Earth Day Tips and Resources

Become green! Earth Day was born out of the idea that every person, man or woman, rich or poor, has a moral obligation to upholding the health and sustainability of our planet. What started a small grassroots movement in the early 1970’s quickly boomed into world-wide concern for our environment. And as April 22, 2009 is fast approaching, we at Become are dedicated to helping you find ways to help save our little blue planet.

Keep it Au Naturale

One of the largest contributors to pollution and overflowing landfills is industrial waste from manufacturing plants. Factories producing common household items such as soap, cosmetics, and even food can heavily pollute the environment via carbon emissions and toxic waste dumping. Because many of these man made products are notoriously resistant to natural decomposition (does Twinkie ring a bell?), consumers are also at fault for contributing to the surmounting landfill problem. One solution is to buy natural! They’re not only good for the environment, but also good for you and your health!

all natural body wash

Natural Soaps

Lye is an extremely caustic chemical that can strip away layers of your skin. Is that something you want in your soap? Try an all natural soap bar or all natural body wash. And because they are formulated with natural ingredients such as milk and honey, it will decompose naturally in landfills.

mineral makeup

Eco Friendly Cosmetics

If you are hyper sensitive to traditional cosmetics, you may want to try an all natural alternative such as mineral makeup or organic makeup. These cosmetic products come in sustainable packaging and contain ingredients found in the earth so it is less likely that they could irritate your skin. Of course, you should always spot test new cosmetics to confirm.

preservative-free foods

Preservative-Free Food

Ever hear the myth that there are no natural ingredients in a Twinkie so they have an impossibly long shelf life? Well, it may be untrue, but that doesn’t make foods that are chock full of preservatives, like Twinkies, any better for you or the landfills they end up. Although they may have a shorter shelf life, preservative-free foods are better for you and the environment in the long run.

ECO TIP: I recently learned from a cosmetics insider that makeup companies must replace the drums in which they mix their makeup remover due to persistent erosion. Yikes! A healthy alternative is to use extra virgin olive oil. Soak a cotton ball, swipe it across your face and you’re good to go!