Top 10 Movie Fashions

The movies have always been a source of inspiration for our everyday lives. From the characters to the locations, we not only see a little bit of ourselves in these stories, but also what our lives could be. While we might not ever be able to meet a real prince or battle against aliens from outer space, we can acquire some of the iconic fashions of our superheroes and leading ladies. Keep on reading to check out what styles have become famous after appearing in these popular movies.


Long trench coats

When Humphrey Bogart holds Ingrid Bergman’s chin in his hand and says that famous farewell to her, all I’m thinking about is when the cameraman will back up so I can see the fabulous long trench coat Bogart is wearing. Since “Casablanca,” long trench coats have been synonymous with the cool, tough and smart characters in those classic black and white movies that we love.


Peace sign apparel

One of the few movies I could re-watch repeatedly, “Forest Gump” has made it’s impact on the real world in a couple of ways. For instance, there is the restaurant chain named after the fictional shrimp company in the movie called “Bubba Gumps.” Tom Hank’s love interest, “Jen-nay” got me to buy my first tie-dyed shirt when she turned into a hippie and sported her peace sign apparel with a vengeance.


Knee socks

If you were alive during the ‘90s, you probably would have heard of “Clueless,” a movie about a fashion-obsessed rich girl living in Beverly Hills. Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone, did more than just bring awareness to the “totally important designer,” Alaia; she also brought knee socks to the forefront of fashion. Paired with a miniskirt, the style was preppy enough to wear to school, but also edgy enough to make guys wish it were summer year round.


Ray Ban sunglasses

This next fashionable accessory has starred in countless movies and is considered the epitome of cool for many generations. From Audrey Hepburn to James Dean, Ray Ban sunglasses have donned many beautiful faces up and continue to do so in the major blockbusters today like Top Gun and Twilight. The plastic material of the Wayfarers is an edgy alternative to the usual steel frames, while the aviators are the must-have if you were to choose steel frames.


Fur coat

The most famous fur coat to be on the big screen has to be Cruella De Vil’s white coat with its satin red lining. And unless you want to be the next Cruella you’re not going to be purchasing a real fur coat anytime soon. Instead, imitate the style with a faux fur coat, to get the luxurious look coveted by movie sirens such as Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.


Superman T shirt

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s just another person wearing a Superman T shirt. And for good reason too. While Clark Kent was a little bit of a nerd, he transformed into a superhero after changing into his signature blue and red outfit (in lightening speed at that!). Don’t worry, the casual cotton T-shirt is much more comfortable to wear than the full-body, skin-tight suit that Kent wears.


Manolo Blahnik shoes

What came first, Manolo Blahnik shoes or Carrie Bradshaw? While many die-hard fashion fans would argue for the shoe, they can’t argue how infamous the brand has become after they were deemed the creme de la creme by the ladies in the “Sex in the City” TV series and movie. After its plug on the show, the shoe brand has developed a cult following, followed closely by the new “it” shoe designer, Christian Louboutin.


Men’s dress shirts

The first tomboy to make men’s apparel look chic and wearable for woman has to be Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall,” directed by the quirky Woody Allen. Most of Keaton’s costumes were designed by Ralph Lauren, who tailored her outfit to give her a sophisticated prep look, complete with loose-fitting slacks and men’s dress shirts. Her fitted vest kept the look feminine.


Letterman jacket

One of the first coming-of-age movies, “The Breakfast Club,” is about a group of high school students and the bond they create over the course of a semester long detention sentence. Everybody had their role; the jock, the princess, the brains, the criminal and the kook. Emilio Estevez played the jock who rocked his letterman jacket to each detention. Flash forward to present time and the style is still popular, mostly for sports fan who want to represent their team.


Black fedora hat

This last item has starred in many famous films including “Singing in the Rain,” “The Blues Brothers” and “Casablanca.” Almost always co-starring is his supporting actor, the trench coat. I’m talking about the black fedora hat, an accessory associated with mystery and coolness. The shape of the hat is meant to be tilted forward on the head just a little bit while the sides are pinched in. They are usually made with felt.

Whether it’s art imitating life or the other way around, these items remain fashionable in real life and the movies. -Minh