Top 10 Timeless Fashions

Let’s just face it: those trendy leg warmers and laced-up knee-high moccasin boots just aren’t as cool as they were a couple months ago. This list is for the items that you’ll actually want to keep in your closet. Stock your closet with timeless pieces that you will wear until threadbare.


Little Black Dress

You saw this one coming. Pretty much no timeless fashion list can do without the iconic little black dress, created by Coco Chanel as an effortlessly chic yet comfortable go-to outfit. Characteristics of the LDB – besides its solid black color – are a simple cut, high-quality materials, and form-fitting shape. Be strategic with accessories and how much skin you show; a length right above the knees is just right. Although you want to keep that cleavage in check, a dramatic low back is acceptable and stunning for an evening dress.


Ballet Flats

Traditionally paired with a tutu and a bun, ballet flats have pirouette-d their way into closets across the globe and are now often coordinated with jeans and a tee shirt. Ballet flats come in a million colors and patterns, but a neutral color like black or a muted pink is the way to go for a timeless look. Cute, comfortable, and channeling poise, ballet flats will have you en pointe in the streets.


Collared Button Down Shirt

A freshly pressed collar and a button down front says put-together like nobody’s business. White is classic color for this item, but light blue is also a popular and classy choice. You already know that the collared button down shirt looks good with professional trousers and skirts. But try pairing a short-sleeved one of airy material with shorts for an easy and casual outfit.



Stylish and practical, sunglasses do more than give you that mysterious movie-star look. The tinted lenses protect your eyes against the UV radiation found in natural light, which makes them a must-have for everyone. For the most protection, make sure your sunglasses block 99 to 100 percent of both UV-A and UV-B rays. Wrap-around sunglasses offer the best protection, but for a less sporty look opt for an oversized pair, or unisex aviator sunglasses, which will give you that perfect modern retro feel.


Pencil Skirt

For those of us women who are not blessed with hairpin curves a la Kim Kardashian or J.Lo, we can thank the pencil skirt for emphasizing our femininity in a flattering way. The pencil skirt has a narrow and straight cut that conforms to the body in a suggestive, yet completely work-appropriate, way. Choose a skirt that hits the knees (any shorter makes it a miniskirt) with a conservative back slit to ease your stride. This is a flattering cut on all figures and an enduring classic.


High Heels

Sometimes professional, often sexy, high heels are a must for every woman. Pumps don’t just add a couple inches and give the appearance of long legs: they give that extra boost of confidence and power. For the most mileage with your heels, ignore the latest trends and consider quality, comfort, and how the pair would fit into your wardrobe. Choose a color with staying power: black, red, and beige are great choices. And remember, skinny stiletto heels add an element of danger to even the simplest styles!



A ubiquitous clothing staple found in closets across the world, denim jeans find their roots in utility and the working class. Denim’s durability makes it an obvious choice for sailors, farmers, and miners. These days high fashion versions strut down the runway, but jeans continue to be a down-to-earth favorite for those casual dress days. Dark denim, acid washed, skinny, boot cut, or flared, there is a wash and cut for everyone.


Cashmere Cardigan

With their buttoned or zippered open fronts, cardigans are a versatile across seasons and excellent for layering. And what fabric says luxury and comfort like cashmere? Cashmere is not merely for the fairer sex: update that jersey knit with a men’s cashmere sweater. This is a wardrobe must that can be dressed up or down and is appropriate everywhere except the gym.


Oxford Shoes

This classic leather laced-up shoe is no longer just for men – female versions come in flat or high-heeled styles. For head-to-toe men’s style, finish that suit with a pair of high-polished black black oxfords; matte brown oxfords complete a more casual outfit. A pair of Cole Haan or Kenneth Cole shoes will give you style without putting a dent in your paycheck. Ladies, try to avoid the bulkier styles of oxfords, and don’t be afraid to wear them with your jeans. Whether found on men or women, oxfords give that added dose of preppy chic.


Trench Coat

It doesn’t take a detective to figure out why the trench coat is such a beloved timeless piece. The trench coat adds class to any outfit, and is definitely a piece you want to spend some money on. For a casual look, wear yours with jeans and a striking scarf. A trench coat over a flirty dress with heels can add mystery to your date. And starlet Emma Watson as the face of Burberry shows that trench coats look good on the youth, too.

-by Kim Filipinas