December Editor’s Picks

Christmas is quickly approaching, with New Year’s right on it’s tail, which means there’s a lot of preparation ahead for you, from decorating to cooking. We’ve assembled a list of items that may fly under the radar for holiday necessities, but they will definitely help you out. Rechargable batteries will keep your electronics running all season long. An artificial tree will save you the hassle of buying a real one every year, and a turkey fryer will get that bird cooked to perfection for the whole family!

Rechargable Batteries Will Keep Your Electronics Going All Season Long

Many of your decorations and Christmas presents will run on batteries, and instead of spending tons of money on replacing them, grab some Duracell AA Rechargeable Batteries. Sure they’re a little more expensive than regular batteries initially, but in the long run they’ll save you a very nice bundle of cash, as each battery is rechargeable hundreds of times! Of course, if you’re going to get a battery, Duracell is the way to go. They last longer than any other battery, giving you even more hours of entertainment!

Artificial Trees Are As Good As The Real Thing

The argument for an artificial tree is similar to the rechargeable batteries: why spend money on something to just throw it away shortly after, when you can buy it once, and reuse it year after year? Artificial trees are cleaner than real ones, do not require any care such as food or water, and break down easily for storage when Christmas is over. Some may argue that artificial trees just don’t have the same qualities as a real tree, such as texture and smell. That may have been true a few years ago, but today’s artificial tree has look, feel, and believe it or not, smell of a real tree. So stop throwing your money away and get an Artificial pine Christmas tree to use for years to come!

Feed The Whole Family With A Turkey Fryer

Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore, as many families cook a big juicy turkey during Christmas as well. One of the big problems cooking a turkey is that it takes up the whole oven, leaving anything else that needs to be baked out in the cold. But with a turkey fryer and steamer kit you not only free up you oven for other tasty treats, but your turkey ends up even more delicious than you could imagine! Accessories include a steamer basket and stock pot so you can use your fryer year round!