Health and Fitness in 2013

Happy New Year’s, everyone! Have you started writing your list of New Year’s resolutions? New beginnings often call for some changes. Sometimes it can be difficult to quit habits or change your lifestyle, but now is a good time to focus on your health. A new year is a great time to set some resolutions to get healthy. Your resolutions can be as simple as waking up 15 minutes earlier for a quick run or as challenging as quitting smoking.

5 bad habits you can quit in 2013:

Eating junk food, smoking, and procrastinating are some common bad habits that many people can quit. Other common bad habits include cracking knuckles, biting nails, chewing ice, not exercising, and lying. Read on for some tips and advice for quitting bad habits.

Food Storage Containers

Eating junk food:

Food is considered “junk food” when it has little or no nutritional value. Junk food often tastes good because it has a lot of sugar, salt, or fat, which people commonly crave. However, too much sugar, salt, and fat can be unhealthy. Excessively eating junk food may lead to poor health. To avoid this unhealthy food, try packing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy in food storage containers to carry with you throughout the day.

Quit Smoking


Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world die from diseases caused by smoking. The dangers of smoking are not new. It leads to a variety of cancers. Smoking strains your heart and blood vessels. Diseases like emphysema are caused by smoking. It slowly rots your lungs and is a slow and painful way to die. This New Year, make the resolution to quit smoking. There are a variety of aids available to help you quit. You will not regret it.

Weekly Planner


Procrastination can be a small habit for some and a very bad habit for others. Procrastination stems from anxiety, and as you procrastinate, your anxiety continues to grow. The best way to combat this anxiety and procrastinating is to make a habit of starting projects early. How do you start projects early? One way to start is to make lists. A list will organize your thoughts and help you to prioritize the steps involved in a project. Place these lists in a weekly planner along with your weekly appointments.

Chamomile Tea

Not getting enough sleep:

Sleep is a state of reduced consciousness, reduced sensory activity, and inactivity of most voluntary muscles. Sleep rejuvenates our immune system and strengthens our memory processing. Scientists often agree that seven to eight hours of sleep a night is a “good” amount for people. Of course, the amount of sleep you need depends on your age, genetics, etc. Can’t fall asleep at night? Try a calming cup of chamomile tea. Can’t wake up in the morning? Try a red alarm clock or an LCD atomic clock.

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Disorganization congests your life. Perhaps your closet is cluttered, or you workstation is covered in paperwork, or your bedroom is a mess. An organized person enjoys the advantage of a clutter free mind and can often find whatever they need much faster than a disorganized person. Try to be more organized this year, and you can start with your bedroom. You can start simple – get a sock drawer organizer to keep your socks in order. Or try an underbed organizer if you need additional space to store your stuff.