Top 10 Best Dressed Movie Men

These ten hunky movie characters aren’t our favorites for personality alone. Their wardrobes are what really made their marks and won our hearts. Check out our top pics of well-dressed leading men.


James Bond in Casino Royale

What guy doesn’t want to dress like James Bond, the epitome of cool and suave. Bond spares no expense when it comes to his wardrobe, which could never be complete without a variety of men’s designer suits, Rolex watches and all the gadgets an international spy requires.


Maverick in Top Gun

Every woman loves a man in a uniform and Tom Cruise certainly wore his well in Top Gun. But the outfits that captured the rebellion of Maverick the most were his leather jacket and aviator sunglasses, perfectly paired with a reckless attitude and black motorcycle.


Sundance in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Not only was Robert Redford one of the most talented actors of his time, he was one of the most handsome faces to ever grace the big screen. In his role as the Sundance Kid, Redford donned a clunky bowler hat and an almost ridiculous handlebar mustache but still managed to look ultra cool.


Duckie in Pretty In Pink

Jon Cryer single-handedly put a face to teenage heartbreak and unrequited love in his role as Duckie, the high school misfit with a fashion sense beyond his years. Duckie’s men’s fedora hat, bolo ties and wingtip shoes would have been an absolute hit during the mid 90s’ swing revival.


Stevo in SLC Punk

Punk rock fashion usually doesn’t allow much variety yet Matthew Lillard’s character in SLC Punk had an impressive selection of digs. Stevo most often channeled Drop Dead Fred with his loudly patterned vintage suit coats and blue hair but also appreciated raver fashion with a metallic, fur-lined bomber jacket.


Sam “Ace” Rothstein in Casino

While the entire wardrobe for Casino would be laughed out of town in the present fashion climate, Ace wore only the best Las Vegas could offer in the 1970s. His pastel leisure suits always perfectly matched his shoes and ties. The man even took off his pants while sitting in his office to avoid wrinkles. His wardrobe may have been dated but it was impeccable.


Arthur in Inception

Joseph Gordon Levitt is actually quite the sharp dresser outside the silver screen, giving him and his Inception character something in common. Arthur accentuates his slender frame with tailored vests, slacks and men’s suspenders for a dated but sophisticated look.


Howard Hughes in The Aviator

Pretty much everyone in The Aviator looked fantastic enough to accurately celebrate the pomp and circumstance of 1940s Hollywood. Leo DiCaprio followed suit in his vintage leather jacket and wonderfully fitted suits.


Tyler Durden in Fight Club

As any budding anarchist and lover of chaos, Tyler Durden dressed however the heck he wanted at any time of any day. His mish-mash wardrobe contained a variety of vintage t-shirts, women’s faux fur coats and long 70′s style leather jackets. If you’re as handsome as Brad Pitt, however, you could probably get away with much worse.


Tony Montana in Scarface

I don’t think any other character in the history of cinema has ever managed to look tough and threatening while wearing the international fashion symbol of “chill”: the Hawaiian shirt. Yet Tony Montana in Scarface did just that. In less casual situations, Montana strutted his stuff in outrageously tight suits in bold colors but pulled it all off with an alpha-male attitude.