Halloween Costume and Party Guide

Halloween is a fun time to dress up in costumes, get together with friends, and indulge in plenty of candy, which is why Halloween is right up our alley here at Become.com! Below we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and resources so that you can enjoy this year’s Halloween to the fullest, from ideas on how to throw a great Halloween party to tips on how to keep your kids safe and happy this All-Hallows-Eve.

Halloween Costume Ideas

If you find yourself baffled on what costume to pick for this Halloween, sneak a peek at our costume suggestions to get started!

Bumblebee Transformers Costume


For kids, consider the latest trends and hits. Transform your kid into a robot by having them dress up as a transformer from the latest installment of the Hollywood blockbuster hit Transformers! Let your little one pick from being the fearless leader Optimus Prime, the faithful sidekick Bumble Bee or the evil mastermind Megatron.

Superman Costume


Luckily for adults, growing up doesn’t mean you have to give up dressing like some of your favorite childhood icons. Try on an adult Superman costume for size if you want to be a hero and save the day. For the ladies, a witch costume is a perennial favorite with spooky and steamy variations.

M and M couples costume


Two heads are better than one! If you two love birds want to showcase your fun and quirky side, why not try out some costumes of famous dynamic duos? Spoon and fork, ketchup and mustard, red and yellow M&M are some fun combos for Halloween. For two movie lovers, try dressing up like famous celebrity duos such as Bonnie and Clyde, Hillary and Bill or Brad and Angelina.

Baby Yoda Costume


For parents, finding an adorable costume for your little one is a fun opportunity for pictures that’ll grace photo albums for years to come. Inspire wisdom in your baby with George Lucas’s Star Wars masterpiece, by dressing them up as Baby Yoda. “Adorable I am!”