press! Ratchet action makes it easy to turn 360 degrees then simply pull the weed out roots and all! 20" long. Made of rust resistant aluminum with sure grip plastic handles.

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Dream Products
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Heated Weed Eliminator Tool

Place this environmentally safe, thermal electric tool directly over the weed and zap for several seconds. Heat kills the weed at the root, without chemicals that could harm surrounding soil, groundwater or plants. Will not ignite mulch. UL listed. 32" high.

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Whatever Works
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