Top Gift Ideas

What better way to show your appreciation than with a gift? If you’re searching for the best gifts for the holidays but are short on time, we’ve put together some lists of great gifts ideas that you can use to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect present to surprise a gadget geek, recent grad and even your canine or kitty, we’ve got helpful gift ideas and hot products for the holidays.

Top 10 Motivational Posters to get a Coworker

If you have a hard time getting along with a co-worker, the problem is usually caused by a lack of motivation. You can either yell at your co-worker until he becomes motivated, which will feel like herding cats while riding a Zebra (and be half as effective), or you can get him a motivational poster. I’ll grant that this may be an underhanded tactic, so tell him about your true intentions after you two start getting along better. This eventual honesty, in its own right, will be motivational.

Top 10 Gifts for Expectant Moms

Expectant mothers will start in a totally new part of their life. They will face new tasks and challenges they never faced before. On the other side they will experience how wonderful and great it is to be in charge for an individual life and see a human being growing and developing from day to day. Expecting mothers also need a lot of money to buy everything needed to care for a baby. We created a top 10 list that provides gift tips for expectant moms.

Top 10 Superheroes that Deserve Their Own Series

Our culture’s greatest heroes are not found in comic books, so let’s identify the greatest characters and personas that have helped build our civilization and promote them to the level of superhero, give them their own comic book series, and with it all the royalties and merchandizing that they deserve.

Top 10 TV Shows Canceled Too Soon

All good things must come to an end. Some good things approach its conclusion faster than others. Case in point, TV shows canceled too soon. TV programs are axed hastily for a variety of reasons including being ahead of its time, not receiving a great deal of studio support, or viewership inclined too slowly. This list compiles 10 TV series that were, for whatever reason, canceled well before it reached its saturation point.

Top 10 Gifts for Fitness Buffs

Fitness buffs are never satisfied with their workout routine; they’re always looking for a new challenge or a new way to stave off workout boredom. Thankfully, the fitness market is saturated with equipment, which makes gifting for a fitness buff easy. Still, you want to be sure not to get anything endorsed by Tony Little, so let’s narrow down the selection.

Top 10 Great Gifts for Fishermen

Almost everyone in their life has fished. It’s a rewarding experience not only for you, but for friends or family who fish right alongside you. Spending hours fishing around the lake or from a boat is a great way to relax and just get away from your daily life — even if you don’t catch any fish. An angler will usually tell you that the key to having any success at fishing is preparation. So make sure you’re prepared for your next fishing trip with these top 10 great gifts for fishermen:

Top 10 Legitimately Useful House Gadgets

Some houses are full of gadgets. Because they are fun, a lot of people just fill up their environment with strange lights, moving objects, talking animals, and so on. However, some of them are so random that they wind up creating junk in one’s home. Now there are some real gadgets that help you in your house. Check out this unordered top 10 legitimately useful house gadgets:

Top 10 Men’s Tearjerker Movies

Men don’t cry. Yeah, right. While, it may be true that men for the most part keep their emotions under the surface, here are ten movies that will bring the weepy softy out of any tough guy. Some of these movies start the waterworks because they deal with tragedy, some stir up emotion because they deal with hope and triumph. But, in any case, your sure to find something in here that will melt that heart of stone.

Top 10 Unique Housewarming Gifts for the Host

You’ve just been invited to a housewarming party and you have no idea what to bring. Lots of people are coming and you don’t want to bring the same thing someone else is bringing. Here are the top 10 unique housewarming gifts for the host so that we have you covered for a great party and a greater gift.

Top 10 All Time Bands Other than The Beatles

We all like to show off our musical tastes by wearing our favorite band’s T shirt, and because history has seen many mythic bands, there are a lot of band tees to collect! The best-known bands are usually international rock stars, and for a good reason! From the 60s to now, the Beatles have been the most famous and most appreciated group in the world. They even declared themselves “more famous than Jesus.” If you’d like to be the next superstar, you will need the appropriate gear like an electronic keyboard, a bass amplifier and a couple of guitars! The left-handed will not be left behind with our selection of left handed guitars. You are now ready to rock it! If you need some inspiration, here is a top 10 list of all time bands – not including The Beatles!

Top 10 Classic Rock Albums to Add to Your Music Vocabulary

Classic rock is the gospel of modern music. Odds are, even if you don’t love classic rock, the artists that you admire do. The bands that are considered part of this canon were on the forefront of modern musical innovation, blending genres like blues, jazz, and even classical to push the envelope further than it’d ever gone. So, if you’ve never heard of these ten albums, toss away the rock you’ve been living under, and surround yourself with some classic rock and roll.

Top 10 Greatest Comedies, Ever

More and more people keep acquiring sophisticated stereo systems, flat screen TVs, projectors, etc. However, according to the statistics, movie theater ticket sales don’t seem to be affected by this trend of watching films at home or on-the-go on laptops, tablets or even smartphones. Laughing is really important for a our mental health. That is probably why we’re not slowing down on watching funny movies. Now just count how many phrases, expressions you caught in one of those cult comedies that you now use in your language on a regular basis. Following is a Top 10 of the Greatest Comedies, Ever.

Top 10 Must Play PC (and Mac) Games from 2010

“Is PC gaming dead?” It’s a common misnomer that many people think of when placing their beloved $2,000.00 gaming rigs next to another person’s Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. With hundreds of games being shipped every month for the home consoles, PC gamers often feel left out of the loop when it comes to AAA titles like Uncharted and Fable 3. However, it’s nowhere close. Not when PC-exclusive games like World of Warcraft Cataclysm and Starcraft 2 are here. Without further ado, here is the list of the top ten PC, and four mac compatible, games from the year 2010.

Top 10 White Elephant Gift Ideas

The holidays are here and that means once again many of us will be facing the dreaded white elephant gift exchange. Plus there’s always the, “Do I buy something useful? Do I buy something trashy? What do I get?!” But no matter where the threat may come from–family, office or friends, don’t fret. This Top 10 list of white elephant gift ideas has great suggestions that will please, amuse, and delight everyone involved.

Top 10 Gifts for the Aspiring Bartender

Do you have a friend or a relative whose passion is not painting, photography or music but rather to spin bottles, cut fresh fruits, mix flavours and create the perfect drinks? If the answer is yes, then here are a few items you should think about getting him or her for the holidays or any other occasion. We have selected the top 10 gifts for the promising and aspiring bartender. Now remember, bartending is an art, but it is only for adults over 21 years-old.

Top 10 Gifts for Hanukkah

Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish holiday that celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple. The celebration goes on for eight days and the actual dates vary from year to year depending on the Hebrew calendar. While the Jewish do not have a Christmas tree or stockings, they do buy presents. They get a present every day for eight days. You can give and receive some excellent presents during the eight days of Hanukkah.

Top 10 Gag Gifts

Shopping during the holidays is can be extremely frustrating when you are searching for the perfect gift. Instead of searching for the perfect gift, start looking for a gift that will make the receiver laugh. Gag gifts are great gifts to give to the comedian in your life. Most people will get a good laugh out of their gag gift.

Top 10 First Anniversary Gifts

The first anniversary is a very special occasion and gift should be special as well. The list of gifts you can buy your significant other is endless. There are some items you should look into on your hunt for that perfect anniversary gift some top items. Remember the gift does not have to be expensive to be thoughtful. The most important part of the anniversary gift is you put some thought behind it; remember this is your first anniversary together.

Top 10 Greatest Anime Series to Introduce to a Fellow Nerd

As the madness of the Christmas Season begins to draw closer, one thing that everyone is worried about is what to give that special nerd in your life. You know, the one who already has everything from multiple copies of Star Wars to the latest console gaming sensation. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a top ten list of the greatest anime series to introduce to a fellow nerd to help keep them busy during the winter season.

Top Ten Gifts for Your Thanksgiving Host

Thanksgiving is a time when families come together. Throwing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner is a difficult task. The cooking, the setting, the drinks and the clean-up are enough to drive most people crazy. Now imagine doing all that while entertaining your whole family. The least you could do is bring a nice host or hostess gift, so what should you bring the family who invited you into their home?