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JC 6.6A 220W GY9.5 (M-01029) Lamp Bulb Replacement

Hikari JC 6.6A 220W GY9.5 (M-01029) Lamp Bulb Replacement JC 6.6A 220W GY9.5 220 watt (220w) 0 volt (0v) GY9.5 (2-Pin Prefocus) CC-6 Clear BC6901 Order Codes: JC 6.6A 220W GY9.5 JC6.6A220WGY9.5 JC/6.6A/220W/GY9.5 JC-6.6A-220W-GY9.5 Mfg Prod Code: M-01029 M01029 M 01029 M/01029

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Gardner Replacement Lamp 32wx18" El-05

Manufacturer: Gardner MPN: F18T12350BL EL-05-S- Fits the Gardner MX-360 and the GT-200 Fly Lights 32 Watt x 18" UV Lamp Fits: AG 961,AG-963,AG-969,GT-200,MX-360 Replace your bulbs every 8 months to keep your flylight and executor working at it top potential. Replace glue boards at least every 90 days, buy sooner if there are heavy insect and fly populations or if heavy dust that will reduce stickiness of glue boards. The house fly has got to be one the most widely recognized insect on the planet. The house fly is about 1/6 to 1/4 inch in length and the female fly is usually slightly larger. The house fly feeds on fermenting, fresh animal manure is considered a favorite breeding area for the house fly. Dumpsters and refuse receptacles and household garbage are also very important breeding sites. All types of flies can live and breed in large numbers in dumpsters, trash cans,

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Pelican 2304 Flashlight MityLite 2300 amp; 2340 Xenon Replacement Lamp Module

Product Information:About the Pelican 2304 MityLite 2300/2340 Xenon Flashlight Lamp ModuleThe Pelican 2304 is a replacement module for use with your MityLite Xenon Flashlights: Model # 2300-2340 Series. This 1.80W, 3V lamp produces an effective light output of 7.0 Lumens. Lined with a texture...

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Westside Wholesale
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JCV115V-400WBM (1003023) Lamp Bulb Replacement

Ushio JCV115V-400WBM (1003023) Lamp Bulb Replacement JCV115V-400WBM T-6 T6 T 6 T/6 400 watt (400w) 115 volt (115v) G9.5 (Medium 2-Pin) CC-8 3050 kelvin Clear Universal BC6359 Order Codes: JCV115V-400WBM JCV115V400WBM JCV115V 400WBM JCV115V/400WBM, HX-401 HX401 HX 401 HX/401 Mfg Prod Code: 1003023

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Mwave Epson v13h010l32 lamp for Epson Projector with Housing

New Replacement Lamp (includes bulb and housing) Compatible for Epson v13h010l32 Manufacturer Part Number: v13h010l32

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Replacement Lamp for BioCube Mini UV Sterilizer V2 - 5 W

5 Watt Replacement Lamp For Biocube UV Sterilizer. For best results, replace your U.V bulbs every 8-12 months.

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Big Al's Pets
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JCV120V-1200WCH (1000972) Lamp Bulb Replacement

Ushio JCV120V-1200WCH (1000972) Lamp Bulb Replacement JCV120V-1200WCH T-7 T7 T 7 T/7 1200 watt (1200w) 120 volt (120v) G9.5 (Medium 2-Pin) CC-8 3250 kelvin Clear Universal BC1998 Order Codes: JCV120V-1200WCH JCV120V1200WCH JCV120V 1200WCH JCV120V/1200WCH Mfg Prod Code: 1000972

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sanyo poa-lmp66 projector lamp replacement with bulb and housing

compatible lamp (with bulb and housing) fits into sanyo poa-lmp66, manufacturer part number: poa-lmp66, warranty: 150 days

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3M Lkx66 Replacement Lamp

Projector Lamp - Limited Warranty: 90

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JC6V-10W/G4 (1000856) Lamp Bulb Replacement

Ushio JC6V-10W/G4 (1000856) Lamp Bulb Replacement JC6V-10W/G4 T-3 T3 T 3 T/3 10 watt (10w) 6 volt (6v) G4 (Miniature 2-Pin) C-6 2850 kelvin Clear Universal BC6412 Order Codes: JC6V-10W/G4 JC6V-10WG4 JC6V10W/G4 JC6V-10W G4 JC6V-10W-G4 JC6V 10W/G4 JC6V/10W/G4, Q10T3/CL-6V Q10T3CL-6V Q10T3/CL6V Q10T3 CL-6V Q10T3-CL-6V Q10T3/CL 6V Q10T3/CL/6V Mfg Prod Code: 1000856

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Replacement Lamps - Halogen Replacement Lamp, 3.5V For Item #S 11710 & 18000

Price Match Guarantee & Free Shipping $99+

Halogen Replacement Lamp, 3.5V for Item #s 11710 & 18000

Claflin Medical Equipment
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toshiba 57hm117 tv lamp replacement with bulb and housing

compatible lamp (with bulb and housing) fits into toshiba 57hm117, manufacturer part number: 72514011 / 75008204 / y66-lmp / y67-lmp, warranty: 150 days

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LC-100 (LC-100) Lamp Bulb Replacement

Lamp Lite LC-100 (LC-100) Lamp Bulb Replacement LC-100 100 watt (100w) 120 volt (120v) GX6.35 (2-Pin) Clear BC1277 Order Codes: LC-100 LC100 LC 100 LC/100, LC100, LL100 LC100,LL100 LL100LC100, LC100,/LL100 LC100,-LL100 Mfg Prod Code: LC-100 LC100 LC 100 LC/100

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32W 120V 2-Lamp T8 Quicktronic Professional Ballast

32W 120V 2-Lamp T8 Quicktronic Professional Ballast

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