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Making Herbal Hand Creams and Salves: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-256 (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin, a-256)

Sensational Recipes for Silky-Smooth Hands!Experience the best moisturizers that nature has to offer! Whether you're an office worker or a stone mason, a gardener or a mechanic, chances are your hands could use some love and attention. Help is here! In Making Herbal Hand Creams and Salves, you'll find easy-to-follow recipes for more than twenty all-natural lotions and creams designed to hydrate, replenish, and smooth your skin for a beautiful, silky feeling. Author Norma Weinberg also offers expert advice on healing dry, cracked skin; softening calluses; soothing inflamed, sore cuticles; preventing premature skin aging; and removing age spots, as well as essential information on evaluating commercial products.

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Pushy and Nail Cleaner

Tweezerman Pushy and Nail Cleaner Tweezerman Pushy and Nail Cleaner is a stainless steel 2-in-1 nail tool that combines a cuticle pusher with a convenient nail cleaner. Super thin edges are buffed smooth to prevent scratching while the textured body provides a perfectly secure grip. To push n' clean effectively, follow these easy steps: rub ample amounts of moisturizer or cuticle cream into clean nails and hands to gently soften skin and cuticles. Soak hands in a bowl of warm water with your favorite essential oil or Epsom salts. Avoid soap at this stage, since soap over-kill can be drying. Gently clean under and around the nail using the fine end of this quality, stainless steel tool. Use the "Pushy" end to delicately push back the cuticles on each hand. If there is excess dead cuticle build-up, trim extra-carefully with precision nippers. Wipe any excess oil off nails with polish remover. Follow up with other precision manicure tools. Try adding a splash of milk to your soak, along with salts or essential oils - Lactic acid in the milk will help loosen dead skin. If you have stained nails, soak them in a mixture of lemon juice and peroxide to help remove discoloration - or even try rubbing in a dab of 'whitening' toothpaste.  Beauty And Beyond... Tweezerman is dedicated to contributing to a better world by supporting their communities, both locally and globally. Giving back to the society they live in and helping people in need is an integral part of Tweezerman's role and responsibilities in running a growing and profitable business. Their Second Bottom Line, in which they dedicate a share of their profits to charitable causes, is and always has been an important core value of Tweezerman. All values are considered in the operation of their company: customers, employees, communities, and environment. They operate a sustainable business and care for both their workers and their neighbors.

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